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Wanted a kamikaze Congress for a banzai counterattack

By Dr. Robert Owens
web posted October 25, 2010

During World War II when the no-longer sleeping giant was pounding on Japan's door their do-or-die military began Kamikaze attacks against our ever growing fleets in the Pacific.  The Kamikaze pilots flew planes filled with bombs into American ships as the first and only honorable expression of the term suicide bomber.  During America's island-hopping advance through the Japanese Empire the combination of courageous marines and naval supremacy led to defeat for the fanatically loyal Japanese.  In many cases instead of surrender the last of the defenders launched a Banzai Counterattack.  This was the earthbound equivalent of the airborne Kamikaze.  A final charge into the face of overwhelming odds meant to either change the game in one decisive blow or to at least die honorably for a sacred cause.

Unless the Progressives are able to pull an election out of their hat the coming midterms have the feeling of an approaching hurricane.  The tide, as measured by polls, is going so far out it looks like a tsunami of indignation is about to send a tidal surge of newly elected self-proclaimed Conservatives with a mandate to reverse the Progressive trajectory.  A trajectory which has America aimed like a laser at the dust-bin of History.  These newly elected heroes, many of whom have come from nowhere to defeat long-serving Progressive icons, will have been hired by the voters to not only drain the swamp of Federal corruption but to turn the swamp back into the seed bed of liberty and opportunity.

These New Hires must not morph into the in-crowd clique in Washington as so many have in the past.  And if the entrenched leaders of the loyal opposition are determined to compromise with the Progressives for some favorable coverage and a photo-op in the rose garden, the New Hires must vote them out and elect new leaders who will fight the good fight. The New Hires must remain true to the people who sent them or the millions of newly aroused voters and grass-roots activists will throw them out in 2012.  The Momma Grizzlies, the Grammas, the Grandpas, and all the once-silent majority who've sacrificed their repose to stand-up for limited government will turn from ardent supporter to dedicated advisory in the blink of an eye if they believe the new boss starts to look like the old boss.

The New Hires must withstand the ridicule of the Corporations Once Known as the Mainstream Media.  The propaganda arm of the Progressive Movement will relentlessly mock and denigrate any who try to dismantle the welfare state and return America to limited government.  The New Hires must be willing to commit political suicide by not tweaking but by repealing the entitlements which have turned America from the cradle of opportunity and the arsenal of democracy into a half-way house on the road to the poor-house.  

Billionaires who amassed their fortunes through crony deals and manipulation, dedicate themselves to the destruction of capitalism and liberty.  They use their power and their front-groups to destroy the lives and the careers of anyone brave enough to step into the swamp and confront the Progressive beast.  The recent campaigns have shown no tactic, no smear, no fraud is beneath the opponents of liberty.  Instead of victory celebrations on November 3rd the New Hires should rededicate themselves to doing whatever it takes to re-establish limited government. 

The hour is late and the night is dark.  Our Progressive President aided and abetted by the democrat-controlled Congress of Pelosi and Reid have delivered the wealth of the nation and the power to rule into the hands of a professional bureaucracy willing to legislate through regulations, to rule through politically correct guidelines, and the desire to control our every move.  This may be the charge of the Light Brigade into the valley of doom for it's not enough to return to the spending of the Progressive Bush (either of them) or the Progressive Clinton.  No, we need to face the austerity our credit financed binge has purchased.  We need to dismantle the entitlement superstructure constructed upon the re-interpreted foundation of the Constitution.

We boomers need to admit we've been swindled.  There's no lock-box and there never was.  All the money we've invested in Social Security over the years wasn't invested.  It was flushed down a rat-hole.  There's nothing there.  We have to stop demanding what we feel we have coming and join our children, roll-up our sleeves, and together rebuild the greatest Republic ever to grace the history of man.  All of us, every American, needs to admit the binge is over and the time for heavy lifting is here.  To pass these changes, over the President's veto, may swiftly end new political careers.  New Heroes will be needed to replace the first line of battle as the banzai counterattack of limited government assaults the ramparts of the Progressive- bureaucratic-media-crony capitalist coalition. 

If the portents of a coming pro-limited government victory at the polls prove true we must gird ourselves for the long legislative war against an implacable foe.  Be prepared for the Progressives to react like a cornered jackal forced to drop its prey.  The battle will be bitter, and don't count your votes until the dust settles.  In any close races ACORN-by-any-other-name will find bags of votes someone forgot to count, the ballots for our heroes defending the Empire overseas can't seem to make it there on time while those to prisoners are hand- delivered.  Thugs who intimidate in front of polling places are given a pass while government-funded institutions urge people to vote early and help the Democratic Party. 

Total victory may not be possible until there is a change of administration, but it must be attempted.  Those who believe in limited government and personal liberty must make a stand so that those who come after will hear their cry, "These principles we believe in and for these principles we are willing to sacrifice our lives, our fortunes, and our political careers!"   Keep the faith.  Keep the peace.  We shall overcome.  Who knows Republicans may even win in Chicago. ESR

Dr. Robert Owens teaches History, Political Science, and Religion for Southside Virginia Community College and History for the American Public University System. © 2010 Robert R. Owens Email dr.owens@comcast.net or follow him on Facebook.





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