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Signs of the times

By Greg Strange
web posted November 23, 2020

I’ve grown to hate walking through my suburban Atlanta neighborhood.  The unease has been building for years, but in the insane year of 2020, the tipping point has been reached.  The misguidedness of too many of my neighbors can no longer be tolerated.  The only thing that gives me comfort now is the knowledge that very soon I’ll be leaving for “redder” pastures.

Who knew that beneath the leafy, idyllic exterior of my suburban redoubt lurked so many hearts – or rather, minds – of darkness.  I won’t say “hearts” because, after all, they mean well.

Down every street, around every corner, are the signs (literally) of the decimation of traditional American values and the precipitous rise of human foolishness.  Posted in front yards so all who pass by can see the supposed virtue of the residents, are the signs proclaiming their leftist, if not outright Marxist, viewpoints.  Would it be too much to ask for them to just keep it to themselves?  Yes, it would!  They are fully in line with the zeitgeist of the times and that means putting it in your face whether you like it or not.

So, let’s start with one of the most popular signs of 2020: Black Lives Matter.  My neighbors, like millions of other white people, don’t seem to comprehend that they are promoting a Marxist terrorist group that hates them, wants to overthrow the U.S. government, wants to replace capitalism with communism, and wants to get rid of the traditional nuclear family.  In other words, BLM wants to totally destroy the way of life of these clueless white suburbanites who are promoting them.  But my neighbors apparently think that BLM is simply about racial equality and the ending of “systemic racism,” which in actuality was essentially dismantled decades ago.  This all begs a very profound question:  How do otherwise intelligent people get this hoodwinked?

The same could be asked of the numerous residents who have signs bearing an artistic portrait of . . . George Floyd!  That’s right, the martyred thug who was used as an excuse to unleash violent anarchy in almost every major city in the country.  Remember that?  The burning buildings, the looting, the assault, the murder, the chaos, the nihilism?  Because of the death of this career thug, the most colossally insane and self-destructive idea ever hatched by sentient human beings became a thing: abolish – or at the very least, defund – the police.  That’ll show those racist cops!  But will virtue-signaling white suburbanites still be down with that when the perpetually aggrieved hordes come to pillage and burn their neighborhoods and there’s no police to stop it?

Since long before the madness of 2020 there has been a particularly obnoxious sign dotting the neighborhood that catalogs the secular beliefs of the residents.  There are numerous variations, but they’re always something like this:

                                                  IN THIS HOUSE WE BELIEVE
                                                        BLACK LIVES MATTER
                                                            SCIENCE IS REAL
                                                      NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL
                                                              LOVE IS LOVE

This sign, in all its vapid variations, is what a half century or more of leftist brainwashing and dismantling of Judeo-Christian values has done to our people.  Rendered incapable of rational analysis, too many people are now just spiritually empty bundles of emotions and impulses that are then assuaged with leftist tropes and childish gibberish.

We’ve covered Black Lives Matter.  Let’s move on to “science is real.”  Volumes could be written on this, but just to put it in a nutshell: that realness only applies when it coincides with leftist ideology.  Otherwise, it is utterly ignored, if not demonized.  For instance, there’s this science called “biology” and it doesn’t square with the current transgender mania.  Biology says that male and female are not interchangeable, but are hardwired and immutable.  But anyone who dares say that in public will be censored by Big Tech and branded a transphobic bigot.

And then there’s Covid.  Just follow the science, they tell us, because “science is real.”  Problem is, until the science got infected with leftist tyranny, it had never proclaimed that civilization had to be shut down over a virus.  Problem is, the science isn’t exactly “settled.”  Back in March, Fauci told us that wearing masks is pointless.  Soon thereafter, they practically became mandatory.  Many months ago it was “two weeks to flatten the curve.”  Now, we all may be wearing masks and enduring various degrees of shutdown through 2021, if not forever.

“Science is real,” huh?  Like the science of climate change.  You can’t count on your local weather forecast for the day after tomorrow, but the science of climate change is “settled,” nothing left to debate, case closed.  Therefore, the entire planet has to undergo a fundamental transformation of its energy use, economy and governance, which will leave us all in poverty (and maybe in the dark).  Yep, science doesn’t get much more real than that.

Moving on from science, “no human is illegal.”  You know, like an “illegal” alien?  This is just an idiotic slogan designed to condone the illegal overrunning of our country by limitless hordes from the failed states of Latin America.  And only because they are deemed “people of color.”  If they were white, nobody – at least on the left – would want them.

Ah, here’s a sweet one: “love is love.”  Is that like saying, “It doesn’t matter who you love?”  So there are no natural boundaries?  No such thing as sexual perversions?  No taboos?  Anything goes?  Anybody or anything can “love” anybody or anything else?  Just let your freak flag fly and follow any impulse that happens to tickle your fancy?  It’s all so tolerant and liberating – and just look at how much better off we are after a half century of this!

Well, that was a brief tour of the worldview and belief system of most of my neighbors as reflected by their yard signs.  It seems pretty obvious that the “long march through the institutions” has been terrifyingly successful, both in this neighborhood and in the country at large.  That “long march” was a cultural Marxist strategy first proposed by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci.  The purpose of cultural Marxism was to overthrow Western countries that are based on Judeo-Christian values and capitalism, not through violent revolution, but through what amounts to the subversion of their institutions, which then trickles down through everything else.  My own subverted neighborhood, as well as so many others, now lies in spiritual and intellectual ruins.

What I wouldn’t give to see yard signs with the following:

                                              IN THIS HOUSE WE BELIEVE
                                          IN THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN GOD
                                            IN THE U.S. CONSTITUTION
                                            LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION
                          SCIENCE IS A TOOL, NOT SOMETHING TO “BELIEVE IN”
                                                  BORDERS MATTER

But that won’t be happening around here anytime soon.  Over many decades my neighborhood has devolved from traditional, common sense American values into a la-la-land of vapid leftist tropes which, if seriously followed, can only eventually end in self-destruction.  So I’m gettin’ the hell outta Dodge, and soon.

Where am I going?  Without being specific, I’ll relate something said by a relative in a conversation we had months ago about the ongoing George Floyd riots:  “If they come here, they’ll be taking gunfire from every house.”

That’s where I’m going.  To a place where I’ll be surrounded by people like that, rather than the useful idiots in this neighborhood who seem to have no idea of the consequences of the bad ideas they proudly promote. ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2020 Greg Strange.




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