ESR spotlight on Climate Change and Environmental issues

Recent articles about Global Warming/Environment issues that have run in Enter Stage Right

Mining the planet for renewable energy: Paul Driessen argues that things like reliable energy, human rights, land impacts, air and water pollution, and lost wildlife get ignored

We can and must adjust to climate change – and not kill billions: Paul Driessen argues that we've always adjusted to the world and its changes and have no right to tell others they can't have modern living standards when it comes to acting on climate change

The UN climate body does not back climate alarmist claims: The IPCC is often pointed to by climate alarmists as the unimpeachable source for how humans are causing catastrophic climate change. So what happens when the UN body doesn't back them up? Tom Harris examines some of the interesting things the IPCC has said on the matter

Most 'green' states are laggards in economic growth: In news that probably won't surprise you, but it turns out that states that focus on environmentalist policies pay the price when it comes to economic growth, reports Bonner Cohen

Radical leftists say oil companies are committing climate murder!: Paul Driessen argues that environmentalists are gaslighting voters and consumers that oil companies are destroying everything – when the real mass killers are the environmentalists themselves

Innovating for a water-starved planet: Paul Driessen argues that a combination of inspiration, innovation, perspiration and technology can overcome our world's climate challenges

Can 'clean energy' schemes get any crazier?: Paul Driessen argues that materials, costs and survivability for wind turbines on massive floating platforms defy reality or common sense...which is why government is all for it

Never cleaner: The air in the United States is remarkably clean but the EPA continues to lower what it considers to be acceptable air pollution which Robert T. Smith says is designed to do nothing more than tighten the screws on business

Have we entered an era of global cooling?: Everyone talks of "global warming" when discussing climate change but Tom Harris says an increasing amount of climatological science is coming out with predictions of solar-influenced global cooling

"Cosmoclimatology" may explain the real drivers of climate change: An increasing amount of scientific research has resulted in growing support for the idea that cosmological factors are responsible for much of what we know as climate change, writes Tom Harris

The cosmic climate mystery is solved!: In the second part of a series, Tom Harris explores the roles that solar activity and cosmic events play in altering the Earth's environment over geologic periods of time

Geological discovery upends politically correct climate science: A fossil specimen discovered in the southern United States may have the effect of wiping out the orthodoxy surrounding climate change science, argues Tom Harris

Wrong as usual!: 2023 continued the lies of climate alarmists: It's hard to name another profession that can be wrong as often as climate scientists are without earning the distrust of everyone involved, as Tom Harris illustrates

Congress and courts enable energy and climate fantasy and tyranny: Paul Driessen argues that the U.S. Supreme Court should end the "Chevron deference" to restore checks, balances and reality

Its high time to stand up to climate change bullies: Traditional energy industries have been so bullied by government and NGOs that it's high time that they stand up for themselves and start to fight back, writes Tom Harris

The false reality of carbon sequestration: The Environmental Protection Agency is pushing hard regulations involving carbon sequestration and Robert T. Smith says that the very notion proves how disconnected to reality environmentalists are

Climate and energy fantasy and tyranny: Paul Driessen argues that there are many models, myths and misinformation on climate drive models and energy, all clouding the debate for people just trying to figure out the truth

Climate change fears driven by a belief in an imaginary temperature: Have you ever heard the phrase "global temperature"? It's used with a certainty that only religion can usually brag about but, writes Tom Harris, there is one problem: It doesn't actually exist

In the next UN Climate Summit OPEC+ delegates must not back down: Tom Harris believes that OPEC+ needs to get serious if it's to start truly combating the climate change nonsense that continues to stream from the United Nations and its allies

Earth's time: A recent Newsweek article declared that several American cities are practically underwater thanks to human-caused climate change. Robert T. Smith would like to splash some cold water on these claims

In 2023, we became lost in Neverland on climate change: There were a lot of awful things that happened in 2023 and Tom Harris says the environmentalist climate change lobby may have lead the way in losing their minds

Asteroid impact model the best approach to climate change policy: COP28 takes place at the end of this month and will spout the usual climate change message. Tom Harris argues that perhaps a new approach in determining what the actual effects of climate change are is needed

October 2023: The month the net-zero dream died: Last week Scott Shepard reported how state elections in Germany likely killed the drive for net zero in that country. The month of October overall, he says, showed it may be dying everywhere

German elections sound death knell for 'decarbonization': Recent elections in Germany of parties opposed to "decarbonizing" the country's economy probably signals the end of that campaign there...and other countries, argues Scott Shepard

Virginia – Don't follow net-zero lemmings over the energy cliff: Paul Driessen warns that states that link climate and energy policies to California and 'climate crisis' -- such as Virginia -- will pay a high price

Climate scare blown up by geology: Tom Harris says the one group of scientists you rarely hear from when it comes to discussions of climate change are geologists. There is a very good reason for that ... at least if you're trying to push a narrative

Superfund cleanups descend into uncertainty: The US Supreme Court decided to not take an opportunity to encourage the badly needed cleanup of contaminated waste sites, writes Paul Driessen

Wall Street is in bed with crazy climate activists: One would think that allying themselves with environmentalists would be completely contrary to big business' natural interests but Sarah Rehberg argues that's exactly what has happened

Let's end the climate scare promoting abortion: In the latest of his series examining how the pro-abortion movement is attempting to tie itself to the climate change bandwagon, Tom Harris looks at claims over sea levels and CO2

Fighting the climate scare to defend life: Abortion activists have hopped on the climate change bandwagon and Tom Harris argues that pro-life advocates need to respond with the strong evidence to counter their claims

How pro-lifers can beat the climate scare challenging their movement: Climate change activists have been working hard to make a link between weather and abortion. Yes, you did read that correctly. Tom Harris has information for pro-life advocates to answer back

Bloomberg finances and coopts state attorneys general: Paul Driessen argues that State Attorney Generals are aiding Michael Bloomberg in his quest for 'green' energy that threatens planet, wildlife and people

Cobalt carnage, child labor and ecological destruction: The increase in demand for batteries is resulting in an environmental catastrophe that's built on near or actual slave labour involving untold numbers of children, argues Paul Driessen

Ottawa's reliance on batteries to back up wind and solar power: A cautionary tale for governments everywhere: The city of Ottawa plans to back up its gamble on solar and wind generated energy with battery banks, something that Tom Harris and Mary-Jean Harris argue should be red flags for other communities wanting to go down the same road

If it's not open warfare, it's collusive lawfare: Environmentalist lawsuits have reached new heights of both absurdity and threats to American energy, writes Paul Driessen

Sackett v. EPA is a victory for property rights: Bonner Cohen hails a recent US Supreme Court decision which limits which bodies of water the EPA is able to regulate, a victory for property owners in America

Biden Administration environmental injustices: Paul Driessen says that federal agencies are using the mantra of 'climate justice' to justify controlling every aspect of our lives

How electric car propaganda preys on the disabled: Those disabled who utilize electric wheelchairs know well the limitations of EV technology, writes Melissa Ortiz, but their lessons are being ignored in favour of climate change propaganda

