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Babel's bee hive

By Michael Moriarty
web posted November 22, 2010

Last week I lumped Obama, his labor connection, Andy Stern, formerly head of AEIU, and George Soros into the best American drama about such personalities: the film On The Waterfront.
Robert Minor cartoon

Cartoon by Robert Minor in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch in 1911. Karl Marx surrounded by an appreciative audience of Wall Street financiers: John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, John D. Ryan of National City Bank and Morgan partner George W. Perkins. Immediately behind Marx is Teddy Roosevelt, leader of the Progressive Party.

If you'll forgive the "crossover" references, the Head Wasps or Queen Bees of this American New World Order Hive are, indeed, these rather unsympathetic and increasingly unappetizing creatures of the new and decidedly radical Democratic Party; not to mention the century old, bipartisan collaboration in a Progressive New World Order, a la the now legendary Robert Minor cartoon.

Obamaniacs like Paul Krugman come out of the more homicidal corner of the New World Order Closet or Radically Left Think Tank and applaud the very nightmare Sarah Palin warned us about: "Death Panels".

What are "Death Panels" but the Queen Bee's decision to throw a few drones "outside the hive"?

Little do most people know, but the Progressive New World Order has adopted the fashionable Hive Mentality about the Earth and her inhabitants.

According to the Progressive New World Order mentality, just so many bees can fit in a hive and just so many humans can fit on this Earth.

According to Progressives we have far exceeded "The New World Order Limit". That, of course, implies something even more comprehensive than "Death Panels".

From the recent election, the Head Wasps and Queen Bees are facing an insurrection in their American, would-be hives. These leading insects may very well face ejection from the White House and the Senate in 2012.

Something dramatic must happen to either "transform" people's normal distaste for being considered insects or actually provide the grounds for martial law so that these would-be human beings called Americans are reminded about just how small and insect-like they are before the power of a New World Order, Head Wasp/Queen Bee Government.

One of, if not the favorite metaphor for humanity in the mind of novelist A.S. Byatt is insects! Yes, the insect kingdom. The orderliness of it all.

Ms. Byatt's clearly stated vision of the human race as an insect community, while tossing the history of evolution upside down, has indeed revealed the Progressive New World Order's Endgame.

Of course, the one, main stumbling block to attaining such a goal is the traditionally American love and faith in individual freedom and responsibility.

Why these bee hive-loving Progressives think the human race will fall into line as insects defies the eternal lessons of history.

However, the likes of Hitler, Stalin and Mao have thought their insanely hive-like tyrannies were everything that destiny had demanded.

Woody Allen, obviously born to be a fan of A. S. Byatt, just can't wait for an American dictatorship.

As much as Woody disliked Hollywood, he has now become the Point Man of Hollywood-thinking. Perhaps that explains Woody's earlier contempt for Hollywood. Its film community had been all too moderately Left for him.

Obviously the Fuhrer thought that most of the world was chronically too moderate for him; and a Fuhrer-like leader is what Woody Allen is actually calling for. Why would Woody think he could escape the fate of the "unwashed".

The Supremacist's contempt for the "unwashed" coming out of Obama and the Main Stream Media?

Woody must think that he is one of The Indispensible Elite!

Ergo, the Supremacist's Opera of Contempt conducted by the Maestro George Soros?

That is perfectly understandable if you see the pecking order of American success in the eyes of a Head Wasp or Queen Bee. In the eyes of such "Elitists" this recent election must look like drones storming the Queen Bee's Sacred Throne.

How like the French Revolution is this Progressive American contempt for traditional America.

Soros, like Robespierre, clearly wants to "clean house" throughout the entire world.

Ironically, however, this American Progressive, Bipartisan Royalty, from the Clintons to the Bushes to the Obamas, must be, rather like the French Monarchy, growing very, very nervous. So nervous that some of them – and mind you, I'm only saying a very powerful some of them – might try to crush the Tea Party's Counter-Revolution.

The American effort to stop Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States of America", may, indeed, be the real Revolution that saves the entire world from tyranny.

The Tea Party has faced The Alamo of the Senate race and lost.

However, The Tea Party now holds a healthy majority in the House of Representatives.

Will the Progressive Elite crush the Tea Partiers with force?

