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web posted December 23, 2002

"I have a Christmas message for you, one that women today almost never hear: If you want to have a baby, and you are married, go ahead....You are not taking food from the mouths of poor people. You are contributing a loving, caring, healthy, productive human being to take care of the world in the next generation." -- Maggie Gallagher

"World AIDS Day (Dec. 1) came and went with barely any notice of the fact that a kind of vaccine against HIV has been researched, tested and is available to save countless lives in Africa. It was first developed during the late 1980s in Uganda, where it has created the biggest drop in HIV prevalence in the world. It hasn't been patented or advertised, but it has a name: abstinence and marital fidelity." -- Rich Lowry

"There is one business that we need not fear will go into a slump: The Washington lobbying industry. Last year, it spent $1.6 billion lobbying Congress. This year, it will spend much more. The bigger the disaster, the greater the number of vultures who descend on Washington. When I see this happening, it breaks my heart, because liberty and America suffers, and it is all done in the name of justice, equality and security." -- Ron Paul

"The expectations in the reformed-terrorist category are not high -- Jomo Kenyatta, Robert Mugabe -- but [Yasser] Arafat has failed to make even this minimal grade. His Palestinian Authority is a swamp of corruption and organized crime presided over by trigger-happy goon squads from the Chairman's dozen competing state security agencies. If you gave this guy Switzerland to run, he'd turn it into a sewer. ...Today, the only tattered remnant of the pan-Arab cause is Palestinian nationalism, and very helpful it is, too. Why, only the other day a wealthy Saudi assisted by Egyptian lieutenants and Iraqi intelligence blew a hole in the middle of New York and the world rushed forward to insist that this proved the need for a Palestinian state." -- Mark Steyn

"Every day our nation was segregated was a day that America was unfaithful to our founding ideals. And the founding ideals of our nation, and in fact the founding ideals of the political party I represent, was, and remains today the equal dignity and equal rights of every American." -- George W. Bush

"As we fight a War on Terrorism while working to promote a conservative reform agenda, now is not the time for the movement to get sidetracked by the detour that the Left wants us to take. Conservatives know the direction in which we should be heading. Let's stay on that course." -- Paul M. Weyrich

"The federal government was not at all what I expected. Nothing -- and almost no one -- worked." -- Linda Chavez

"American federalism was the embodiment of political tolerance and decentralization -- the expression of the liberal conviction that society can manage itself and needs no central plan. " -- Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr

"Freedom does not require conformity; rather, it requires the skills to disagree in productive ways and the faith that, in the end, it will turn out all right." -- Linda S. Wallace

"A conservative is 'crowned' by the liberal establishment when he/she engages in ritual sacrifice of a fellow conservative." -- Christopher Ruddy

"What's in the interests of the bureaucratic and intellectual elite often works against the interests of the ordinary person attempting to move himself and his family a few steps up the economic ladder." -- Walter Williams

"Democracy has always had a short life span." -- Charley Reese

"TV's downright dangerous. It endangers every one of us. ... You would have thought you'd see a drastic change in attitude and maybe some moral responsibility in the wake of 9/11. I've seen no change other than an effort to cash in on the flag and patriotism." -- Tom Petty

"It didn't come down to any single factor, but because I have run for president twice before and because a race this time around would have focused on a Bush/Gore rematch, I felt that the focus of that race would have inevitably been focused on the past, when all races should be focused on the future." -- Albert Gore

"...[I] look forward to getting back into the [entertainment] industry so people will start taking my views seriously again." -- Retiring Tennessee Republican Sen. Fred Thompson on his return to acting

"Politicians are as slippery as wet gummy bears when it comes to pinning them down on what they believe or where they stand on a given issue. Most of them have mush between their ears and Jell-O in their spinal cords. That applies to liberals and conservatives alike." -- Charley Reese

"The New York Times is in such a lather about Augusta National Golf Club's ban on women members, it has briefly interrupted news coverage of 'The Sopranos' to write about it." -- Ann Coulter