The political left's failed history continues with electric cars: The political left has a long and bad history when it comes to promoting initiatives and Kathleen Wells argues that electric cars are simply the latest example of that

Your taxes at work: 'eco-anxiety' counseling for federal workers: Paul Driessen reports that climate doomsayers and cancel culture are working to justify counseling for bureaucrats' climate grief

Earth Day betrays its philosophical founders: Earth Day passed last Friday -- if you noticed -- and Tom Harris argues that the annual event has become something that it's philosophical founders never envisioned

Using the climate change scare to promote abortion: It probably shouldn't surprise you that they've finally managed to link climate change with abortion -- leading to the cross-promotion of each in both communities. Tom Harris explains the logic behind it all

Legalized climate grifting: Bill Gates and climatist collaborators are taking taxpayers and consumers on trillion-dollar rides, argues Paul Driessen

Spark's Tract satirizes environmental extremism: It's been two decades since Jack R. Stevens' novel Spark's Tract was published and did a marvelous job of taking environmentalism down a peg or two. Thomas M. Sipos is pleased to report it was recently re-released

Childish beliefs drive lethal energy and agricultural agendas: Paul Driessen argues that US President Joe Biden and environmentalist policies would destroy agriculture, habitats, products and nutrition

Vital energy lessons for Virginia and America: Legislators shouldn’t Californicate Virginia or America on EVs and Green Energy, argues Paul Driessen

COP-27 financiers and merchants of death: Africa resists policies that demand primitive farming and energy, and making muffins out of flies, writes Paul Driessen

Escaping from the COP-27 insane asylum: Paul Driessen says everyone should hope that the latest climate talks finally come to grips with energy, scientific and economic reality

Hurricane hype, lies, censorship – and reality: Politicized hurricane and climate science breeds distrust, green energy and economic disasters, argues Paul Driessen

The coming green electricity nightmare: Hundreds of billions in new subsidies all contained in the Inflation Reduction Act will bring expensive, unreliable, and eco-destructive power, argues Paul Driessen

China and India not following Biden’s War on Coal: The Biden administration may be keen on ending -- or at least greatly reducing -- the mining of coal but Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris report that countries like China and India are ramping up their production

Washington, DC’s energy colonialism: Washington, DC’s climate virtue signalling will hammer DC residents – and neighboring states even more, argues Paul Driessen

Biden energy policies: incoherent, incompetent, intolerable: Paul Driessen argues that the Biden administration’s energy policies raise prices, hurt living standards, and impair our future as a law-abiding nation

Biden promises, policies and political problems: US President Joe Biden's war on fossil fuels fosters US oil sales to China and US complicity in child and slave labor, writes Paul Driessen

Banning modern agriculture and high crop yields?: Joe Biden's EPA policies will raise prices and harm crops and environment, in name of saving species, argues Paul Driessen

Billionaire climate elites have their own rules: Paul Driessen says that billionaire climate scolds with mansions and private jets want to tell rest of us how to live

Real threats to biodiversity and humanity: Healthy ecosystems and life on Earth are the strongest arguments for ending wind, solar, biofuel and organic programs, says Paul Driessen

Correct or cancel Mom–Ņ——–…™s grocery bag misinformation: Paul Driessen says misleading claims on organic food grocery bags are deceiving shoppers on bees and pesticides

Earth Day obsessed with climate crusade: Whatever Earth Day's original intent was, Tom Harris argues, today it has been completely hijacked by the climate change movement

Don’t look up!: A real rock from outer space (not manmade climate change) is causing perceived rising seas, argues Paul Driessen

Saving America from planet-threatening fossil fuels: Leftists want to “save” the United States by sacrificing its economy, environment, living standards, freedoms and security, argues Paul Driessen

Assessing Virginia–Ņ——–…™s hidden wind and solar costs: Governor Youngkin and Virginia must address the ecological and human costs of –≤–‚¬ėgreen–Ņ——–…™ energy, argues Paul Driessen–Ņ——–… 

The global warming question that can change people’s minds: There is one simple question that you can ask a believer of the global warming orthodoxy that they will not be able to answer that should get them thinking, argues Selwyn Duke

Bringing Britain–Ņ——–…™s woes to America?: Paul Driessen wonders if Biden-Ocasio-Cortez energy policies will do to Americans what UK climate obsession is doing to the Brits?

Channeling Dan and Jane to confront Biden policies: Paul Driessen asks what could be better than Saturday Night Live for examining the Biden Administration's energy policies?

The real climate and health crisis: Paul Driessen argues that anti-fossil-fuel climate policies favoured by environmentalists and politicians do nothing but increase energy prices, blackouts and death tolls

Lethal carbon-imperialism in Glasgow and DC: Paul Driessen argues that climate alarmists intend to keep poor nations energy-deprived, impoverished, jobless and dying  

Europe’s energy crisis better wake America up: If it doesn’t manage to do that, writes Paul Driessen, activists and governing classes will destroy middle class jobs, families and lives

Democrats still embrace their slavemaster roots: The Democrat Party -- party of slavery, segregation and the Klan -- now runs eco-slavery operations, says Paul Driessen

Don’t waste time or money on Silent Earth: Paul Driessen says this new book is just another junk-science screed against modern civilization and technology

Woke companies must wake up on ESG: Paul Driessen says prevailing ‘ethics’ models ignore vital energy, environmental, labor and human rights issues

Europe’s ‘unprecedented manmade floods’: Paul Driessen attempts to separate myth from reality about extreme weather events today and over the centuries

Another Biden Administration eco-con: Mr. Biden will “preserve 30% of our land” – and blanket America with wind, solar and landfills, argues Paul Driessen

Futile fusion research: Robert Hirsch and Roger Bezdek argue that we must stop wasting money on tokamak fusion, and use if for programs with promise

Real threats to planet and people: Paul Driessen argues that totalitarian actions in the name of ‘climate change’ threaten wildlife, people and freedoms and far more dangerous than the supposed ill itself

Bankers, insurers and activists assault our freedoms: Duggan Flanakin argues that climate elites demand that we meekly and obediently accept their diktats and restrictions -- at the price of the freedom of Americans

Materials Acquisition for Global Industrial Change (MAGIC): Joe Biden apparently relies on an adherence to the climate crisis creed and belief in MAGIC to transform the USA and the world, argues Paul Driessen

China’s strange endorsement of ‘net zero’: Duggan Flanakin reports that the Chinese path to supposed decarbonization apparently starts with a lot more coal

Africans reject demands to end fossil fuel use: Duggan Flanakin argues that Africans need strategies that support economic development, jobs, access to energy

India ignores media preaching on ‘net zero carbon’: Duggan Flanakin argues that first-world ‘experts’ have no business chiding nations, such as India, that prefer prosperity over poverty

EPA’s totalitarian assault on America: Duggan Flanakin says the Environmental Protection Agency is using phony “transparency” and “dialogue” to target auto racing, then all fossil fuel use

It takes big energy to back up little wind and solar: Depending on weather-dependent energy for jobs and living standards takes money, resources, argues David Wojick

We should learn what lessons from Fukushima?: It’s been just over a decade since the earthquake in Japan which caused the Fukushima disaster. What has the world learned? Lesson #1: People died from forced evacuations, not from radiation, writes Dr. Kelvin Kemm

The social costs of carbon cancelation: Paul Driessen says banning carbon-based fuels will impose enormous costs that Team Biden deliberately ignores

EV subsidies, fantasies and realities: Paul Driessen says that electric vehicles may be oh-so-very-trendy these days but they're also not very Earth-friendly, affordable or emission-free 

Predicting and planning for the next polar vortex?: Duggan Flanakin says experts claim we can predict and plan for climate chaos 50 years out, but not an imminent vortex that's been hammering parts of the United States?

