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Emotion and logic

By Dr. M. Sidney Wallace
web posted December 1, 2008

While relaxing last Wednesday evening before Thanksgiving, and reading a really good short story about the past glories of the United States and her people, I remembered a fact long being completely overlooked in today's economic debacle. The short story was interesting but nothing special as a literary work. The story was typical of a home coming of a wayward family member during the winter Thanksgiving - Christmas holiday period and how all past mistakes were forgiven and everyone expressed their heartfelt gratitude to God for reuniting the entire family once again. Such stories will be seen on television for the next month as the Christmas period in America is a time for maximum emotional outpourings.

Emotions are the simplest and easiest responses for man to generate. You might even say that they are perfectly natural. Emotional love is what causes a parent to work a second or third job just so their child will have an opportunity at a better life, not to buy the latest fashion item.

Illiterate and uneducated individuals find emotional responses for all of their decisions, because emotional responses do not require them to think for themselves. Emotions are good for us; however they only will carry mankind so far. The emotion of fear prevents an individual from jumping into the deep end of the pool until he learns to swim. Fear of getting pregnant prevents a teenage girl from going all the way in the back seat of her date's car.

Socialist communities are governed by the emotional desire for all to suffer equally and no one to prosper unequally. Native tribes in the jungles of Africa and South America are governed by superstitions and emotions. The USSR was a mass of non productive individuals that suffered unequally at the direction of government planners. Initiative, incentive, and thinking for one's self are considered as somehow taking an unfair advantage of others.

Now let's get back to the real world. Emotions are protective mechanisms. When Columbus sailed out of sight of land in 1492, the normal emotion of fear of falling off the edge of the earth had to be held in check. Logic told him that the Earth was round and that if he sailed west far enough he would find the other side of the known world. The fact that he found a couple of extra continents in the middle was a bonus.

Logic is not necessarily opposed to emotion, however for man to grow above jungle village life he absolutely must start using his brain for something more than memorizing religious chants and prayers. The United States recently elected an individual that is a master at pulling the emotional strings of our more susceptible population. He has promised that all will be provided for fairly when he takes office. He has promised that there would be change in the way we do business in America. The emotional response of the collective masses is to sit back and wait for the new messiah to start solving their problems.

The modern world is extremely complex with computers and communication capabilities controlling more and more of our daily lives. These devices have only logical capabilities. There is absolutely no way to program an on-off switch with any emotion. This being a fact, if your new president wants to make everything equal for all then he must turn off all logic and let emotion take over.

Employment will go up as the quality of life goes down. Instead of using a tractor to plow a field, men will harness each other to pull their plows. Instead of using Email to send a message, we will start to employ messengers to communicate. Instead of cars, trucks and trains, we will use individuals pulling rickshaws and carts. Instead of electric lights, the national population will go to sleep at sundown to be able to arise at day break for another day to collectively serve mankind. Stated another way unemployment will be completely eliminated as citizens of this once great industrial nation turn to raw sweat labor, however the nation will be green and ready for foreign taking by individuals that are willing to use logic to build industrial machines. The standard of living will decline right along with the productivity of the nation. The only individuals that will have anything to be thankful for in the future will be the upper echelons of the new socialist government who will control everything while producing nothing.

This emotional socialist equality revolution will take several years to completely destroy the greatest industrial nation in the history of mankind. Watch for persecution and punishment of individuals that strive for more than others. These individuals will be declared as enemies of the state when they use their brain to think past emotion. The fact that they make life better for many does not mean they should be rewarded for thinking. The current economic difficulties of the United States have not been caused by lack of governmental regulation, but by lack of governmental enforcement of regulation. There is a difference. ESR

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