"A lot of changes going on in the White House -- like President Bush's new military adviser, Sean Penn. .... As you know, Sean Penn is in Iraq trying his hands at diplomacy. He was trained for this mission at Fort Streisand out in Malibu." -- Jay Leno

"...[I]f he [Saddam Hussein] doesn't care to give up his weapons of mass destruction, then he's got the choice of leaving." -- Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

"The president is going to pursue this in a thoughtful and deliberative way, in consultation, as he promised, with our allies. And I assure you this president does not bluff. When he said that Saddam Hussein must disarm, that he wants Saddam Hussein to disarm so peace can be preserved or Saddam Hussein will be disarmed, it is not a bluff. He hopes Saddam Hussein will do it, still." -- White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer

"It's very scary -- it's a state-run educational system that teaches its children to be martyrs...children, who are exposed to a state-run ideology that pushes them to their death, in the name of Palestinian nationalism." -- former USNA professor Meyrav Wurmser, Ph.D., an expert in Middle East politics, on the PLO

web posted December 16, 2002

"...[T]he ethics undergirding our culture, which we so often take for granted, are essential to the functioning of what we call the good society, based on the dignity of the individual, and the possibility of progress, freedom, and prosperity. In our country and in our times, a productive free-market economy, one supported by a strong sense of personal responsibility and a moral commitment to the security of property rights, has one great enemy: the interventionist state. It is the state that taxes, regulates, and inflates, distorting a system that would otherwise operate smoothly, productively, and to the great benefit of all, generating wealth, security, and peace, and creating the conditions necessary for the flourishing of everything we call civilization." -- Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

"In truth, the fuel that runs the Democratic Party is spending. The party exists mainly to take money out of some peoples' pockets and put it into others. There is no problem imaginable that Democrats cannot find a new government programs to deal with." -- Bruce Bartlett

"The purpose of voting, in our country, is to select men and women with the competence and integrity to operate the mechanics of government fixed by our Constitution. For this process to have any public benefit requires that the choices be made on an intelligent, knowledgeable and reasoned basis. These apathetic and ignorant voters, moved only by their self-interest, so outnumber the interested and informed voters that the demagogues always win. As a matter of fact, campaigns are directed at these apathetic and ignorant voters." -- Charley Reese

"Thus far, the reputed idiot Bush has graduated from Yale and Harvard, made a stack of cash in the oil industry, become the first consecutive-term governor of Texas, defeated a dual-term VP for the presidency, and led his party to [November 5th's] extraordinary triumphs. Let his opponents keep calling him stupid; if they do, within five years Bush will be King of England, the Pope, and world Formula One motor racing champion." -- Tim Blair, Australian journalist

"Our country was not predestined to prosper; it did so through choices made at its Founding and renewed every generation since: the choices of freedom over rule, property over collectivization, the liberty of the individual human spirit over the dictates of the enlightened few." -- James S. Robbins

"If we lack the moral courage to save others, we may need the physical courage to save ourselves." -- David C. Stolinsky, M.D.

"Preemption is a kind of pre-deterrence that stops the threat at an earlier, safer stage." -- Charles Krauthammer

"The very best kind of Saddam Hussein is the very dead kind." -- A.M. Rosenthal

"Any country on the face of the Earth with an active intelligence program knows that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction." -- Donald Rumsfeld

"Keep in mind that the Iraqis are not telling us anything we don't already know or can't prove. This is what makes this whole inspection process and all the rigmarole surrounding it a total farce." -- Rush Limbaugh

"If our language and culture are not passed on to immigrants, where will they learn to value integrity in government and the rule of law?" -- Paul Craig Roberts

"It's generally assumed that Saddam does have chemical and biological weapons, but is he also on the verge of producing a nuclear bomb as the president says he's tried to do in the past? ... Neither the International Atomic Energy Agency, the IAEA, nor any other investigative body has ever reported that Iraq was only six months away from the bomb." -- 60 Minutes' Bob Simon

"...[Iraqi officials] ...admitted there not only were plans to build a nuclear device, the Iraqis were tantalizingly close to having one." -- Simon's CBS colleague Mark Phillips one day later