Real threats to threatened species: Endangered species aren't facing threats from climate change or modern farming – but from climate and organic policies, argues Paul Driessen

The myth (and phony math) of ‘green’ jobs: Governments are killing real jobs and conning us about ‘millions of good green jobs’, says Duggan Flanakin

Suspect science threatens US farming – again: Paul Driessen argues that Environmentalists are falsely claiming that a weed-prevention chemical threatens 1,800 threatened species

Two nuclear options: Paul Driessen argues that of two options involving nuclear power, one threatens our democracy, the other promises hope for the economy, environment and country

Sensible, sustainable nuclear power for Africa: A host of economic, environmental and practical reasons make nuclear Africa’s best option, argue Dr. Kelvin Kemm and Knox Msebenzi

Rare earths first? Or last?: Duggan Flanakin says that US President Joe Biden’s Green New Deal won’t work without mining, especially for rare earth elements

Americans supposedly just voted for only electric vehicles: The Big Switch will cost trillions and massively change America – not for the better, writes Duggan Flanakin

The building block of life - carbon: An all-out war on carbon is coming, says Robert T. Smith, in complete ignorance of all of the benefits that the naturally occurring element brings humanity

Green New Deal ideologies, fantasies and realities: Paul Driessen argues that your life, living standards, country and planet will take a big hit under the Green New Deal

New York can't buy its way out of coming blackouts: David Wojick reacts to NYC’s plan to have a battery backup system in case of failure of “renewable” energy, which even if it worked, he says, its astronomical costs put the idea in Fantasyland

Nuking the anti-nuke crowd: Duggan Flanakin believes that the experts agree the tide has turned in nuclear power’s favor, but huge obstacles remain

Electric vehicle shock treatment: Duggan Flanakin argues that Britain is currently showcasing what the American and global future will really look like with “sustainable” EVs

Send the Paris Climate Treaty to the Senate: The most far-reaching international agreement ever must get Senate advice, consent and a vote, argues Paul Driessen

Sheldon Whitehouse’s Climate Inquisition continues: Paul Driessen says that Senator Torquemada – Sheldon Whitehouse for those in Rhode Island -- wants to jail those who dissent from his alarmist views on climate

Get ready for nationwide blackouts under Biden: California’s climate and energy policies will bring thousands of blackouts to all of the United States, predict Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris

The Great American Outdoors Act: Duggan Flanakin argues that the Great American Outdoors Act is the crown jewel of the Trump Administration’s environmental record and will bring many benefits

Slight, beneficial warming from more carbon dioxide!: Dr. David Wojick reports that an exhaustive new study finds that more CO2 and water molecules will not cause dangerous warming on the planet

Government transparency should not be controversial: Shining light on U.S. Environmental Protection Agency actions should get 100% support, writes Duggan Flanakin, but that’s is opposed by the usual suspects

Preventing future forest infernos: Paul Driessen argues that Americans need to get past the climate scapegoat, and take steps that could actually make a difference in preventing the wildfires that have hit parts of the United States

The Biden family Green New Deal: Some will profit from the Green New Deal if enacted, while most people’s life, living standards and environment take a big hit, writes Paul Driessen

Your life under the Green New Deal: Paul Driessen builds a case that your lives, living standards and world would suffer dramatically under a Biden-AOC-Harris GND

Wind turbines generate mountains of waste: Duggan Flanakin argues that due to blade waste and other factors prove wind is no more green than solar

‘Climate arson’ and other wildfire nonsense: Paul Driessen says the real goal is to avoid responsibility for policies, and increase control over energy, lives, property

Solar panels generate mountains of waste: Duggan Flanakin argues that solar panels also heat the planet, blanket wildlife habitats and cause other ecological damage

Revisiting EPA’s Gold King Mine blowout – Part 2: Duggan Flanakin reports on the war that the Navajo Nation and New Mexico are fighting vs. the incompetence and bad faith in the US Environmental Protection Agency

The racism of climate change alarmists: It’s not climate change that’s racist, writes Duggan Flanakin, but those who use it to block energy development

Recalling EPA’s Gold King Mine disaster – Part 1: Five years after the infamous blowout, reports Duggan Flanakin, the EPA finally settles with Utah over Gold King pollution

Potentially powerful pipeline precedents: Radical Greens have given citizens the tools to stop destructive wind and solar projects, says Craig Rucker

The Green New Deal means monumental disruption: David Wojick and Paul Driessen argue that Green New Deal is disruptive not just for energy, but for every aspect of our lives, living standards, culture and freedoms

Hold China accountable – or give it even more control?: Paul Driessen and Ned Mamula argue that the Democrats’ Green New Deal would make US reliance on China much worse

Ban neonics – hurt farmers and bees: Paul Driessen argues that organic pesticides, and other organic chemicals, are more dangerous to bees ... and people

Report renewable energy risks, too: Paul Driessen has a reasonable proposal: If fossil fuel companies should disclose climate-related financial risks, so should renewables

Another giant of science has passed: Paul Driessen pays tribute to Dennis Avery, coauthor of Unstoppable Global Warming – Every 1,500 Years, who passed away last week

Greens promote child slave labor and ecological destruction: Paul Driessen wonders why don’t African black lives and ecological values matter? Or impacts in and beyond Virginia?

Could entomophagy end U.S. and African protein shortages?: Would we even want it to do so? A modest proposal, writes Paul Driessen, inspired by Jonathon Swift

The Green New Deal dress rehearsal: Paul Driessen says the Covid-19 lockdown serves as a blueprint for a permanent economic shutdown to ‘save the Earth’

Destroying the environment to save it: Pseudo-green energy will wreak devastation in Virginia, argues Paul Driessen, pretending to prevent exaggerated climate harm

Prioritizing climate over pandemics: Paul Driessen argues that Americans need a full accounting of what was spent preparing for the ‘climate crisis’ versus COVID

The real climate science deniers: Paul Driessen argues that manmade climate crisis promoters can be counted on to reject inconvenient evidence of natural climate change

A miraculous turn of events: Michael Moore and Paul Driessen agree! Paul Driessen reports that the controversial documentarian believes that wind, solar and biofuel energy are devastating Planet Earth

Meeting the terawatt challenge: Duggan Flanakin says that Robert Bryce’s latest book, A Question of Power: Electricity and the Wealth of Nations, lays out a powerful case for treating electricity as a human right

Financiers of poverty, malnutrition and death – Part 2: Paul Driessen charges that private ‘philanthropic’ foundations are keeping African families destitute, malnourished and dying early

Ecology – a long and difficult path ahead: Mark Wegierski quite pointedly looks at various possible convergences of ecology and traditionalism, on the 50th anniversary of the first Earth Day (1970)

Fauci-Birx climate models?: Paul Driessen and David R. Legates say that honest, evidence-based climate models could avoid trillions of dollars in policy blunders

Fight the virus, not carbon: Paul Driessen and David Wojick argue that obsessive focus on climate wastes scarce money and distracts from the real health crisis

Fear of (everybody else) flying: Air travel worsens the "climate crisis", say environmentalists – unless the passengers are climate activists and wealthy elites, writes Duggan Flanakin

The real reasons Africa has another locust plague: Paul Driessen says that the United Nations, environmentalist pressure groups and their financial backers have a lot to answer for

How exactly do they plan to replace fossil fuels?: Jurisdictions around the world want to ban coal, oil and gas, says Paul Driessen. He asks: Exactly how will they replace them? Who wins? Who loses? 