Mao got away with it!

George Soros is now the Mao of Western Civilization, therefore his deceptively non-violent war against America. His dollar signs have already raced through Europe like Maoist foot soldiers through China and are now doing the same thing in North America.

On November 16, Glenn Beck and his Friend, Rabbi Daniel Lapin, discussed what I now call The Tower of Babel's Bee Hive.


A language that only lawyers can understand is now being hurled down upon us by Dr. Evil and his Babylon Bureaucrats.

This Marxist and "Universal" language spoken by the world's Communist leadership, of course, will "unite" the human race in a New World Order.

What is most grotesquely amusing is how the idea of a basically atheistic, Marxist tyranny of a New World Order is being sold as the only antidote to the Roman Catholic unity within the peoples of every nation on Earth, all of whom still speak their own languages. The profoundly Catholic countries of both Ireland and Spain have been targeted by a Welfare Policy agenda that has virtually bankrupted both nations.

What is the real target?

Catholics and Catholicism.

It was the target of the French Revolution of the 18th Century and that target for the subsequent stream of atheists has still not changed.

Greek Orthodox Athens has erupted in financial chaos.

Doesn't the "unrest", provoked by the atheists of Socialism, make the present problems of the Free World so easily comprehensible that one could sum it up as Atheism versus Faith?


The dividing line is Faith in God.

"But doesn't the Muslim faith in Allah throw a monkey wrench in your theory, Michael?"

If, indeed, the Jihadists are led by true Muslims.

However, I believe the entire Radical Islamic Movement, including Osama bin Laden, is owned and run by Marxists.


Yes, Communists.

Marx and Allah are now synonymous to Jihadist leadership.

"And the Muslims who die by homicidal suicide?"



And, in many cases, a messenger of lies.

This Michael Coren examination of Islamic "Truth" is well worth watching in its entirety.

I'm guessing that the Pro-Palestinian Canadian guest is Far Left; and that he is teamed with a Muslim apologist who may himself be more Red than Bedouin

If Communists, Soviets in particular, can succeed through intermediaries such as George Soros, to invade the Free World Market Place and begin to own it? When they can have a Marxist installed as President of the United States?

Is it not possible that they have equally infiltrated Islam?

What they seem unable to infiltrate and destroy from within is the Catholic Church.


Catholic renegades such as Nancy Pelosi and Joseph Biden have still not changed the Church's stand on abortion, despite Ms. Pelosi's embarrassing efforts to do so.

While Judeo-Christianity looks on, this Red Islamic, Communist terrorism veiled as Jihadists, plus the invasions of American high office, all the way to the White House, by Marxists, is dedicated to bringing America and all Americans to their knees before a Marxist Dictatorship with the blessings of Hollywood and Woody Allen.

Red Islam is, like Babylon, building yet again another Tower of Babel.

It, like the first tower, will collapse in the inevitable war that will erupt between Communism and all corners of the Islamic world.

Islam and Judeo-Christianity, with their mutual faiths in God, have more in common with one another, than Islam will ever have with the cold-blooded Godlessness of Marx and the Communist world.

Never forget Chechnya and Vladimir Putin's neo-Soviet problems with Islam.

Russia's present alliance with Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad may prove to be the worst idea the Putin/Medvedev Government ever had. Certainly as filled with embarrassment as the neo-Soviet modus operandi for ridding Russia of troublesome dissidents.

Meanwhile, the euphemism for America's septic tank of soul-less hypocrites is Progressive.

Anyone with an ounce of common sense does not wish to go in the direction that Progressives want to push the human race into.

Simply put, that direction takes you to the edge of a cliff. If you don't want to jump?

They'll … "nudge" you.

With the charm of William Clinton and the steely determination of his Hillary, these so-called moderate Democrats will, with the former President's kind of smile, nudge you right off of the cliff.

George Soros, and his Mini-Me's would push you.

Progressive Christians, like the Clintons, will "nudge" you.

Americans will still be falling off of that very same cliff of sanity and simple common sense.


Americans have never really tried to end legalized abortion.

"In for a pound of murder, in for the mountainous pennies of corruption!"

All of it portending a Progressively Communist landslide victory over America's individual freedom. ESR

 Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.




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