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Recent interviews with notable people that have appeared in Enter Stage Right

Jacob Hornberger: Let the free market determine rates, pick the best money: Mike Gleason interviews founder and president of the Future of Freedom Foundation Jacob Hornberger, one of the Libertarian Party's presidential hopefuls for 2020

"A monkey throwing darts" is better than the Fed: An interview with Steve Forbes: Mike Gleason talks with Steve Forbes and discusses gold, inflation, and central bankers

Interview: Dr. Lucas Engelhardt: Economy beholden to Fed interest rate policy; here's one way gold could reach $14,000+...: Mike Gleason interviews Kent State University professor of economics Dr. Lucas Engelhardt and discusses the American economy, interest rates and the value of gold

How far can the Syria conflict spiral out of control: Interview with Pelicourt: Events in Syria continue to spiral out of control as ostensible allies bicker and attack each other. How long can this last? James Stafford interviews Robert Bensh of Pelicourt for some answers

The game-changing water revolution: Interview with Stanley Weiner: We may be not far from the day when water is expensive and in short supply. James Stafford interviews Stanley Weiner on how that problem could be fixed

LNG: The long, strategic play for Europe: Interview with Robert Bensh: James Stafford sits with energy expert Robert Bensh who explains the important role that liquefied natural gas is playing in Europe and ongoing tensions with Russia

Can Syria's rebels overthrow Assad? An interview with Jellyfish Operations: Jen Alic interviews Michael Bagley, president of private intelligence boutique Jellyfish Operations about the rapidly changing scene in Syria

Entrapped in the labyrinth: An interview with Harvey Silverglate: Bernard Chapin sits with famed attorney and writer Harvey Silverglate to talk about the state of American justice, some notable miscariages of justice and his latest book

The intolerance of the left: An interview with Harry Stein: Bernard Chapin talks to journalist and cultural commentator Harry Stein about his new book and whether liberals are mentally ill

Liberating myself: An interview with Roger Simon: Bernard Chapin sits with novelist and Academy Award nominee Roger Simon to talk about Hollywood, his novels and turning away from the left

The family over all: An interview with Dr. Allan Carlson: Bernard Chapin talks with Howard Center for Family, Religion & Society president Dr. Allan Carlson about the American family and societal issues

The apex fallacy: An interview with Dr. Helen Smith: Bernard Chapin talks with Dr. Helen Smith on the matters of feminist elites, misandry and why men don't complain about things

No nation left behind: An interview with Charles Murray: Bernard Chapin sits with Dr. Charles Murray and discusses academic testing, the value of a B.A. and education in general and whether reform is possible

What's so great about Dinesh D'Souza? An interview: Bernard Chapin chats with Dinesh D'Souza about his new book What's So Great About Christianity, a defense of faith and Christianity

Memorable speech: An interview with David Yezzi: Bernard Chapin sits with poet and The New Criterion executive editor David Yezzi to discuss his new collection of poems

Enduring victory? An interview with Al Regnery: Bernard Chapin discusses with Alfred S. Regnery the conservative movement, keeping Republican leaders honest and his new book

The science of female supremacy: An interview with Steve Moxon: Bernard Chapin chats with Steve Moxon, author of The Woman Racket: The New Science Explaining How the Sexes Relate at Work, at Play and in Society, about gender issues

Anxious days indeed: An interview with Patricia Pearson: Feeling anxious? You aren't alone. Bernard Chapin interviews writer Patricia Pearson about her new book which looks at anxiety levels in North America

"I survived the revolution": An interview with Humberto Fontova: Bernard Chapin discusses Cuba, why Hugo Chavez won't be the next Fidel Castro and some Americans seem to love the dictator

Teamster for President! An interview with John Bootie: An ultra-conservative Teamsters union member running for president? It's true and Bernard Chapin sits with John Bootie to find out why he's thrown his hat into the ring

Dinesh D’Souza, Heretic?: Bernard Chapin asks Dinesh D'Souza why some prominent conservatives are attacking him and whether the culture war is really lost

Sabotage! An interview with Rowan Scarborough: Bernard Chapin chats with Rowan Scarborough, author of the new book Sabotage: America's Enemies Within the CIA

Poetry amidst the Kultursmog: An interview with David Yezzi: Bernard Chapin chats about poetry and culture with The New Criterion editor David Yezzi

Art, booze, and women: An interview with Roman Genn: Bernard Chapin sits with National Review editorial cartoonist Roman Genn about his craft and the value of knowing history

Lott lives! An interview with Jeremy Lott: Bernard Chapin sits with one of ESR's oldest friends, Jeremy Lott, and discusses his new book In Defense of Hypocrisy

Known quantity: An interview with John Derbyshire: Nearly four years to the day he last sat down with him, Bernard Chapin chats with National Review columnist John Derbyshire to discuss American culture and its related components

Realpolitik: An interview with John O'Sullivan: Bernard Chapin sits with conservative legend John O'Sullivan to discuss his new book, Ronald Reagan and current events

The constant conservative: An interview with James Antle: ESR interviews one of its own writers? As Bernard Chapin's interview with W. James Antle III shows, Mr. Antle has made big waves in the conservative movement. And we had him first