Virginia’s ‘Clean Economy Act’ will have dirty results: Paul Driessen says Virginia’s “clean economy” plans include 850-foot-tall turbines, 3.5 times the area of Washington, DC covered with solar panels, mining, child labor and pricey power

The unholy crusade against gas appliances: The eco darling natural gas has given way to wind, solar and battery electricity – and slave labor, argues Duggan Flanakin

The mad rush to electric vehicles: Duggan Flanakin wonders if the push for electric vehicles, along with the resulting government subsidies for companies like Tesla and tax rebates for consumers, will another disaster for consumers

Do ‘green’ buses pass the performance test?: Duggan Flanakin wonders if so-called "green" buses even pass basic energy, environmental, economic and human rights tests?

Deceptive rhetoric at Davos could bring disaster: There is nothing ‘cohesive’ or ‘sustainable’ about environmental ‘solutions’ demanded by World Economic Forum ‘stakeholders’, argues Paul Driessen

Fight fires with facts – not fake science: Eliminate fuel, prevent ignition, stop arson, end irresponsible land management policies and you’ll go a long way to limiting wild fires, argue Paul Driessen & Duggan Flanakin

Do we really face a climate cat–astrophe?: Duggan Flanakin asks if we must put up with yet another eco-cataclysm fabricated and exaggerated by ruling elites?

Reform USAID energy aid policies now!: US President Donald Trump should direct USAID to support coal and gas, argue Paul Driessen and David Wojick, not just wind and solar

Climate alarmist banks go carbon-colonialist: Paul Driessen and David Wojick argue that Africa must move forward without the climate alarmists of the world, using fossil and nuclear energy to build prosperity

Greta Thunberg: And a little child shall lead them: Greta Thunberg, regardless of what you may think of the Swedish environmentalist, is being exploited by the political left in order to advance their agenda and Greg Strange says that's the saddest part of her crusade

Politicized veganism: Do we really have to tolerate, asks Duggan Flanakin, local, state, national or UN officials telling Americans what they may eat?

UN bureaucrats chow down on burgers – while attacking meat: Craig Rucker runs down what happened in Madrid, where climate hypocrisy was alive and well at COP-25

The dangerous winds of trying to prevent climate change: Duggan Flanakin argues that inconvenient facts for environmentalists show why wind energy is not renewable, sustainable or climate-friendly

No end in sight for the biofuel wars: Biofuels are unsustainable in every way, but still demand – and get – preferential treatment, says Paul Driessen

Activist junk science breeds bad policy: Paul Driessen argues that banning neonic pesticides in wildlife refuges would hurt birds, bees, other wildlife and people

No Plan B for Planet A: Paul Driessen argues that replacing fossil fuels with so-called “renewable” energy would devastate the only planet we’ve got

Eco-imperialists impose a  biomess on Africa: Duggan Flanakin asks a simple question: Instead of cutting forests and burning dung and charcoal, shouldn’t Africa have cheap electricity?

Climategate: Ten years later: A decade after leaked emails revealed climate scientists were promoting a false narrative, writes Dr Kelvin Kemm, they are still promoting junk science, fossil fuel bans and wealth redistribution

The giga and terra scam of offshore wind energy: Paul Driessen says the latest “renewable, sustainable” energy claims show the International Energy Agency belongs in an insane asylum

Is it climate socialism – or eco-fascism?: Paul Driessen argues that Green New Deal climate alarm socialism is really intolerant, totalitarian eco-fascism

More buckets of icy cold energy reality: Paul Driessen believes that Democrats, Green New Dealers and UN gabfest attendees need to get ‘woke’ on eco-energy

Buckets of icy cold reality: Paul Driessen argues that the Democrat presidential candidates and Green New Dealers need to face some hard energy facts

There is no climate emergency!: Climate models predict disaster – but the real world evidence shows no such thing, argue Dr. Jay Lehr & Tom Harris

Google discriminates against conservatives and climate skeptics: We must understand how Google does it, why it is wrong and how it hurts America, says  David Wojick

It’s time to whack greenhouse gas Endangerment Finding: Carbon dioxide does not “endanger” our health, argue Tom Harris and Dr. Jay Lehr, and it’s time EPA recognized that simply fact

Past, present and future progress requires mining: John M. Clema argues that metal and mineral needs in our modern society are constant, constantly evolving, and require new mines

Enforce rules against false and misleading organic claims: Paul Driessen says the FDA must no longer let organic food growers, manufacturers and sellers get away with lies

Bill to reinstate Obama pesticide ban ignores science: Paul Driessen argues that House legislation to ban neonicotinoids in wildlife refuges would hurt bees and wildlife

Government is a great servant but horrid master: Today bigger, argues Jeffrey Foss, supremely powerful global governments are justified by environmental claims

Modern societies require minerals, and mining: Paul Driessen and Ned Mamula report on congressional bills that would end US mining and leave USA dependent on foreign critical materials

HBO’s falsified Chernobyl “documentary”: Dr. Kelvin Kemm says imagine HBO doing a similar profit-making film about the tragic Chilean rugby team from Uruguayan Air Force flight 571

A Declaration of Mineral Independence against eco tyranny: It’s an essential first step in making the USA less dangerously dependent on foreign minerals, argue Paul Driessen & Ann Bridges

Educating kids to debate alarming climate claims: Paul Driessen says there is an important new effort -- the Climate Change Debate Education project -- that provides videos and short non-technical issue briefs for students

For bee alarmists, Groundhog Day comes in June: Paul Driessen asks a question: Will activists finally admit their sins and break out of their pesticide-blaming time loop?

