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Subversive Liberty

Pierre Lemieux is an economist, author, teacher, consultant, and the man behind Subversive Liberty, a site with a collection of writings devoted to liberty.

And Lemieux is a man who puts into practice what he writes. One example is his essay "Busted in the House of the People" which was also published in Liberty. Lemieux chronicles his refusal to provide identification at the Quebec National Assembly after being invited by the Parliamentary Committee of the Assembly to defend his brief against the government's idea to introduce a citizen ID card. The exchange between Lemieux and police is a thing of are his reasons for denying the request made by them.

Lemieux is a man who does not suffer fools gladly and is more than prepared to put them in his place. He presents, over multiple essays, a sustained defense of liberty from a libertarian perspective in a thoughtful and engaging manner and I for one am happy he's around to punch holes in the arguments of the statists.

This excellent site provides content in both French and English and is updated monthly. No matter where you're from, Subversive Liberty is a site that is definitely worth visiting.

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