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web posted December 13, 2010

Re: The price of failure in the Korean War by Bruce Walker (December 6, 2010)

Kudos to Bruce Walker for a great article. This piece highlights what I've been saying for many years to any and everyone who would listen and many who would not. Once engaged in a war, the only just and moral course is to defeat the enemy and render him incapable of any further aggression. The price for failing to do so in WW I was WW II. The US learned its lesson in WW II and the Axis powers are history, only to forget it in Korea. We're now paying the price. Although I didn't serve in combat, I served in the Navy during the latter part of that war, enlisting in March 1952 at 17 years of age, and I was aghast at the "truce" that ended hostilities, even at that young age.

I might add that if Gulf War I had been ended in that fashion we'd be a lot better off today.

Billy Rawl
Captain (Retired)
Trans World Airlines, Inc. (RIP)
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