A Red Team review of climate crisis assertions: Paul Driessen says that Gavin Schmidt’s spat with Steve Koonin underscores why we need to debate climate change

Reality bites Joe Biden’s “Clean Energy Revolution”: Paul Driessen tallies Joe Biden’s recently announced environmental agenda’s huge impacts on our energy, industries, living standards and personal freedoms

Shutting down middle and blue-collar America: From Joe Biden to Elizabeth Warren, argues Paul Driessen, Democrat president wannabes are pushing job-killing pseudo-green policies

Costly wind power menaces man and nature: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris argue that the true costs of wind energy – both to humans and nature – are too often (deliberately?) ignored or underestimated

Ending Obama EPA climate deception: Paul Driessen says let’s finally review the 2009 Endangerment Finding the EPA has used to justify trillions in climate and energy costs

Fear, loathing, intolerance – and worse: Paul Driessen argues that the climate-fearing, capitalism-loathing Left cannot abide questions or differing opinions

Galileo and the Medicis brought revolution and truth: Dr. Jeffrey Foss writes that those who cherish freedom must recognize the work of today’s solar science revolutionaries

Fake climate science and scientists: Paul Driessen argues that climate alarmists game the system to enrich and empower themselves, and hurt everyone else

Earth Day 2019 – tradition and ecology: Mark Wegierski explores some of the affinities between tradition and ecology

Sidelined because she rejects radical green agendas?: Paul Driessen says Aurelia Skipwith, the Fish & Wildlife Service director nominee, has joined hundreds of others in confirmation limbo

Make America greater: Approve the PCCS!: John Droz argues that America absolutely needs outside expert review of climate claims that have been used to oppose fossil fuels

Stop the anti-climate science totalitarians: Paul Driessen argues that anti-climate science totalitarians want to upend and transform America, but demand No Debate on underlying “science”

America needs President Trump’s Climate Science Committee: John Droz argues that America needs independent scientists to  review alarmist “science” that is driving anti-fossil fuel policies

Green land grabs on steroids: The Endangered Species Act has increasingly been used and abused to delay, block or bankrupt numerous projects and activities across America, argues Paul Driessen

AOC says America should lead the world: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's environmentalist plans are something that Paul Driessen says means committing national economic suicide and sending living standards back to 19th century

Cold outbreaks are not caused by global warming: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris argue that global cooling – and global totalitarian socialism – are the catastrophes we should fear far more than colder temperatures

Red old deal recycled as Green New Deal: Mark Alexander examines the Democrat Party's ruinous "Rainbows and Unicorns Resolution of 2019", promoted by such luminaries like Sen. Edward J. Markey and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Keep fraudulent science out of our courtrooms: Paul Driessen argues that courts should bar evidence that fails to meet basic standards of honesty, integrity and credibility

Mathematical modeling illusions: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris say that the global climate scare – and the myriad of government policies resulting from it – are based on models that do not work

We must hope Dr. Soon is right …: And the global warming apocalypse is not nigh, writes Jeffrey Foss, PhD. The real-world evidence certainly supports his contention

Saved by pseudo-renewable energy?: Paul Driessen argues that climate alarmists must prove that expensive, weather-dependent energy is green and sustainable

Reasonable precautions: Environmentalists have grabbed a hold of a normal decision-making principle and used it to attack anything that smacks of progress or presents only the slightest risk of a negative outcome, writes Robert T. Smith

When environmentalism becomes corruption – Part 1: Craig Liukko argues that environmental principles are too often used to stop lawful, responsible, vital land uses

Don’t ban plastic bags!: Hal Shurtlef says people need to learn the facts about plastic versus paper bags – and bag the bans that are sweeping North America, instead

Climate hysterics skyrocket: Increasingly absurd environmentalist disaster rhetoric is consistently contradicted by climate and weather reality, argues Paul Driessen

Funding the Climate-Industrial Complex: Tom D. Tamarkin explains why Big Green energy investors rely on the man-made global warming myth

Prodding Trump’s EPA to reexamine Endangerment: William L. Kovacs argues there needs to be the use of external pressure to overcome Administration inertia on reviewing Endangerment Finding

Let’s do follow the climate money!: Paul Driessen says that Climate Crisis Inc. gets billions to promote an imaginary manmade cataclysm – but attacks realists who argue otherwise 

Germany's green transition has hit a brick wall: Germany’s transition to a green economy isn’t doing very well and even worse, its growing problems with wind and solar spell trouble all over the globe, argue Oddvar Lundseng, Hans Johnsen and Stein Bergsmark

A 2019 resolution: Honesty in energy policy: A Virginia wind project highlights the need in climate, sustainability and renewable energy arenas to be honest with promises and expectations, say Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek

Colorado energy company Xcel goes crazy green: One starts to suspect – and that would be Dr. David Wojick -- there is a lot of hype, and maybe securities fraud, going on with Xcel

The sky is falling?!?: Greg Walcher takes aim at a ridiculous report which recently claimed humans have killed more than half the world’s wildlife in past 48 years

Trump was right about “raking” Finnish forests: Heavy machinery “rakes” Finland’s forest floors after tree cutting, greatly reducing fire risks, reports Mikko Paunio

Protesting carbon taxes with the Gilets Jaunes: Craig Rucker reflects on CFACT’s Katowice delegation and their coverage of Yellow Vests protest in Marseilles

 “We are still in” totalitarians flunk basic reality: They raged against energy and climate realists in Katowice, but should serve time for fraud, says Paul Driessen

Pseudo-Green leftism: Bruce Walker argues that the political left pretends to care about the environment but it is their policies that actually create the problems. It's time, he says, for conservatives to reclaim the environmentalist banner

Climate summit language reveals real but hidden agenda: Dr. David Wojick argues that the goal of any climate summit isn’t saving Earth from climate disaster – it’s changing the world order

Climate lunacy takes center stage in Poland: Paul Driessen says that the IPCC Poland conference presents fictional climate chaos and fake renewable energy salvation

The clever ruse of rising sea levels: Alarmists – using the spectre of rising sea levels and mass chaos -- try to frighten people, and stampede them into terrible energy decisions, say Jay Lehr and Tom Harris

Geo-engineering: Ignoring the consequences: Governments are charging ahead on engineering the Earth’s climate but are ignoring possible harmful effects, argue Tim Ball and Tom Harris

Dr. Willie Soon versus the climate apocalypse: Dr. Jeffrey Foss says when it comes to climate change science there needs to be more honesty and less hubris, more evidence and less dogmatism, which would do a world of good for everyone

Starbucks thinks virtue signaling can “save the planet”: Will corporate and government green-washing, asks Paul Driessen, save Earth from inflated or phony eco scares?

