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The Republican establishment vs The American People

By John Bender
web posted November 15, 2010

It appears that some Republicans still "don't get it".  If one looks closely at what they are saying it is clear that rather than really wanting to repeal Obamacare and cut spending they want the issue.

Their rhetoric about repealing Obamacare is a glaring example of trying to own the issue without really doing anything constructive.  They claim they want to repeal this monstrosity but can't because Obama and the national socialists in Congress will not go along.  They say the only way to do the clear will of the American people is to wait another two years and replace Obama and more of the national socialists left in Congress with conservatives.

This is balderdash!  All spending bills must originate in the Republican controlled House.  Every spending bill coming out of the House should contain one sentence: "The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is repealed in its entirety."  The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is the official name the socialists who shoved it down Americans' throats gave Obamacare.

Plus, instead of one huge spending bill that funds the whole government they should break the budget down and vote on each department's budget separately. For instance, the White House budget should be funded in its own bill. 

This would not include the Secret Service which is in the Department of Homeland Security.  It does include the fancy chefs, maids, secretaries, butlers, spin doctors, gardeners, waiters, etc.  Nobody outside the White House would notice if those jobs went away for a few months if Obama vetoes the bill that funds their pay.

But you can bet Obama would feel the pain.  Just let Michele have to cook, make beds, vacuum, dust, etc. for a day or two and you can bet Barack will be under tremendous pressure to sign the bill.

Also, if repeal is included in the bill authorizing the budget for the Department of Education, almost nobody on Main Street will notice if that huge pork barrel is defunded and shut down by an Obama veto.

Another budget bill that would get repeal of Obamacare passed before Thanksgiving 2011 is by attaching it to a bill authorizing the expenses of Congress.  Nobody on Main Street would care that Congress critters had to clean their own offices, answer their own phones, drive their own cars, type their own letters, the Congressional gym closed, etc.  But you can bet the ranch that the prima donnas in Congress would override a veto of the bill that authorized paying for their bloated staffs and plush accommodations.

There are plenty of other examples of bills that are "must pass" bills that would get Obama Care repealed before the fiscal year ends.  So the garbage about the Republicans wanting to repeal it but can't is just that, garbage!

The Republican establishment wants to run on the impression that they tried to repeal the monster but couldn't because of Obama and his cronies in Congress.  They think they can pull this slight of hand on the American people and gain political points from the deception.

The dinosaur media is helping promote this deception and it seems that many of the most important journalists and commentators in the modern media haven't caught on to the deception yet.  But, the deception cannot be maintained for long.  And the American people are in no mood for these games.

The Republican establishment better change their ways and change quickly or they will face the wrath of We the People. 

But over and above being a way to repeal Obamacare before it can do more damage to the country, breaking the budget into manageable sections is a way to cut spending.  Playing the current game of pushing the budget bill off until the last second and then passing a massive single bill so political hacks of both parties can hide what is in the bill needs to stop.

We can't get spending under control using the current method of creating the budget.  It just isn't possible to root out waste and political paybacks in one consolidated budget bill.  But the first step in cutting spending is repealing Obamacare. ESR

John Bender is a freelance writer living in Texas.  His work has appeared in various web and print publications.




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