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The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Two: An American Pilgrimage

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 15, 2014

This Third Movement of my oratorio, An American Pilgrimage, is suggested listening while you read this portion of my sequel to The Gift of Stern Angels.

My Divinely Human Prison.

The Third Movement of An American Pilgrimage is more of a reverie about the two preceding movements than it is its own separate creation. It is also, with its own tribute to the composer Alban Berg, a musical nod to the cacophony of the Obama Years. The profoundly un-American and inevitably diabolical identity within Barack Hussein Obama and his "fundamental transformation" of America into An Obama Nation.

Obama came, not to "transform" the United States as he promised.

Obama was sent by "The New World Order" to destroy America.


For two reasons.

One: Obama's long-nurtured, revolutionary desire for vengence upon the American white bourgeoisie. Revenge on a former America, all of which, in Obama's spoiled but equally narcissistic and unrelentingly bitter mind and soul, had become the Southern bourgeoisie that fostered and nurtured the slavery of African-Americans for eighty-nine years. The profoundest irony to all of Obama's hatred is that this racist South has remained predominantly loyal to Obama's Democrat Party until this year of our Lord, 2014.

Two: If anything could stand in the way of the United Nations' Progressively Marxist New World Order, it would have been the United States. Under the leadership of President Barack Obama, however, the "United States" have become increasingly "Disunited".

President Barack Hussein Obama And His Deliberately Disunited States.

Even he might say, "Make America increasingly weak and vulnerable to the Communist behemoths, Red China and the Neo-Soviet Union of Vladimir Putin's Russia!"

Despite a profoundly feigned appearance of conflict over both the Ukraine and Syria, the Putin/Obama coalition always has too frequent moments of chronically and mutually committed cooperation over their not-so-secret and agreed-upon destructive "transformation" of the United States.

According to the "enlightened despots" of not only the United Nations but a select few New World Order traitors in the United States herself, America just has to go.

Death by an undeniably American suicide.

The very suicide that Abraham Lincoln had predicted.

A self-destruction, joyously engaged in by President George H. W. Bush. A fate arrogantly certified by Bush Sr.'s announcement of "A New World Order". A domination of the entire human race to be run ostensibly by the United Nations.

The birth of a new tyranny, a possibly Fourth Reich.


All the efforts by ravenously ambitious but villainous giants of History, from Genghis Kahn to Adolf Hitler to Joseph Stalin to Mao Zedong to the Red Chinese Politburo and The Increasingly Marxist United Nations, all have failed and will fail, despite the triumphant appearance of the Red Chinese military and that Communist nation's economically thriving prison. Efforts by a tyrannically Red Chinese Politburo or a would-be tyrant such as Vladimir Putin, out of either Red China or Neo-Soviet Russia? They cannot sustain their own empires indefinitely.

Such carnivorous daydreams collapse eventually.


The divinely human prison that we, as individuals, are all trapped in.

Man, singular or otherwise, has grown increasingly impatient with tyranny. Tyranny of any kind. Each individual, male or female, has enough limitations in his or her own life without joining a coalition to expand this trapped condition of the human individual into any concept of worldwide imprisonment.

In short, humanity's patience with tyrants, particularly within this mercurially explosive information era, has always been increasingly and more swiftly running out.

What Barack Obama and his rabidly furious following think of as The American Racist Tyranny is, by now, a holiday when compared to what the Marxist New World Order and its tyrants Putin, Obama and the Red Chinese Politburos have planned as revenge upon the Free World.

And ultimately upon the entire human race.

Alban Berg!


Alban Berg's revelations of Europe's moral emptiness in both of his operas, Wozzeck and Lulu?

All prophetic rumblings about a corruption that would foretell the inevitability of World War II!

Wozzeck as the lost common man of Twentieth Century!

And Lulu as, perhaps, Wozzeck's  spiritual sister.

Or, as William Butler Yeats exclaimed, "The center cannot hold!"

Personally prophetic visions of the Second World War to come!

A World War during which I was born.

I arrived in 1941, 7 months previous to Japan's bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Somehow America's Civil War has immensely prophetic visions of World War II: both ultimately symbolizing Man's victory over any form of institutionalized slavery and murder, both the Old South's cotton fields and Hitler's Auschwitz.

Obama's increasingly obvious, Second American Civil War, one that he is deliberately provoking?! Instituted to drive the United States into a domestic strife that makes the cold-blooded invasion of America by Communist forces within a mythically superior and legendarily un-cohesive United Nations, making such heinous deception and horror into a most certain reality.

No other "Overall Game Plan" can make sense of what Obama has been doing as the most destructive President of the United States in that nation's entire history.

The rotten eggs Obama has laid and is sitting on will hatch with disaster in an almost century-old Communist evolution, a diabolical dream that has America's death as the ultimate fruit of Karl Marx's rabid and pestilent hatred for all of Judeo-Christianity.

If you add Obama's radically Muslim fervency and rage against both Jews and Christians to this villainous mix?!

The American Presidency's early but feigned resistance to the treasonously Far Left, Democrat Party of America?!

May God send the United States a Savior who, like Moses, will lead the quintessentially Judeo-Christian, individual freedom of the United States into victory over the disease of an intellectual inferno called The Progressive New World Order.

The monstrous Axis created by the self-loathing, anti-Semitism of all Leftist tyrannies, culminating in the National Socialism of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialism's temporary ally, the Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin.

As for Red China?!

We've only yet begun to hear from that looming monster.

Upon my old man's entrance into the Third Movement's video, my appearance as "Mr. Blue" – I'm 73, very old and in my most nostalgic year of age – into the Third Movement of An American Pilgrimage, a brief but deliberate appearance in order to put this three part saga into some smaller and more personal perspective, the ravages of war and eventually the grim visage of an utterly dishonored President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, remind us of the direction America is heading in: down, down, down….. this American descent culminating in the Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama.

The very antithesis of Dr. Martin Luther King.

The Obama Nation as the final instrument to drive the finishing nails into the American coffin.

And yet, for Judeo-Christians, there's hope.

There is always hope.


The Bible has always told us so and the Bible has always proven itself to be right in the end.

Slavery ended, Hitler was destroyed and this Communist/Radically Islamic, Second Axis, even more villainous and anti-Semitic than the Hitler/Stalin non-aggression pact, will inevitably face similar betrayals and defeats.

History and the faith of an old man tell me so.

Villainy's arms have always been too short and too infantile in its homicidal selfishness to ever threaten God. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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