Give thanks that we no longer live on the precipice: Paul Driessen argues that fossil fuels helped humanity improve our health, living standards and longevity in just 200 years 

Blaming climate – ignoring incompetence: California wildfires are incinerating people, wildlife and habitats. Not surprisingly politicians are blaming climate change, writes Paul Driessen

Anti-fracking chaos in Colorado: Dr. David Wojick argues that an insane “eco” proposition in Colorado that will appear on ballots next month would all but shut down oil production – and set bad national precedent

Price vs. quantity approaches: William D. Nordhaus recently won the Nobel Prize for Economics and Yesun Kim looks at his work on how to slow or reduce global warming through price mechanisms

How Al Gore built the global warming fraud: And changed the alarmism from global cooling to global warming, and now climate change, write Jay Lehr and Tom Harris

More misplaced environmentalist outrage: Greg Walcher says Greens are angry that the Department of the Interior modified a rule they wanted to use to attack energy and ranching

The IPCC’s latest climate hysteria: Realist experts show why $60-80 trillion over next 17 years would be wasted on an imaginary environmental crisis being promoted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, writes Paul Driessen

Can poor families sue John Kerry for climate policy deaths?: Paul Driessen argues that conjectural future death tolls from climate change pale compared to real energy poverty deaths occurring right this very moment

We must all sacrifice for the environment: But I meant you – not me! Greg Walcher says “we’re” supposed to be exempt from rules we inflict on others -- the attitude of many environmentalists today

Rooting out scientific corruption: Recent actions show reform is in the wind, but much remains to be done, especially on climate, writes Paul Driessen

Bloom Energy’s “tangled web”: What a tangled web Bloom Energy weaves, since first it practiced to deceive, say Paul Driessen and Clint Laird about a company with a rather colorful history

Keep carbon taxes in the ground: Paul Driessen says Americans must permanently bury job-killing carbon tax proposals, after pounding wooded stakes through their hearts

The coming decarbonization tsunami: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris says that the San Francisco Climate Action Summit this week intends to set the stage for controlling our lives

Obama carbon colonialism and climate corruption continue, Part 3: Paul Driessen and David Wojick examine how USAID policies perpetuate subsistence farming, malnutrition and disease in poor countries – and what Congress and the White House must do to end all these travesties in the final part of their series

Endangerment Finding delenda est: Paul Driessen argues that replacing the Clean Power Plan with the less harmful Affordable Clean Energy rule does not fix fraudulent CO2 science

The misguided Affordable Clean Energy rule: Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris ask why the US EPA is still determined to control plant food and drive up electricity prices?

America First Energy Conference – “an amazing day”: Dr. Jay Lehr and Tom Harris report that last month’s event in New Orleans revealed much of what has been hidden from the energy debate

Taming the EPA regulatory hydra: Further solutions (Part 2): A 5-person commission and other modest changes would bring accountability to the agency, says William L. Kovacs

Obama carbon colonialism and climate corruption continue, Part 2: Paul Driessen and David Wojick argue that USAID anti-energy climate policies ignore human and ecological impacts on poor nations

Obama carbon colonialism and climate corruption continue, Part 1: Paul Driessen and David Wojick argue that the US Agency for International Development still pushes climate alarmism over energy, jobs, health and prosperity for poor countries

Taming the EPA Regulatory Hydra: An essential first step, Part 1: In America’s most powerful, intrusive and costly agency, the Environmental Protection Agency, power resides in one administrator, writes William L. Kovacs

A double ban gets a double reversal: The US Interior Department has reversed an activist-initiated Obama-era ban on farming activities in refuges, says Paul Driessen

Finally! Some fuel economy common sense: Paul Driessen praises a proposal to freeze fuel economy standards but Greens not surprisingly go apoplectic over a rule change that would have no climate or other benefits

Global warming is not people’s most pressing concern: Tom Harris argue that most people don’t really care about global warming, don’t think it affects them much, and don’t believe the hype of the climate change orthodoxy

Environmentalist scare stories – Never mind!: Paul Driessen argues that solid evidence shows there is no “bee-pocalypse,” even as alarmists are alleging new pesticide threats 

Luddite eco-imperialists claim to be virtuous: Uber-organic campaigns enshrine primitive agriculture and malnutrition as human rights – which may make well-off Westerners feel good but few others, write Paul Driessen and David Wojick

Keep it in the ground … by blocking pipelines: If environmentalists can’t stop energy development, they try to block pipeline transport (and get unexpected help), writes Paul Driessen

Freeze, reduce or eliminate CAFÉ fuel standards: Paul Driessen argues that too many small, lightweight cars cause too many deaths and injuries to justify tighter mpg rule

Speculative climate chaos v. indisputable fossil fuel benefits: Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek report on a federal judge who, during a high profile case involving California and oil companies told climate litigants to tally the numerous blessings from fossil fuels since 1859

EPA’s Pruitt is far cleaner than critics claim: Deroy Murdock argues that Scott Pruitt’s security, DC bedroom and policies are legitimate and defensible, under any fair standard

“Evil” GE foods and “eco-friendly” organics: Paul Driessen and Vijay Jayaraj argue that misrepresentations by radical greens promote myths of GE dangers and organic benefits

Now they’re waging war on plastics!: Tom Harris argues that Earth Day Network’s misguided anti-plastic campaign is a sign of more nonsense to come

The ethanol gravy train rolls on: Opponents of Big Ethanol make a compelling case but they can’t seem to derail or even slow this well-protected industry, says Paul Driessen

Perverse, conflicted ethical systems: Radical environmentalists are putting people last, and destroying habitats and wildlife to end fossil fuels, writes Paul Driessen

Is climate alarmist consensus about to shatter?: E. Calvin Beisner asks a simple question when it comes to the climate debate: Is this the Beginning of the End – or at least the End of the Beginning?

Ending secret science at EPA: In a long overdue action, EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has proposed to end his agency’s decades-long practice of using secretive, questionable, even deceptive or fraudulent science to support policy and regulatory initiatives, reports Paul Driessen

Crazy court misconstrues constitution for climate-concerned kids:  The Ninth Circuit Court recently allowed a group of children to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration over global warming, something that Greg Strange isn't quite as impressed by as environmentalists were

The double standards industry: Paul Driessen argues that concerns over impacts from energy projects seem to disappear where “green” energy is involved

Climate adaptation, reparation and restoration: Boulder, CO wants oil companies to restore snowy winters of an idyllic past – and pay it billions, writes Paul Driessen

Politicians must consider unintended consequences: Paul Driessen argues that mileage standards, such as CAFE, and tariffs help some – while penalizing countless others, often severely

Climate chaos claims continue causing consternation: From the Oakland v. oil company lawsuit to ridiculous “research,” the onslaught never ends, says Paul Driessen

A billion-dollar plan no one should follow: Tom Harris argues that Ontario’s plans to reduce plant food would kill jobs and do nothing to control Earth’s climate

Those fraudulent climate litigation shakedowns: Which aspects are most fraudulent, asks Paul Driessen: The cities’ lawsuits, junk science or bond offerings?

Our next energy and security crisis?: Paul Driessen reports that the United States was importing 65% of its oil in 2005 vs 100% of many key minerals now (from China and Russia)

Will Congress finally get tough on junk science?: Paul Driessen discuesses a House hearing that investigated a UN cancer agency accused of misusing US taxpayer funds

It’s weather, not climate change, Governor Brown: Weather, not human-caused CO2-fueled global warming, is responsible for California wildfires, argues Robert W. Endlich

Overheated claims on temperature records: Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris say that it’s time for sober second thoughts on climate alarms

Dear Lord, what were you thinking?: A subtle suggestion during a jazz concert got Paul Driessen thinking about history, politics and energy

Climate alarmism is still bizarre, dogmatic, intolerant: Paul Driessen argues that climate alarmist claims are defying parody, as they become more tyrannical and their policies wreak havoc

Lease the OCS – to benefit all Americans: Paul Driessen says an informed decision-making process will safely produce energy that belongs to all Americans

The fake ‘Trump is racist’ issue: Paul Driessen argues that Donald Trump’s words on illegal immigration are far less despicable than what Green-Democrat policies do to people

