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web posted October 1997


Free-Market.Net is the latest from the folks at the Henry Hazlitt Foundation. Like,, and, Free-Market.Net's name explains its raison d'�tre, the promotion of the free market and liberty.

It does it by being the premier on-line database for the movement. Within this site one can find links to around "600 think-tanks, organizations, periodicals and special Internet services sorted into over 33 topics and a dozen geographical regions around the world." As well, the site has an events section, with conferences, seminars and events from all over the world, links to content as diverse as libertarianism, Objectivism, economics, philosophy, e-texts, and conservatism, to name a few.

Free-Market.Net also has forums for discussion, a home page of the week, policy spotlights and great contests for those who visit. You can even sign up for a low-volume email service which will keep you up to date with what's happening at the site.

Free-Market.Net does what few other sites can, which is why I believe in only doing a site of the month, it manages to be one of the best at what it does. People all over the world require information to help work towards individual liberty wherever they may be, and this site is a required stop for those people.

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