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Agenda 21: So-called 'compromise' with the enemy is idiotic

By Jane Gaffin
web posted November 24, 2014

A version of this article ran in the March 21, 2001 Whitehorse Star under the banner Compromise is the Way to Failure.

So, what has been learned in those 13 years? That it is simply idiotic for Mr. and Ms. Good Guy to continue engaging in a so-called ‘compromise' with the enemy.

The crux of all land issues and border disputes these days flow from bending over to the United Nations Agenda 21 — the blueprint for how the world will turn and slaves will behave in the 21st Century.

In other words, it is about an anti-constitutional, totalitarian New World Order society in which citizens are being denied property rights and the rule of law as is recognized to be the firmly-planted cornerstone of any democratic country.

It really is a quarter past midnight, time to forget about trying to negotiate energy-sucking, time-consuming concessions. It is high time for all sovereign nations that respect life, liberty and freedom to dismantle the corrupt international organization and get back to looking after business on respective home turfs.

From here on, political wannabes must publicly demonstrate their sincere intentions to work toward annihilation of the U.N. along with the promise of returning taxpayers' stolen money to home base where it can be applied to less-wasteful causes. Candidates refusing the terms must be shown the egress.


Individual landowners are feeling queasy these days.

They see the legal secure tenure to their privately-owned property weakening while the government arbitrarily extinguishes land titles through a constant stream of illegal and unconstitutional forfeiture and "civil remedy" laws. A bell-ringing example of land expropriation going on in Canada is explained by Alberta lawyer Keith Wilson in this 57 minute video: Property Rights in Alberta.

Additionally, people are finding public lands sealed off to commercial ventures such as agriculture, mining, farming, ranching, logging, trapping and big-game outfitting.

Land-users who want to go off for a cross-country ski or a Sunday hike and picnic are learning that it's harder to find wilderness areas open to lawful public use.

The easiest targets against which the green acolytes hurled their rhetorical claptrap are the recreationalists who have been demonized for their want of wide-open spaces to run and race snowmachines, all-terrain vehicles and four-wheel-drive units.

This land-grab scam has been on the drawing board for nearly 40 years but became astonishingly apparent when the environmental jihad hit its stride in the mid-1980s and the public has been losing ground since then.

The campaign has steadily grown worse because ordinary citizens are not educated or mentally equipped to deal with the United Nations Big Green Machine.

It's a rarity to come across a person who has heard about Agenda 21, a land scheme cooked up by the United Nations whose mission is a patient chipping away until North American property owners are relegated to the endangered species list and the middle class is crushed.

No headway has been made in thwarting the expropriation measures in the 13 years since Norm Lenhart tried educating his fellow fresh-air buffs and other groups and individuals on where they had failed to combat land issues and what has to be done to fix the wrongs.

Of all the mistakes made in the past when dealing with the environmentalists, "compromise" was the greatest, emphasized the columnist in Off Road magazine back in March 2001.

His reposted article, "The Art of War Applied", was directed at groups who could answer affirmatively to the question: "Having trouble with environmentalists?"

Taking a look at land closures around both Canada and America is a testament that "compromise" has resulted in the loss of millions of acres of once "public" land.

These are public lands which belonged at one time to all the public that have been sealed off from public use and been economically cleansed.

"On the heels of the so-named ‘extraction industry', the outdoor recreation community comes in a close second as the target for unrelenting propaganda campaigns by the greens," Lenhart added. "We are repeatedly portrayed as destructive, knuckle-dragging rednecks with sub-20 IQs, and ‘no compassion for nature, no sense of environmental justice' ".

The federal governments in both the U.S. and Canada have bent to pressures from professional environmentalists whose agenda runs counter to the most basic thought, beliefs and aspirations of a civilized and free society, he said.

The source of the government's authority to close off public land should be by "the consent of the governed". And the citizens did not give their respective governments' mandates to take away public land that belongs to the public.

Lenhart's arithmetic didn't lie.

"When one begins with 4/4ths, and compromises half, he has a half left. The greens return a time later fighting for the other half. We agree to compromise again, and feel good knowing we have retained a quarter of what we once had," he noted.

The process continues until the whole 4/4ths are designated as a "wilderness area". Once it is designated as a "wilderness area" rather than just being "a wilderness area", the area suddenly becomes off-limits for public use.

"Sadly, many of us are still caught in the throes of denial that war has been declared on us. Sadly, we have been shamed – nay, scared – into compromise by green propaganda."

People also get hung up on shop-worn ideas like balance, negotiations and process, he continued. Hence, they end up wishing they could gracefully wiggle out of those signed initiatives, agreements and strategies.

But they don't know how to undo what they did. "Nice guys don't renege on deals. They just finish last," he said.

"In our fear of being portrayed as ‘the bad guy', we have simply rolled over in a high number of situations where we should have held firm, fighting tooth and nail," he stressed.

Lenhart challenged anybody to show him just one instance where compromise with any green group resulted in a gain for anyone except the green groups.