Frigid cold is why we need dependable energy: Cheap, abundant coal is key to national security, warm homes and wintertime survival, writes Tom Harris

Blatant Blue State hypocrisy: From energy and spending, to climate and debate – silencing all dissenting voices is essential to the political and cultural left, says Paul Driessen

The biofuel crony capitalist revolving door: Paul Driessen reports that an ex-Chuck Grassley aide will now help Big Corn and Big Biodiesel retain their mandates and subsidies

A little slice of Alaskan tundra is finally open for drilling: The recently passed tax bill contains a provision to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, to bring more oil online and keep the Alaska pipeline operating, reports Paul Driessen

Time to get them off our gravy train: Greg Walcher argues that sue and settle schemes -- recently addressed by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt -- reward pressure groups, and hurt the rest of America

Global warming: Fake news from the start: Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris charge that Senator Tim Wirth, scientist James Hansen and others manufactured the current climate “crisis”

Keystone is anti-hydrocarbon zealotry in microcosm: Paul Driessen argues that radical environmentalists prefer dangerous, inhumane, ecologically destructive alternatives

End the ‘war on coal’: Far from being a threat, coal continues to bring health, welfare and prosperity to billions, write Bryan Leyland and Tom Harris

Would you bet your paycheck on a weather forecast?: UN climate forecasts are consistently high … consistently wrong … and are used to drive policy, write Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris

Avalanches of global warming alarmism: Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris say that UN climate cataclysm predictions have no basis in fact and should not be taken seriously

Virginia goes Don Quixote: The state of Virginia will defy Donald Trump, double down on renewables and CO2 reductions – and hurt poor families, writes Paul Driessen

The changing world energy economy: James E. Smith and Alex Hatch argue that ingenuity and efficiency are reducing links between economic growth and energy consumption

Agitators, regulators and predators on the prowl: Paul Driessen says that lawyers and regulators are going for a knockout and jackpot on a farm chemical, a corporation – and science itself

Will questioning climate change become illegal in Canada?: Tom Harris reports that Ecojustice wants government “cops” to investigate, punish and silence Canadian dissent on the climate issue

Trying to perpetuate alarmist climate “science”: Dr.  David Wojick argues that the Obama era “Climate Science Special Report” demands a “red team” analysis

DC swamp denizens strike back: Paul Driessen says that senators and crony corporatists have deep-six proposed EPA reductions in biodiesel mandates

The Obama EPA’s crooked prosecutors: The agency’s carbon dioxide climate “endangerment finding” was a kangaroo court process, writes Paul Driessen

EPA endangerment finding endangers USA: Dennis T. Avery believes that Donald Trump must reverse EPA’s climate change “Endangerment Finding”

Politicized sustainability threatens planet and people: Paul Driessen argues that “sustainability” drives anti-fossil fuel agendas and threatens wildlife, jobs, and human health and welfare

What natural disasters should teach us: Steven Lyazi argues that hurricanes, landslides and other disasters show Africans why we need fossil fuels

Irma illusions – and realities: Paul Driessen has a simple question: If human emissions made Irma worse, did they also bring the 12-year lull in Cat 4-5 hurricanes?

Now it’s a war on pipelines: Paul Driessen argues that efforts to block and sabotage pipelines hurts jobs, economic growth, the middle class and human safety

Finally, some commonsense western fire policies: Paul Driessen says that the new Department of the Interior and Department of Agriculture policy to cut overgrown, diseased, dead and burned trees is long overdue

The Hurricane Harvey hustle: Paul Driessen says that facts about Hurrican Harvey trump attempts to use it to advance manmade climate cataclysm agendas 

Revisiting wind turbine impacts: Paul Driessen says erroneous recent calculation highlights the need to assess renewable energy sustainability claims

Yet another renewable energy boondoggle: Paul Driessen asks if croplands, habitats, taxes, family budgets and safety are being sacrificed to enrich politically connected few?

Callous CALAS activists against the poor: Anti-mining groups “protect” local tribe against phony risks by trampling on Guatemalan workers, writes Paul Driessen

Fair trade for thee, but not for me: Paul Driessen imagines what a pricey Tesla automobile or wind turbine would cost if the Left followed its own “principles” of fair trade

Life in fossil-fuel-free utopia: Paul Driessen argues that life on Earth without oil, natural gas and coal would most likely be nasty, brutish and very short

Shameless fear-mongering – versus reality: With a new movie Al Gore pedals climate and weather scam. Paul Driessen argues that the CFACT film and an Aussie book present climate facts

Enemies of humanity: Mosquitoes and uncaring environmental activists are perpetuating poverty, disease and death, charges Steven Lyazi

Biofuel justifications are illusory: Paul Driessen says it’s time to really cut, cut, cut ethanol and other renewable fuel mandates – maybe to zero

Tesla battery, subsidy and sustainability fantasies: Paul Driessen argues that more subsidies from exhausted California taxpayers cannot compensate for hard realities of the electric vehicle market

The crisis of integrity-deficient science: Paul Driessen argues that falsifying or ignoring data that don’t support conclusions or agendas is worse than junk science

Nearly doomed by too little CO2: During the last ice age, too little atmospheric carbon dioxide almost eradicated mankind, says Dennis T. Avery

US funding dubious science and unfounded fear: Eco-militants that defiled scientific integrity in government agencies defy corrections, writes Ron Arnold

Monumental, unsustainable environmental impacts: Paul Driessen argues that replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy would inflict major land, wildlife, resource damage

EPA’s suspect science: John Rafuse argues that the EPA’s practices have defiled scientific integrity, but proposed corrections bring shock and defiance

We should be glad the US is out: Paul Driessen and David R. Legates argue American states that claim they’re committed to Paris do nothing for the climate and ill serve their citizens

Advancing scientific integrity on bees: Paul Driessen says that putting a beehive at the VP’s residence could spur people’s understanding of bee problems

Exiting the Mad Hatter’s climate tea party: Paul Driessen argues that Donald Trump was 100% right (not just 97%) to show real leadership and walk away from Paris

Nipping a legal problem in the bud: Paul Driessen says government needs to consult with all affected parties, to ensure informed endangered species and pesticide policies

Techno-leap to balancing & rationing earth’s resources: In a brave new world of mind-expanding possibilities, Part 1: A technocracy is aiming at replacing much of the world's capitalism-based economics with nothing more than disguised collectivism, argues Debra Rae

Five clean energy innovations that could transform our world: Not all clean energy technologies are pie-in-the-sky fantasies. Zainab Calcuttawala looks at five inter-related technologies she believes could actually fundamentally change the world

Land, energy and mineral lockdowns: Paul Driessen argues that too many oil, gas, coal, rare earth and other vital resources are still off limits and the Trump administration needs to act

Refocusing a Chicago water summit: Paul Driessen says proposed EPA budget cuts have activists in dither over wrong issues and imaginary problems

It’s not the heat; It’s the sensitivity in global warming: Michael Shannon attend a recent conference on global warming held by the Heartland Institute and found a group in good spirits

Ignorance, intolerance, violence: Paul Driessen says environmentalists are using junk science marches, ignorant professors, resistance and violence to drive public policy