The ideal feminist: An interview with Carrie Lukas: Bernard Chapin talks with feminist and scholar Carrie Lukas about women, marriage and gender politics and why the fairer sex is getting a raw deal from traditional feminists

George romances the Nanny State: An Interview with Bruce Bartlett: Economist, former Reagan administration official and George W. Bush critic Bruce Bartlett sits with Bernard Chapin to discuss his new book and his problems with Dubya

Matthew Bracken on borders, books, and the future of freedom: Libertarian novelist Matthew Bracken sits with Lady Liberty and discusses his novels and the political issues that they explore

What is a leader made of?: Peter and Helen Evans interview soldier-turned-politician Tom O'Donoghue who, after Iraq and Afghanistan, has decided to enter the battleground of the 8th District of Virginia this November

How to cut wasteful government spending: An interview with Senator Tom Coburn: Peter and Helen Evans sit down with Sen. Tom Coburn and discuss his work on the Subcommittee on Federal Financial Management, Government Information and International Security and America's fiscal state

Flushed: Brothers Judd interview of W. Hodding Carter: Have plumbers saved civilization? Orrin Judd interviews W. Hodding Carter, author of Flushed: How the Plumber Saved Civilization

Michael Badnarik for Congress: Lady Liberty chats with Michael Badnarik, former Libertarian Party presidential nominee and current candidate for Congress in Texas

The high ground: An interview with Kenneth Minogue: Bernard Chapin sits down with Kenneth Minogue, author of The Liberal Mind, to discuss political correctness, culture and politics

A few minutes with a presidential hopeful: An Interview with John Cox: Chicagoan John Cox hopes to be the president of the United States of America when the dust settles after 2008 and Bernard Chapin sits with him to learn more about the dyed-in-the-wool conservative

One nation, under Allah: an interview with Robert Ferrigno: Orrin Judd interviews Robert Ferrigno, author of Prayers for the Assassin, a novel about the near future which posits a world where much of the United States has become an Islamic state

Planning for a peaceful world: An interview with Thomas Barnett: Steve Martinovich sits down with Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett to discuss his latest book Blueprint for Action: A Future Worth Creating and what it will take to achieve global peace and security

Feminist at the gates of reason: An interview with Phyllis Chesler: Dr. Phyllis Chesler has learned what Christina Hoff Sommers and Camile Paglia learned before her: Go against orthodox feminism and you will pay a price. Bernard Chapin chats with the outspoken activist

We will prevail: An interview with David Horowitz: Bernard Chapin chats with FrontPageMagazine publisher and conservative activist David Horowitz

The Post-Nintendo editor: An interview with James Panero: Bernard Chapin chats with James Panero, Associate Editor of The New Criterion, about the importance of a Classics education and what it's like being a conservative at Darthmouth and Brown

Interview with Brian Anderson: Bernard Chapin chats with City Journal senior editor Brian C. Anderson about his new book South Park Conservatives: The Revolt Against Liberal Media Bias and the conservative movement

Citizen and scholar of the world: An interview with Dr. Theodore Dalrymple: The only thing better than reading Dr. Theodore Dalrymple is interviewing him, a pleasure that Bernard Chapin thoroughly enjoyed

Interview with Brooke Allen: Bernard Chapin chats with justly famed literary critic Brooke Allen and finds out whether the novel is dead and the worth of political art

An interview with Harry Stein: Writer Harry Stein shares with Bernard Chapin his thoughts on what kind of people make up the political left, the state of journalism today and who he enjoys reading

An interview with a lethal man: If you're in a tough situation a man like Massad Ayoob is who you want on your side. Peter and Helen Evans interview the police officer who trains others on how to defend themselves

Art and the classical liberal: An interview with Roger Kimball: Bernard Chapin sits down down New Criterion manager editor Roger Kimball to discuss art and his new book Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art

The art of the art of war: Novelist Steven Pressfield, author of The Virtues of War, sits down and chats with Steven Martinovich about his novel and its subject Alexander the Great

Battling the war on drugs: The war on drugs has been such a failure that even some police officers want to end it. Lady Liberty profiles and interviews one of them, Sheriff Bill Masters

Liberty's candidate: An interview with Michael Badnarik: Lady Liberty speaks to Libertarian Party presidential candidate Michael Badnarik about Iraq, liberty, property rights and he tell us how likely it is a third party candidate could ever be elected president

Chief of the Web: An interview with James Taranto: Bernard Chapin chats with James Taranto about his job, using humour to combat the left and why the Angry Left is likely to disappear without doing much damage to the United States

Art as a sword: An interview with Roman Genn: Bernard Chapin sits down with cartoonist Roman Genn, an artist who uses ink and color as a weapon against the world's liberals

Interview with Chris Muir: Bernard Chapin sits down with one of the web's most popular cartoonists, Chris Muir, the creator of Day by Day

The war after the war: In an exclusive interview with Steve Martinovich, The American Enterprise editor in chief Karl Zinsmeister argues that post-war Iraq has significant problems but nowhere near as bad as the media is making them out to be

