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Episode 113 -- Biden's Big Lie -- available!
Excuse the technical glitch at the top of the show, but our podcast begins with an intrusive cough by one of your hosts, which we couldn't delete. We've been assured that the cold is not contagious over the Substack airwaves! Moving forward, this spirited episode covers: President Biden's insistence that "white supremacy" is the greatest terrorist threat to America; California's schools leading the nation in illiteracy (why not elect its governor as president?); the DHS profiling of everyday, solid Americans; Target's displaying gender-bending attire and wondering why the backlash; and closing with a sweet, personal remembrance of one of America's great musical icons—Tina Turner.


For the Week of May 29, 2023

There are no debt-based solutions to the debt problem: In "stunning" news, both Republicans and Democrats agree that more debt is the solution to the current "debt crisis". Stefan Gleason says this is madness

How the COVID-19 pandemic caused massive mental illness on the left: It's no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic caused increased increased mental illnesses -- particularly amongst the political left. Rachel Alexander explains why

On the 335th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Five): Mark Wegierski looks at the impact of Oliver Cromwell

The two witnesses who helped change my life: Before becoming a Christian, life was a lot like the Restaurant at the End of the Universe from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, says Dr. Robert Owens

Biden's denigration of American military patriots: More than 160 flag officers have called out Joe Biden's military mission erosion resulting from his "diversity, equity, and inclusion" mandates, says Mark Alexander

On the 175th anniversary of Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto (1848) (Part Three): Mark Wegierski asks, can Marx be re-interpreted as a critic of late modernity?

Iran infiltrated the Arab League: Syria's recent return to the Arab League after an absence of over a decade gives Bashar al-Assad renewed legitimacy and Iran increased influence over the Middle East, argues Yoni Ben Menachem

Biden Administration environmental injustices: Paul Driessen says that federal agencies are using the mantra of 'climate justice' to justify controlling every aspect of our lives

How electric car propaganda preys on the disabled: Those disabled who utilize electric wheelchairs know well the limitations of EV technology, writes Melissa Ortiz, but their lessons are being ignored in favour of climate change propaganda

Old News

California's reparations scam: Michael Jackson's kids would get payouts: California was never a slave state but that isn't preventing them from wanting to dole out billions of dollars to African-Americans over the country's past sin. Horace Cooper doesn't think much of the idea

Indict the 'Trump/Russia Collusion' conspirators: Clinton/Comey/Brennan: A report released last week found that the FBI "discounted or willfully ignored material information that did not support the narrative of a collusive relationship between Trump and Russia" and Mark Alexander says someone needs to pay for that

Durham Report thoroughly debunks Russiagate conspiracy, proves agencies are weaponized against political enemies: The Durham Report proved, if anyone had any real doubts, that America's federal agencies have been weaponized against anyone who doesn't have a D next to their name, argues Rachel Alexander

On the 335th anniversary of the Glorious Revolution -- the historical significance of the English Civil War (Part Four): Mark Wegierski looks at economic/class, country/urban, and "ethnic" divisions in the conflict

Hi, Mom! and the masochism of the white liberal: Thomas M. Sipos says that 1970's Hi, Mom!, directed by Brian De Palma and starring Robert De Niro, was a perfect satire of the woke politics of its day...and today

On the 175th anniversary of Marx and Engels Communist Manifesto (1848) (Part Two): Mark Wegierski continues his series on whether Marx can be re-interpreted as a critic of late modernity

Saudi-Iran rapprochement and Saudi-Israel normalization: No contradiction intended: News that Saudi Arabia and Iran were talking put the fear of many that the kingdom was reversing course on its traditional Middle Eastern policy and also turning away from its growing relationship with Israel. Dr. Yechiel M. Leiter isn't worried about either

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