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Protection or pain treatment: Choosing between your gun and medical marijuana: Regardless of marijuana's status as a medical treatment in a growing number of states, writes Sam Jacobs, it's still illegal under federal law and using medical marijuana may endanger your Second Amendment rights

One hundred years of legislation, control and taxes: The Volstead Act, The Harrison Tax Act, and the politics surrounding chemical substances: The "war on drugs", which continues unabated even if you haven't heard any news about it lately, has done nothing except criminalise personal use chemical substances, stoke racism and promote government, argues Charlotte B. Cerminaro

Pot addicts OK, legitimate chronic pain sufferers in need of opioids not: Rachel Alexander is no fan of laws which are loosening access to marijuana while at the same are limiting how much opoid-based medicine people in chronic pain are allowed

No one serves jail time for smoking pot: Pot activists love to bemoan the fact that people are being sent to jail for smoking pot. Former prosecutor Rachel Alexander says that fact is actually a big load of fiction

A thoughtful look at the marijuana legalization trend: The United States may be becoming more "420" friendly by the day but Rachel Alexander argues that legalizing marijuana is still a venture fraught with problems

California: The gateway drug state: Paul A. Ibbetson argues that Proposition 19 proves that California's push for medical marijuana was always about making the drug more acceptable

The UN's hopeless war against Afghan opium: Howard Richman, Raymond Richman and Jesse Richman argue that the U.N.'s war against Afghan opium has actually contributed to its resurgence

What international war on drugs?: Ben-Peter Terpstra can't buy the argument from libertarians (and some conservatives) that drugs should be legal and from everyone else that we're fighting a war against them

Battling the war on drugs: The war on drugs has been such a failure that even some police officers want to end it. Lady Liberty profiles and interviews one of them, Sheriff Bill Masters

Decriminalization not the answer to marijuana issue: Michael Cust says the recent announcement by Canadian Justice Minister Martin Cauchon that he's thinking about decriminalizing marijuana is the wrong approach

Yes, we're at war ... against sick Americans: Although everyone is focused on the war in Afghanistan, Vin Suprynowicz points out that the war against medical marijuana continues unabated


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