Solar ovens and sustained poverty for Africa: Steven Lyazi argues that African families and hospitals cannot rely on limited solar power instead of electricity

Green energy poverty week: Paul Driessen says this week should be dedicated to topics that underscore impacts environmentalists don’t want to discuss

Climate change doesn’t affect NWS forecasts: Earlier this month the U.S. National Weather Service predicted a massive storm that was somewhat less in reality. Michael R. Shannon says changes need to be made

Real science must guide policy: Paul Driessen says that climate alarmists use faulty science and bald assertions to demand an end to fossil fuels

Pretend conservatives for not so clean energy: Paul Driessen reports that far-left ‘charitable’ foundations are giving millions to ‘conservative’ groups to drive their climate agenda

The silver-tongued liars’ playbook: Coal ash scare stories are the latest tactic in their long war on coal-fueled electricity generation, writes Paul Driessen

Financial Stability Board climate deceit: Paul Driessen argues that the Financial Stability Board and a Climate Cabal expand their power and wealth by targeting financial and insurance industries

The social cost of carbon regulations: Anti-fossil fuel "formula" Social Cost of Carbon relies on garbage models, ignores carbon benefits and hurts the poor, write Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek

Those “devastating” EPA reductions: Budget and personnel cuts reflect environmental progress and essential regulatory reforms, argues Paul Driessen

Science deniers in the wind industry: Dr. Helen Schwiesow Parker argues that there is an impact to people’s health due to wind turbines and that the industry and environmentalists are ignoring the truth…and the science

Future is cloudy with occasional Trump gusts at National Weather Service: The National Weather Service is trying every trick in the book to ignore Donald Trump's hiring freeze on civil servants -- including trying to have itself declared to be as important as the military and police, reports Michael R. Shannon

Diogenes searching for honest policies: Renewable energy is a defective solution in search of a problem, money and power, argues Paul Driessen

GIGO-based energy and climate policies: Paul Driessen argues that GIGO-based reasoning is like formulating public safety policies using models based on dinosaur DNA from amber

An American demand for repeal of EPA's brand of fake “energy efficiency”: Conor Coughlin argues that the ENERGY STAR program, owned by the Environmental Protection Agency, needs to be put to pasture

The hidden agendas of sustainability illusions: Paul Driessen argues that absurd, impractical sustainability precepts are actually a prescription for government control

Conservation – not  more control: Paul Driessen argues that collusive lawsuits have helped control more and more US lands. Congress must repeal and replace the Endangered Species Act

Safe and healthy (not pristine) air: Paul Driessen argues that federal air quality rules must be based on science – and not used to stifle energy and industry

Let’s stop with the carbon con already: Using the word "carbon" when it comes to CO2 is the height of disingenuousness, argues Selwyn Duke

Reality-based climate forecasting: Paul Driessen argues that continuing to focus on carbon dioxide as the driving force will just bring more bogus climate change predictions

Another good target for EPA reform: Europe gives the incoming Trump Administration excellent tutorials on how not to regulate pesticides, argues Paul Driessen

It’s climate regulations that threaten us: H. Sterling Burnett has some climate actions President Trump could take to Make America Great Again

Environmentalist insurance policies: Paul Driessen has some intellectual ammo for holiday party responses to claims that you need meteorite insurance

Inconvenient truths about the man-made global warming scam: Not many in the global warming orthodoxy are willing to admit it, writes Dr. Robert Owens, but the floor is dropping out of the consensus on whether its man-made

Sea level rise – or land subsidence?: Paul Driessen and Roger Bezdek argue that alarmist claims about rising seas inundating coastal areas are blaming the wrong culprit

Conservatives must strongly support Trump on climate change: And on his EPA, Interior and other environmental nominations – and their policy decisions, says Tom Harris

The world needs more energy!: Poor countries have a right to use fossil fuels and will no longer let anyone stop them, says Ugandan Steven Lyazi

Rolling back environmental progress?: Having achieved major goals, Paul Driessen says the US should refocus EPA and other environmental agencies

Five stages of climate grief: President Donald Trump could help – and force climate alarmists to answer questions they’ve ignored, writes Paul Driessen

Pipeline anarchy: Trump win fuels more rampant theft and destruction by the political left and environmentalists – and North Dakota citizens pay the price, writes Paul Driessen

Now comes the hard, fun and vital part: Paul Driessen argues that "making America great again" requires deep-sixing punitive energy and environmental rules

Roundup the corrupt fear mongers: Paul Driessen says that deceit and collusion are driving campaigns to ban a vital, popular, safe, affordable herbicide

Billionaire crony corporatist schemes: Paul Driessen says government is financing "green" companies and pressure groups, who in turn are getting richer off taxpayers and consumers

The chemicals anxiety machine: Paul Driessen says candidates, the Civil Rights Commission and greens are using phony health threats to scare voters

Stormy climate deception: Paul Driessen says continued hype and deceit are driving the climate and energy agenda – clobbering poor families

Blood cell phones and Teslas: Paul Driessen argues that too many "green" policies bleed red, hurting the environment and killing people

Green pixie dust energy policies: Paul Driessen argues that Democrats fight climate change with renewable pixie dust, while rest of world burns fossil fuels

Powering countries, empowering people: Paul Driessen arges that affordable energy brings jobs, improved living standards and pursuit of happiness

Employment application: The New York Times is apparently looking for a climate change editor. William Briggs says, "That's me!"

The science deniers' greatest hits: Bill Frezza argues that science is a process, not a destination, and must not be immune to falsification by experiment

"Toxic chromium" fear-mongering: Paul Driessen says that detecting Cr-6 droplets in Olympic-sized swimming pool doesn't equal health or cancer risks

A UN and tribal takeover?: Attorney Lawrence Kogan believes that hidden provisions in congressional energy bills undermine America’s water and property rights

Confusion, muddle, obfuscation and racism: Paul Driessen writes that as Barack Obama, UN and EPA seek to dictate our lives and livelihoods, the real issue is green racism

Don't bee-lieve the latest bee-pocalypse scare: Now wild bee junk science and scare stories drive demands for anti-pesticide regulations, writes Paul Driessen

EPA's dangerous regulatory pollution: Paul Driessen says the EPA's deceptive practices, human experiments and unjustified regulations cost Americans dearly

Olympic-sized climate propaganda: It was wrong to interrupt Rio's delightful opening ceremonies with deceitful agitprop, writes Paul Driessen

America blighted by industrial wind: Mary Kay Barton argues that green gangsters are ripping Americans off while enriching the 0.1% and trashing the environment

Destructive forest fires are due to – WHAT?: Climate change is an all-purpose excuse for Big Green and federal misfeasance and malfeasance, argues Paul Driessen

Science or advocacy?: Students are learning energy and climate change advocacy, not climate science, in the classroom, reports David R. Legates

Keeping the poor impoverished: Paul Driessen charges that callous eco-imperialists use lies, scare stories to deny poor countries better living standards

Real climate denial: Megan Toombs argues that the potential Democratic VP nominee recently misrepresented the Cornwall Alliance on Senate floor


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