"If Iraq uses weapons of mass destruction against us or our allies, the same people who are arguing against doing anything about it are going to demand to know where the intelligence failure was." -- Rush Limbaugh

"Liberals and international diplomats (a distinction without a difference) have notorious difficulty understanding how to deal with totalitarian regimes." -- Mona Charen

"The Saudi Arabians said today they are cracking down on terrorists. Saudi Arabia says they compiled a list of all the known terrorists in Saudi Arabia. I think that's called the phone book." -- Jay Leno

"President Bush was on hand...for the lighting of the National Christmas Tree on the mall in Washington. Security was unusually tight. The U.S. Forest Service goes on tactical alert anytime there is a tree within reach of a Republican. [He] wore a ten-gallon hat [and] looked like a gunslinger. Maybe that's why the Nativity Scene on the White House lawn shows the Three Wise Men from the East next to a UN vehicle with their hands up." -- Argus Hamilton

"Victory in Afghanistan showed that the doubters were wrong, the war against terrorism can be won: The West must win. ... I'm glad America's commander in chief is made of such stern stuff." -- Margaret Thatcher

"Big decisions in most of the world are made by rough consensus -- often molded by great leaders, for sure -- but nonetheless sticking only if widely accepted. What counts nowadays is what happens beyond government-to-government dealings. That's where the bulk of power has gone." -- Kenneth Adelman

web posted December 9, 2002

"If we replace vigorous but restrained debate with hate speech, how long will it be before our nation comes apart at the seams? ...We are held together by our shared ideas and ideals. Hate-filled controversy, vicious name-calling, and rabid partisanship are incompatible with the survival of America as a free nation." -- Dr. David C. Stolinsky

"According to the CDC, the annual deaths from cancer in 2000, for children aged 14-years-and-under, was 1,939. Add in the number of 14-and-under who die every year from pneumonia and flu, at 479, plus 169 kids killed by asthma, plus 70 from HIV, and we have a grand total of 2,657, a number higher than Dr. Phil's figure of 1,800 children allegedly killed each year through handgun accidents and suicide. As usual with programs stacked against guns, Dr. Phil failed to even address the number of children saved by handguns per year. In other words, how many kids remain with us because Mommy or Daddy -- or in some cases a child -- used a gun to defend the household. According to the Department of Justice, Americans use guns for defensive purposes 1.5 million times a year. And, according to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention -- a division of the Justice Department -- the government found that children taught appropriate use of guns by their parents turn out to be far less likely to use those guns for criminal purposes than those without such instruction." -- Larry Elder

"The only way to be certain of ridding Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction is to rid Iraq of Saddam's brutal regime." -- James Phillips

"Is there an Iraqi Andrei Sakharov? Is there just one Iraqi scientist or official who wants to see the freedom of his country so badly that he is ready to cooperate with the UN by submitting to an interview and exposing the regime's hidden weapons?" -- Thomas Friedman

"Man is the only creature disposed to kill huge numbers of members of his own species, and his instrument is usually the state." -- Joseph Sobran

"...[M]aking moral judgments is the basic requirement of an effective foreign policy. We need to identify the danger posed to the value of human life and human liberty by certain regimes." -- Peter Schwartz

"Liberals have had a monopoly for about 30 years and all of a sudden one or two opposition forces arise -- Washington Times, Fox News, Weekly Standard -- and all of a sudden it's a great conspiracy. This is absurd." -- Charles Krauthammer

"From Tel Aviv to Moscow to Washington, D.C., proponents of the Religion of Peace are racking up quite a body count." -- Don Feder

