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Self-defense: Wealthy white suburban women v. poor black urban women

By Mark Alexander
web posted October 16, 2023

The ink was barely dry on my op-ed last week regarding a mayor's disgraceful assertion that an extended family member was murdered by "gun violence" when I then discovered the latest leftist strategy to disarm law-abiding citizens.

Tennessee ranks among the top conservative states in the nation. That is why Joe Biden and his leftist cadres are constantly using this and other conservative states as test beds for determining the most effective manipulative strategies to undermine the foundational principles of American Liberty. That is the primary purpose of Biden's new White House office for "gun violence prevention."

Their latest strategy is to enlist the help of suburban "white privilege" Democrat cadres, but the arrogance of their latest enlistees is experiencing a full-frontal collision with the interests of those minority constituencies whom they pretend to support.

For background, the leaders of those suburban cadres are inheritance welfare beneficiaries who have little genuine sense of self-reliance and are dependent on the labors of others. Thus, they identify with and become outspoken advocates for the dependence of others.

Increasingly, those leftists and their unhinged cadres are women, whom Democrat strategists consider emotionally incontinent idiots — in other words, their most emotionally malleable and, consequently, most manipulable voter constituency.

These are the suburbanites who advertise their idiocy with plastic virtue-signaling yard signs. In recent years, those included the "Biden-Harris 2020" signs.

Then there were the "Hate Has No Home Here" signs with that soundbite slogan in six languages — later with rainbow colors to pay homage to the gender confused.

Then the "Black Lives Matter" signs were fashionable. But given the abject corruption of that now-broke extortion outfit, those signs have morphed into something more subtle: "I'm not Black — But I hear you! I'm not Black — But I see you! I'm not Black — But I mourn for you! Black Lives Inspire!"

Isn't that special?

SignMore recently, springing up in suburban yards are signs proclaiming, "Protect Kids Not Guns." In other words, if you are a Second Amendment advocate, you don't care about protecting kids.

Over the summer, those emotional incontinence signs popped up on some well-manicured suburban lawns in Tennessee, and legions of white women commuted to the Tennessee General Assembly in Nashville to demonstrate for "gun reform." That protest was the result of the tragic murder of three white children by a gender-confused suburban white woman at a Nashville school.

Of course, "gun reform" is a euphemism for "gun control," which is and always has been a euphemism for gun confiscation. They focused their protests on "gun violence," a euphemism for "cultural violence," which is the actual problem — but Demos don't want to touch that politically inconvenient truth.

For the record, attacks on schools are very rare — more than 99% of ALL murder victims are NOT killed in "mass shootings" in schools or any other location. But as long as sociopathic assailants have been murdering children, Democrats have been propping up the coffins of the dead as political soapboxes for promoting "gun control." They are especially quick to do so when the victims are white, knowing they can invoke a strong response from their cadres of women.

Never mind that only law-abiding citizens obey laws and are increasingly victims of outlaws. To that end, many cities with the most restrictive gun policies in the nation have become the most dangerous cities in the nation.

The latest "Protect Kids Not Guns" strategy being tested by Democrats and their Leftmedia talkingheads and scribes involves the establishment of gun control "clubs" of suburban white women in conservative states.

However, as I noted above, those clubs are suffering a full-frontal collision with the interests of those whom they pretend to support.


Well, after four years of record firearm sales, now more than half of all adults are legal gun owners.

More specifically, it turns out that, because self-defense is the primary reason Americans acquire firearms, women are now the fastest growing demographic of new gun owners. In fact, women are estimated to be as high as 42% of new handgun owners.

Moreover, much to the dismay of all those wealthy suburban white women advocating policies to suppress Second Amendment rights — given the inconvenient truth that a grossly disproportionate number of murders and violent crimes are perpetrated in urban centers by black assailants against black victims — 30% of the women purchasing firearms are black urban residents.

Yes, black women are actually the fastest growing gun-owning demographic.

In other words, what we have here is leftist cadres of wealthy, white-privileged suburban women attempting to dictate to mostly poor urban black women what they can and can't do to defend themselves.

Oops, they didn't see that coming. I suggest cat-fight cage matches to resolve this issue — game on!

Again, only law-abiding citizens obey laws. That is abundantly evident given the fact that in urban centers besieged with a rising generation of sociopathic murderers, combined with the most restrictive self-defense policies in the nation, those Demo-controlled cities are also besieged with violence.

Taking away the ability of law-abiding citizens to protect their families and children has deadly consequences.

And finally, as I have written before, given that those white suburban Demo-pawns are, ostensibly, concerned about the safety of others, how about they put down their bottles of Chardonnay and ban alcohol use by all citizens? Alcohol abuse by some citizens causes far more deaths than firearms.

According to the latest CDC annual mortality data, 140,000 people died from alcohol-related causes — more than five times the number of people murdered. Drunk drivers are responsible for 28 deaths per day. And notably, it is estimated that alcohol is also a key factor in at least 30% of homicides involving firearms. (Include drugs and that number jumps to about 60%.)

The vast majority of alcohol users possess and use it legally and responsibly. Likewise, the vast majority of firearm owners possess and use them legally and responsibly. Enacting a prohibition on firearms is tantamount to enacting a prohibition on alcohol. In both cases, only law-abiding users are penalized while outlaws ignore the law. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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