Lenhart views the idea of compromise with the greens as having a lot in common with the leftists' beliefs that the definition of "bipartisanship" is that the right must give into the left. "Likewise, ‘compromise' to a green means that an outdoor enthusiast must give into their demands."

Lenhart was adamant about wholly abandoning the idea of making progress through compromise – compromising land, compromising individual rights and freedoms, compromising life and livelihood.

"(Compromise) has never gained us any land, only lost it. It has never meant victory, only defeat. We have lost both land and freedom."

To add to Lenhart's thought that the greens outshine their opponents when it comes to "knowing the enemy", the guilt-ridden opponents have basically resorted to useless spluttering and grumbling among themselves but never developed any strategic plans.

Time after time, they have been stomped on the battlefield.

The second U.S. President John Adams believed that people could never preserve their rights and freedoms unless they first have a general knowledge of what they are trying to protect.

Then, they must know how to fight a war and win it – not through violence, but behind the scenes with strategy, careful planning and intrigue.

Sun Tzu's The Art of War, written 2,000 years ago by a Chinese general, has served to teach beyond the limits of traditional warfare, advised Lenhart. The "how-to-Bible of the business" is used in corporate boardrooms, political campaigns and, yes, by the green groups as a guide for fulfilling their agenda.

Throughout many years of fighting, groups engaged in land-use battles have repeatedly set themselves up for failure, he said. "Outside the ultimate goal of victory, there has never been a cohesive, coordinated battle plan to bring the goal to fruition."

A lot of this happens because of a house divided. Each organization must be congealed into an army that acts with one voice and one purpose before coming together as a coalition. It, too, must act with one voice and one purpose.

The Art of War leaves no room for ego. Those out to promote themselves serve only to hinder progress of the whole. Divisiveness plays right into the hands of the enemy.

"If you're looking to make a name for yourself, look elsewhere," he suggested. "Our own stubborn reluctance to come together has been one of the greatest weapons that the greens have. It has been used against us with devastating effectiveness."

He's right, of course. There is no glue to hold coalitions together. They are weakened with internal politics and fighting their allies rather than the enemy.

Professional soldiers like Norm Lenhart and Sun Tzu never count on their opponents making mistakes. They count on outwitting them. The Art of War outlines circumstances in which victory can be predicted.

He who knows when he can fight and when he cannot will be victorious; he who understands how to use both large and small forces will be victorious; he whose ranks are united in purpose will be victorious.

Also victorious will be he who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not prudent. He whose generals are able and not interfered with by the sovereign will be victorious, too.

It is of prime importance when fighting land-use battles to develop a concrete set of goals and guidelines to work with and fight from a pro-active stance, warned Lenhart.

"We're often caught with our pants down and again forced into a position of ‘re-action' rather than ‘action', which places us at a significant disadvantage."

People were alarmed when they finally became aware of the corrupt scheme of governments starting to do regulatory takings of privately-owned property and banning public lands from public use, whether for recreational purposes or for cattle watering and grazing.

And the public is paying for its own demise.

The 192 member states comprising the United Nations tax people without their knowledge or permission. The money is laundered through the central office of the respective federal governments. Then the money funnels down through the system into the coffers of well over 20,000 worldwide NGOs (non-government organizations) and goes to pay the freight bills for the greensters who go forth to seize your real estate.

In February 2011, Canada redefined the term "real estate". It no longer means "house and lot" or a major "investment". The government reassigned value as a "consumer item", like a car or a carrot. This renders the confiscation process less complicated for the government than when it is seizing real property which is suppose to be protected by such inconveniences as legal security of tenure and due process of law.

It took people a long time to learn that this war against property is not about the official green partyline of "Saving the Planet".

This war on property is about "Saving Civilization" from the Marxists who started this war, pitting one group against another, and the rest of us have no choice but to end it before we are all destroyed. If landowners lose this war, they lose everything and are doomed to spend the rest of their days existing in abject poverty under the looming Marxist UN flag of a One World (Dis)Order.

There is no room for Mr. and Ms. Nice Guy" compromises with the enemy. It is idiotic. Compromise is simply a myth that has only led to failure.

It is high time to send out troops to hijack the apparat of the United Nations and wipe its slate clean of illegal international laws, treaties, policies, accords, pograms, organizations, thievery – and especially Agenda 21 – that are threatening individual property rights, the cornerstone of any democracy, plus endangering every nations' sovereignty under so-called "free trade" agreements.

It is high time to curtail the corruption that has oozed down through the cracks of all political and bureaucratic tiers into every corner of every community in North America and Western Europe.

Basically, it is high time that Canada, the United States and all Western European and Commonwealth countries withdraw their financial support from the United Nations, a monstrous institution that outlived its uselessness long ago. ESR

Jane Gaffin is a freelance writing living in Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada and can be contacted at janegaffin@northwestel.net or visited at www.janegaffin.wordpress.com.






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