"Yes, America effortlessly churns out euphemisms and upscale name changes. Here are some current ones: Comparative ads: attack ads; Traffic-calming road insertions: speed bumps; In-depth interrogation: torture; Visual harassment: staring; Unacknowledged repetitions: plagiarism; Derivative passages: plagiarism; Inadvertently copying long sections of someone else's book and putting it in yours: plagiarism; ...Verbal abuse: criticism; Assaultive expression: criticism; ... Abductees (in Sudan): slaves; Tribal chief: swarthy, non-English-speaking leader you admire; Warlord: swarthy, non-English-speaking leader you do not admire; Self-sacrifice bombers: suicide bombers; Targeting process error: looks like we killed a lot of civilians; ... Cultural genocide: correcting a pupil's nonstandard English; Multicultural issues editor: censor; Psychological violence: disapproval; Creating personal accounts: privatizing Social Security; Unpaid sex worker: wife; Sexual service provider: paid sex worker, hooker; Death tax: inheritance tax; Duty-not-paid importing: smuggling; ... Post-verdict response: riot; Uprising: a riot you approve of; ... Made possible by: We don't take advertising, but here comes an ad anyway." -- John Leo

"Republicans are now going to control Congress. They think that means more tax cuts are coming, more tort reform, which is friendly to businesses. So that's also helped as well." -- CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera on the positive reaction on Wall Street after the elections

"We're on the hook for at least half of that $150,000, is my guess. We're the ones who really pushed for an event that would play well on C-Span and on TV. You have to admit the production values were good." -- Anonymous Democratic National Committee spokesperson on the tab for the Paul Wellstone Memorial turned Democrat political rally

"I apologize to circus clowns all over America." -- John McCain after a comparison of Rush Limbaugh to a circus clown

"It's great to see all of this energy. For a long time, people said our college campuses were dead, but they're not. We have people willing to share their opinions." -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton Rodham, referring to the wave of anti-war demonstrations on American campuses

"Inasmuch as liberals are demanding that Americans ritualistically proclaim, 'Islam is a religion of peace,' Muslims might do their part by not killing people all the time." -- Ann Coulter

"Tom couldn't enjoy his turkey ... for the pain in his back, what with all his recent heavy lifting. He's moving out of the big office of the majority leader of the United States Senate, and he has no idea how he can get all his stuff into whatever closet Trent Lott has in mind for the new Daschle digs." -- Wesley Pruden

"This week, President Bush reminded us that the Saudis are our partners. Partners in fighting terrorism. ... They're our silent partners." -- Jay Leno

"UN weapons inspectors began their work in Iraq.... They were quite startled at first. As the UN inspectors commenced working, the country was blasted for ten minutes by an air raid siren, or as Donald Rumsfeld calls it, mood music." -- Argus Hamilton

"The American political and theological left misunderstands the doctrine of evil and the danger of unchecked humanity. It mistakenly believes that only America's actions or inactions determine what others do. The transfer of trillions of dollars (and pounds, yen and euros) to oil-producing nations should have elevated the lives of everyone on the receiving end. It hasn't, because the political and religious dictators, in order to maintain their privileged positions, keep their people in intellectual, theological and economic poverty." -- Cal Thomas

"Sure, Muslim fundamentalists can be pretty extreme, but what about all our Christian fundamentalists? Unfortunately, for the old moral equivalence to hold up, the Christians really need to get off their fundamentalist butts and start killing more people. At the moment, the brilliantly versatile Muslim fundamentalists are ...[flying planes into sky-scrapers], gunning down Maryland school-kids and bus drivers, hijacking Moscow musicals, self-detonating in Israeli pizza parlours, blowing up French oil tankers in Yemen, and slaughtering night-clubbers in Bali, while Christian fundamentalists are, er, sounding extremely strident in their calls for the return of prayer in school." -- Mark Steyn

"I'm a psychiatrist. I don't usually practice on camera. But this is the edge of looniness, this idea that there's a vast conspiracy, it sits in a building, it emanates, it has these tentacles, is really at the edge. He could use a little help." -- Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and Harvard Medical School-educated psychiatrist Charles Krauthammer, diagnosing Albert Gore's claim that some major news organizations, including Fox News and The Washington Times, are actually surrogate operatives of the Republican Party

"The overheated reaction of liberals to a dose of their own medicine is amazing. ... Let's propose a swap. If we give them those three outlets, they give us ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, CNBC, NPR, Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, The Washington Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, the National Council of Churches, the American Bar Association, Hollywood...whew, I got carried away." -- Mona Charen



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