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Temper Tantrum Tom

By Bruce Walker
web posted November 25, 2002

Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle seems fit to be tied these days. His latest whine (and easily the most absurd) is that the conservative media, particularly Rush Limbaugh, is making Senator Daschle scared. How? Presumably by questioning Temper Tantrum Tom's ethics, decency and honesty.

Former Vice President for Life Al Gore made an equally bizarre comment when he noted that citizens protesting his attempting robbery of a presidential election made the Tennessee Dud also fearful for his safety. Fear and dread - even with the infamous Praetorian Guard of President Caligula escorting Gore past the rabble!

The hubris of these leftist dilettantes is breathtaking. American men and women may soon be engaging one of the most brutal tyrants in modern history in a battle far from home, but all Temper Tantrum Tom and the Tennessee Dud can think about is the sound of voices from Americans with a constitutional right to express anger, expressing that anger to them.

The hothouse fragility of the left could scarcely have been more transparent. Conservative politicians put up with much worse treatment every day. Danger? How about when labor union thugs waded into the offices of the Speaker of the House of Representatives in 1995? Did Newt Gingrich talk about his personal fear? What happened then was actually criminal and genuinely dangerous, but Speaker Gingrich ignored it.

This brightest Speaker of the House of the Twentieth Century already knew how rotten and gutless leftists were. The insulated faculties of "our" public universities had denied him tenure because of his political views. Newt knew more about American history and government than any five plagiarists professors, but knowledge and insight are the last qualities the dinosaurs of leftist orthodoxy desire.

Tom Daschle

Rush Limbaugh did an able job of dismantling the childish comments of Temper Tantrum Tom by noting how often Rush himself had been accused of inciting murder at the Murrah Building, racism in defending the defenseless Janet Reno, and so forth.

How many of the rest of us conservatives have similar tales? Dr. Laura had Elton John publicly hoping that her only child would die of AIDS. She had bare-breasted photos from decades earlier plastered all over the Internet. Much angrier voices that Temper Tantrum Tom or the Tennessee Dud will ever hear have been directed at Dr. Laura, and she will stare down anyone in her lynch mob without breaking a sweat.

The left lives by terrorizing others, and this calculated policy is not limited to those who stand up courageously against them. What fight did Billy Dale pick with the left? Or Linda Tripp? Kathleen Wiley was actually a volunteer in the Clinton White House, and yet when her testimony became politically unattractive, then she too was thrown into the garbage pile.

What poor corporation is next on Jesse Jackson's hit list? What putative wrong have the officers and directors of this corporation committed? He will walk into the boardroom with threats, and his goal will be to smell the scent of fear. Why? Terror, in one form or another, is the only glue that holds the left together.

Temper Tantrum Tom, the Tennessee Dud, and their gaggle of establishment flacks are no longer taken seriously by serious Americans. What is the most common reaction to these two politicians among us members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy? Bemusement. Amusement. They look like a cartoon Hitler or Tojo in an American wartime movie. Or perhaps like Elmer Fudd hunting rabbits.

We know that they are really, really mad. Oh, so mad that they could do terrible things to us! Except that they have already done every wretched deed that their tiny minds could conceive. They have instructed women to hate men, and men to distrust women. They have urged blacks to stay ignorant, fatherless, bitter and poor - in order to spite white people. They have apologized for our putative crimes to bin Ladin and Hussein and every other ghastly goon on the planet.

They have bullied conservative students in college classrooms and slandered conservative leaders in politics so often and so viciously that most people simply ignore them. The leftists no longer have the power to terrorize us, but as creatures imbued with the maxim "Every problem in the world is a nail, and every solution is a bigger hammer" liberals can only shout louder when their threats seem sillier.

Today, spoiled brats like Temper Tantrum Tom and the Tennessee Dud look very, very, very silly. If this was not laced with the sobering knowledge that these humans were once considered our "leaders" all this could be considered great sport. But these sorts of people did lead our nation once; they do not now; and they never will again. So the public sputtering of Daschle, Gore and the rest simply lets the serious people of American sleep better at night.

Bruce Walker is a senior writer with Enter Stage Right. He is also a frequent contributor to The Pragmatist and The Common Conservative.

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