One step forward, two steps back: Most were pleased by the report of the 9/11 Commission but in an interview with ESR's Steve Martinovich, Dr. Ivan Eland says its recommendations would do very little good

Defending the sublime: An interview with Roger Kimball: The New Criterion managing editor Roger Kimball has a new book coming out, reason enough for Bernard Chapin to sit down for another interview with the prolific writer

Reflections on the Great Experiment: An interview with Rebecca Hagelin: Helen and Peter Evans discuss the state of the United States, the battle over culture and the war on terrorism with Heritage Foundation vice president Rebecca Hagelin

Reflections on the Great Experiment: An interview with Michael Novak: In an interview with Helen and Peter Evans, author, theologian and philosopher Michael Novak argues that the Great Experiment known as the United States can only survive with hard work

Progressive Conservative or Reactionary?: An interview with Joe Hueglin of the Progressive Canadian Party: Canadian conservatives have more than simply one choice when it comes to who they will vote for in the next federal election. Peter Vere sits down with Joe Hueglin, a founder of of the Progressive Canadian Party

A future worth creating: An interview with Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett: U.S. Naval War College professor Dr. Thomas P.M. Barnett believes he has the key to creating a permanent peace around the world. It will take, he tells Steve Martinovich, is a decades long commitment to changing the world

One year toward freedom: Democracy isn't easy. That's one of the lessons that Elbegdorj Tsahkia, the first democratic Prime Minister of Mongolia, learned firsthand. In an extensive interview with Helen and Peter Evans he discusses the past, present and future of his nation

A man among men: An interview with Dr. Lionel Tiger: Bernard Chapin sits down for a chat with Dr. Lionel Tiger, the man who coined the phrase "male bonding" back in 1969, and discusses the state of manhood today

Quick words with R. Emmett Tyrrell: Bernard Chapin chats with the author of Madame Hillary: The Dark Road to the White House, a look at the former First Lady's life and what a Hillary! presidency could entail

Courage, not denial: An interview with Dr. David Buss: If evolutionary psychology has a star it's Dr. David Buss. He sits down with Bernard Chapin to discuss his work and the reactions he's received to some of his theories

Yet more thunder down under: An interview with Dr. John Ray: Bernard Chapin discusses the psychological differences between conservatives and liberals with former University of New South Wales professor Dr. John Ray

Reforming to preserve: An interview with Peter Brimelow: Never one to shy away from controversy, veteran conservative commentator Peter Brimelow discusses education, immigration and the death of the conservative movement with Bernard Chapin

Nothing verboten: An interview with Steve Sailer: Bernard Chapin discusses film and the battle between conservatives with one of ESR's first contributors and current American Conservative film critic Steve Sailer

Vive L'Alberta Libre! An interview with Bruce Hutton of the Separation Party of Alberta: Quebec isn't the only Canadian province that flirts with separating from the rest of the country. Alberta has long had its own secessionist movement. Peter Vere talks with one of its leaders

The failure that is the war against terrorism: Think the war against terrorism is going well? In an interview with Steven Martinovich, Dr. Ivan Eland of the Center on Peace & Liberty argues that the Bush administration is dropping the ball

Grover's charge: An interview with Grover Norquist: Tax reformer Grover Norquist sits down with Bernard Chapin and discusses taxes and the Leviathan that feeds off them

The case against lawyers: Walter Olson agrees to take the stand and submit to questioning by Steven Martinovich over the state of the American legal system

Fusion on the right: An interview with Joe Bast: Bernard Chapin sits with Heartland Institute president Joseph Bast and they discuss taxes, education, uniting the right and other topics

Preserving society: An interview with Joe Wiegand of the Family Taxpayers Network: Bernard Chapin chats with Joe Wiegand of Illinois' Family Taxpayers Network about taxation and education funding

Highest common denominator: An interview with John Derbyshire: Bernard Chapin chats with National Review contributing editor John Derbyshire about conservatism, the culture war and math. Don't let that last word scare you

The one-man global content provider: It's no secret that Steve Martinovich is a fan of columnist Mark Steyn so you shouldn't be surprised he was thrilled to land an interview with him. And we didn't even have to have Steyn naked on the cover

World class Spectator: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.: Bernard Chapin talks with R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr., a man who justifiably deserves the title of "Hardest Working Conservative in America"

An interview with Richard John Neuhaus: Bernard Chapin discusses religion, politics and society with First Things editor in chief Father Richard John Neuhaus

An interview with Jay Nordlinger: Bernard Chapin talks with National Review managing editor Jay Nordlinger about politics, culture and and whether conservatives have lost the culture war

The Highest Criterion: An interview with Roger Kimball: Bernard Chapin discusses culture and ideas with the man who may know them best, cultural critic and managing editor of The New Criterion, Roger Kimball

An interview with Michelle Malkin: W. James Antle III interviews Michelle Malkin, author of Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals and Other Foreign Menaces to Our Shores, one of conservatism's favourite writers

An interview with Buchanan: Bill Barnwell bumps into Pat Buchanan of the Reform Party and while he doesn't agree with everything he says, he does have to admit he likes the guy


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