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Just who in the hell won the November 4 elections?

By John W. Lillpop
web posted December 15, 2014

Those of us who voted Republican on November 4 have spent the past several weeks celebrating the purging of  Democrats from both House of Congress. With Democrats  in retreat, we believe that America is finally headed in the right direction!

Our elation intensified as news broke of the Jonathan Gruber scandal in which the doings of Democrats were fully exposed, including the brazen classification of voters as "stupid." 

We chortled when the self-smitten MIT professor admitted that ObamaCare was deliberately crafted from lies and half- truths because "transparency" would surely lead to its early demise. We laughed knowingly when Gruber disclosed that Democrats were counting on the stupidity of the public to perpetrate the ObamaCare fraud with impunity.

Oh, what a delight it was to see the callous manipulation of the uninformed masses by liberals finally exposed!

And how smugly superior we felt in voting for Republicans!

All of our self-congratulations and cheering came to an abrupt halt last week when John Boehner orchestrated a vile "Gruber-ization" of the US House.  

Unbelievably, after the historic November 4 mid-terms, John Boehner sought and secured approval of a $1.1 trillion budget which included no effort to cut-off funds for ObamaCare or the illegal Executive Order on immigration, and which was laden with ungodly amounts of pork.

Those who were pushing for a budget that would "Leave them squealing" were disgusted to learn that the squealing came mostly from conservatives!

Good hell, even Michelle Obama's silly attempt to force her eating preferences on school children, excepting her two daughters, was funded!

What in the hell happened?

It's as though Boehner totally misread the results of the November 4 elections and went into in full retreat after being whipped to shreds by voters, with new Speaker Nancy Pelosi chortling in delight as she applies huge welts of abuse to Boehner's tender bottom.

It's as though Democrats have recaptured the US House and increased their majority in the Senate, and Boehner is in a panic to pacify the out-of-control tyrant, Barack Obama, before the start of the New Year.

It's as though the American public endorsed Obama's unlawful immigration decree, and is enthusiastic about the impact that millions more impoverished, illiterate foreign invaders will have on the American profile.

It's as though Americans do not care about the IRS, VA, Benghazi and other scandals that have made the Obama administration among the most criminal in US history.

It's as though Americans are willing to have a corrupt government waste trillions of taxpayer money on non-existent problems like global climate change.

It's as though Barack Obama's policies are favored by the majority of Americans and that most believe that the nation is headed in the right direction.

In other words, John Boehner has ceded his power to Barack Obama, even though the GOP gained 13 seats in the US House and nine in the Senate.

Earth to Boehner: Listen up!  The American people spoke clearly and loudly on November 4 and the LAST thing they want is a gaggle of docile, cowardly weasels to join Barack Obama in the destruction of America!

Time to cutoff funding for ObamaCare, Obama immigration, and all the rest of Obama's Marxist ideas. ESR

© 2014 John W. Lillpop






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