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Obamacare's media mandate

By Lisa Fabrizio
web posted November 4, 2013

The recent government shutdown was, as to be expected, a time of great joy for the assassins in the mainstream media; revolted as they are by Republicans and enamored with big government. But a funny thing happened on the way to their latest lynching of folks like Ted Cruz. It turns out that the GOP was both justified in the reason for the shutdown and correct in their assessment of the character of President Barack Obama and friends.

Because with the typical short-sighted megalomania and overweening hubris they have displayed for the past five years, the Obama Administration refused to negotiate any delay in the implementation of Obamacare, even as many knew of the disastrous Healthcare.gov website problems. And so it has become apparent that Obamacare has thus far miserably failed its audition, while at the same time the administration has shown itself childish and churlish in its vindictive use of the National Park Service to punish U.S. citizens for the dastardly deeds of those rapscallious Republicans.

And now that the healthcare horror stories are piling up like so much government cheese, what is the reaction of our famously unbiased press?  You guessed it: it's time for Republican Party to take stock of itself and address the civil war in its ranks. Never mind that it is Democrats who unilaterally passed the soon-to-be most unpopular law of all time.

They have also defended an administration that has spied on American citizens, used the IRS to punish conservatives, promoted a disjointed and effete foreign policy which has made us the laughingstock of both dictators and allies alike, and ignored the unanswered murder of a U.S. ambassador and others in Benghazi. Yet it's the Republicans who are in trouble and are undergoing a civil war? Yes, the Republicans are evil: that's their story and they're sticking to it.

This is why, after Democrats were electorally thrashed nearly every year during the Bush era there were no hand-wringing, smarmingly condescending pieces on what they needed to do to fix their party; no calls to moderate their positions to regain independents. It's also why there were no tender eulogies for Zell Miller or other departed so-called moderates. Why? Because they were thrilled to get rid of them, that's why. You'd think they'd also be thrilled that there really are moderates in the Republican ‘big tent', except for one thing: the GOP's united front against Obamacare.

But, my friends, the Affordable Care Act may turn out to be the best thing that's happened to our country in decades, because it has so definitively crystallized the difference between our two political parties. The coming failure of the ACA is only more proof that big government can do nothing right; that its intrusion into the private sector forebodes nothing but disaster; that the greatest healthcare system in the world will end up in shambles thanks solely to the Democratic Party, because, as officially noted in the Congressional Record, not a single Republican cast a vote to enact this doomed monstrosity.

And even though they were smart enough to prudently, if illegally, delay the employer mandate until after the midterm elections, they will not escape the consequences of their actions. It cannot be denied that Democrats sold their souls to pass Obamacare. They threw everything they had into it; every dirty trick and backroom deal; every tool of propaganda and obfuscation; even blithely lying to their core constituents: the Millennials and the unions.

So the question is now, will the media agree that if Democrats were so thoroughly invested in Obamacare, they should now pay the price at the ballot box for its collapse? Will they conclude that different voices are needed to moderate their ultra-liberal view of America? Will they, as often as they have acquiesced in the blaming of George W. Bush for every Obama failure, now rebuke the latter as fiercely and frequently as they did the former? Fat chance. No, even should pigs sprout wings, the media will defend their myopic view of the Democrat and Republican parties; even to the political grave.

We are often told by our betters in the media that hard-hitting, straight-talking conservatives can't win; that we need soft-spoken mealy-mouths to represent our party. Why? Because they know that, given a chance, committed conservatives would do a better job of cleaning up liberal messes than their middle-of-the-road brethren. And so they continue to mouth the shibboleth that not only is the Republican Party splintered and perpetually in disarray, but dangerous to the health of America, so to speak.

But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. And Obamacare will be a heaping dish of woe for the American people; helpfully served up by our president and his party. ESR

Lisa Fabrizio is a columnist who hails from Connecticut. You may write her at mailbox@lisafab.com.





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