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Podcast #19: God's Inquiring Gardener Prayers abound today for our many listeners who have been battling the fierce rains and their aftermath in So. California. May you be safe with minimal damage, or, better yet, none at all!

Today's podcast is an atypical one—more of a "personal remembrance" than any of our previous offerings. I pray it will be a blessing to you. Again, thanks for sharing The Church's One Foundation, and another warm welcome to our new listeners who have joined us this past month or so.


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Joe Biden

For the Week of February 19, 2024

Will Democrat delegates dump Biden?: Many Republicans are happy at the prospect of a doddering Joe Biden being ditched by the Democrats buy Mark Alexander says be careful what you wish for

On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Six): Mark Wegierski begins surveying the gaming landscape as it evolved in the 1990s

Wrong as usual!: 2023 continued the lies of climate alarmists: It's hard to name another profession that can be wrong as often as climate scientists are without earning the distrust of everyone involved, as Tom Harris illustrates

GOP candidates and political activists must embrace messaging experts like Melanie Sturm: Democrats long ago mastered the art of communicating their message and Rachel Alexander says it's time for many of those on the right to start honing that skill as well

Zimbabwe floats the idea of putting its currency on a gold standard: The Zimbabwe dollar has long had the reputation of being the world's worst currency but Mike Maharrey believes it could rapidly improve by hitching its stability to gold

The woke FAA has an inclusion problem – but it's not what you think: Disability activist Mark Mostert is completely in support of people with disabilities being hired for jobs they're generally overlooked for but the FAA's plan to do so is badly designed at best

Russia turns to gold to raise cash and skirt economic sanctions: For a country that's effectively locked out of the world's currency system, Russia continues to operate relatively normally. Mike Maharrey says the answer is simple: gold

Last Week

Biden's cadres of censors and free speech suppressors: Mark Alexander explores how Democrat Party surrogates -- who include the Communist Party of the USA and the Southern Poverty Law Center -- are censoring what you read

On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Five): Mark Wegierski contrasts historical boardgames with role-playing games

President in name only: D. Paul Thomas will readily admit that he's no spring chicken himself and is therefore reticent to not be sympathetic to the cognitive abilities that U.S. President Joe Biden is clearly manifesting. That said, he writes, it's an issue that needs to be addressed

CISA, other bureaucrats extend censorship of 'disinformation' to the judiciary in order to influence elections: Rachel Alexander reports that the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency and other bureaucrats are participating in the lawfare that is being waged against any lawyer that dares stand up to the left

Forget the laughingstock female SWAT team. How about one for 70-year-old men?: The denizens of the World Wide Web had a good laugh at the failure of an all-female Chilean SWAT team recently but it got Selwyn Duke thinking of other "marginalized" groups

Household debt tops $17.5 trillion and Americans are feeling the strain: America's economy may appear to be stronger but it's largely been fueled by consumer debt and that chicken will be coming home to roost at some point, writes Mike Maharrey

Iran's growing role in Judea and Samaria: Whatever else one can say about Iran, they are very good at playing the long game. The Persian nation has long courted groups in Judea and Samaria and dividends are being paid as a result, reports Irina Tsukerman

Congress and courts enable energy and climate fantasy and tyranny: Paul Driessen argues that the U.S. Supreme Court should end the "Chevron deference" to restore checks, balances and reality

A banking crisis is quietly brewing: Sometimes you have to pay attention to what isn't being said, and the US Federal Reserve not mentioning the health of the American banking system should have raised an eyebrow, says Stefan Gleason

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