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Michael Lear: Part Twenty-One: The Red Islamic/Communist Muslim Alliance and War Against Judeo-Christianity: Chapter Two

By Michael Moriarty
web posted December 1, 2014

Well, most of us know that Communist Russia  (Stalinist, Putinized or otherwise) and Red China (Maoist or Politburized) have rarely agreed about much of anything.


They've never trusted one another and never will.

If Mao and Stalin
couldn't really get along with one another,
what are the hopes for this Anti-Free World alliance
 of Marxists and Muslims?!

A daydream best defined by this new, superstar hope for The New World Order: Barack Hussein Obama, The Marxist Muslim Saboteur of America.

And Congress refuses to impeach him!

The President is playing hardball!

Congress wants to keep the game softball.

The Ferguson riots and Obama's comments about them tell the world everything, yet Congress remains cowardly, lame and increasingly deaf!


American suicide.

Exactly how Abraham Lincoln predicted the United States would be destroyed.


As of today, the fourth day following the grand jury's judgment of innocence for Officer Darren Wilson, protests still erupt.

Last week I made a promise: "Next week I will examine those Communist or Neo-Soviet corners of the world that expect some major alliance with Islam and its beheading hatred of both Jews and Christians. An alliance perfectly akin to Stalin's non-aggression pact with Adolf Hitler."

The most obvious, after the Chinese and Iranian display of naval power, will be the Red Chinese, Russian and Iranian naval maneuvers in the Mediterranean off the coast of its other ally Syria!

In addition, 2015 will again contain joint naval exercises by China and Russia.

I suspect these undeniable, saber-rattling provocations to the Free World are further plans to enable and further empower President Obama!

Sound ironic?

That the previous and rather long-term enemies of the Free World should be working in a profoundly devious coordination with the supposed leader of the Free World, the President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama!

They were intended to be puzzling and, for the initial stage of the Obama Game Plane, unbelievable!!

Here is the cry of the Politically Correct: "President Obama can't possibly be a secret ally of the declared enemies of America: Red China, Neo-Soviet Russia and Radical Islam!!"

I do believe that Obama is working together with both Putin's Neo-Soviet Russia and the Communist Politburo of China to deliberately renew a Cold War friction and fiction that will enable Obama's racial-baiting to provoke "just grounds for martial law!"

  1. Domestic grounds for declaring Martial Law:

A - The growing and intentionally provoked tensions over Ferguson and Ferguson related protests.

B - The resistance to Obama's "Amnesty for Illegal Aliens". The most recent salvo from Obama was this complete and utter kick in the teeth to all law-abiding Americans, stating that Native Americans are the only people of the United States that have a right to complain about Amnesty.

C - All further "bright ideas" that the Obama Nation may have about irritating "The Silent Majority" of America, are like this: more detainees released from Guantanamo. More proven terrorists unleashed to the Middle East.

2. International grounds for declaring Martial Law in America:

A - The continuing "joint naval maneuvers" between Neo-Soviet Russia, Red China, Iran and Syria.

B - The domestic tensions within the United States over the increasing possibility of nuclear war with the Communist/Islamic Alliance.

C - The inevitable outbreaks of violence provoked by continued looting, rock-throwing and the destruction by fire of private property, many provoked by "outside agitators" and the International Communist Party's desire, with Obama, for Civil War and Martial Law within the United States.

As I often say about Obama's entire "Fundamental Transformation of The United States": it has all been created as grounds for a PRESIDENTIAL DECLARATION OF MARTIAL LAW!

Meanwhile the Republican Intellectuals, Washington's Right-Wing Poo-Bahs still wish to be clever and to remain certain that they can out-fox The Fox.

 is not a fox.
 He is
 a cunning

And that America's first battle cry was:

Don't Tread on Me

Yet The Righteous Republicans don't wish to descend to that level and bite this serpentine President with the justifiable and, by now, obligatory venom of Impeachment!

Obama has out-serpent-ized the once great serpent nation.


Lincoln's warning:

will never die by a foreign power.
If it is destroyed,
it will have been

The price America pays
for political correctness
and correct political strategies?


Civil War
even a Second American Civil War
is far nobler a demise
than suicide
and the death
America's individual freedom

The "enlightened despots"
of Harvard, Yale and scholarships to Oxford
George H. W. Bush,
Henry Kissinger,
Bill Clinton
And Barack Hussein Obama
A New World Order!

What is The New World Order?

Unconditional surrender to Communism
veiled by the clandestine sovereignty
an increasingly Marxist
United Nations.

If Vladimir Putin
doesn't want his Russia "transformed"?

And Americans increasingly vote
the Obama Nation
its "fundamental transformations"?

And Radical Islam
wishes nothing more
than the entire destruction
 of anything
and everything
that is not Islamic?

This New World Order
is not only a daydream,
it belongs with Joseph Stalin's Soviet Union
and Adolf Hitler's
"Thousand Year Reich".

Those men above us all
who would will it to happen?

H. W. Bush,
Henry Kissinger,
William Clinton
and Barack Hussein Obama?

They are the very "enlightened despots"
which Voltaire spoke of
in the preceding days
of the French Revolution.

not only "too clever by half"
but utterly devoid of Common Sense.


These "enlightened despots"
as Obama has prophesied,
simple common sense
into an increasingly complex shelter
 for their cowardice,
their greed,
their private ambitions
and their private prejudices
and their inevitable surrender
to tyranny.

A tyranny and cowardice
 of their own creation
and that
 of their increasingly diabolical
Luciferian fraternity.

the Devil is not only in our laps
and entering the souls of our children
but the Devil
is now in control

How so?

Because of men
who have become
increasingly too smart
and egomaniacally too clever
to recognize this Stalinist,
and Hitlerian
New World Order
for what it inevitably will be:
pure Hell
for everyone
 themselves. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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