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The wrath of the Americans: Media, pundits and politicians continue not to get it, says Robert T. Smith. Whatever Donald Trump's faults are, he represents for tens of millions of Americans a message to the system: They're tired and they won't take it much longer

On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Seventeen): Mark Wegierski relates RPGs to notions of commodity and Virtual Reality

Brazilian UFC fighter delivers economic punch to the face: Brazilian UFC fighter Renato Moicano recently made headlines after a fight by praising free market economics. Mike Maharrey explains who the object of Moicano's comments -- Ludwig von Mises -- was and why he's still important

The UN climate body does not back climate alarmist claims: The IPCC is often pointed to by climate alarmists as the unimpeachable source for how humans are causing catastrophic climate change. So what happens when the UN body doesn't back them up? Tom Harris examines some of the interesting things the IPCC has said on the matter

The corruption of Rep. Adam Schiff is reaching a tipping point: Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff has long been accused of using his power to go after his political enemies but Rachel Alexander says the California congressman is outdoing himself these days with his actions

Most 'green' states are laggards in economic growth: In news that probably won't surprise you, but it turns out that states that focus on environmentalist policies pay the price when it comes to economic growth, reports Bonner Cohen

Biden demonizes companies, seeks ban on "shrinkflation": Regardless of what policy makers are saying, argues Mike Gleason, Americans are facing increasing pressure from rising prices and it's not businesses causing the problem

The Federal Reserve is fighting inflation blindfolded: It was just a few months ago that the Federal Reserve announced a plan to reduce interest rates three times in 2024. Fast forward to last week and Jerome Powell is admitting that he has little clue if that will even happen once this year, says Mike Maharrey

Radical leftists say oil companies are committing climate murder!: Paul Driessen argues that environmentalists are gaslighting voters and consumers that oil companies are destroying everything – when the real mass killers are the environmentalists themselves

Gen N: The Narcissist Generation: There is now a rapidly growing malignancy of young narcissists devolving into sociopaths, writes Mark Alexander, and they're a huge part of the Generation Z cohort

On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Sixteen): Mark Wegierski looks at RPGs as part of the "pop culture wars"

I see no problems here: A skeptic ponders our journey into Terra Incognita: All across the world protests and violence are taking place to protest violence but Charlotte B. Cerminaro says an incredible amount of ignorance informs all of it

The trustworthiness of polls has completely tanked, due to propping up the cheating: Were you aware that Joe Biden is wildly popular with the American people? According to several pollsters that's exactly the case and that's something that Rachel Alexander shows you can't take many polls seriously

The Federal Reserve's $34.5 trillion problem: Although most people seem to act in the belief that the United States can take on debt in perpetuity without any problems, a small group of people are warning that the country is rapidly approaching a point where the house of cards could fall, reports Mike Maharrey

While conservatives are attacking each other, the left is marching on: If people on the right have proven themselves adept at anything, writes Rachel Alexander, it's their incredible ability to destroy each other

Are we witnessing the retreat of woke capital?: Plenty of pundits have been claiming in recent months that "woke capital" is dying. Stefan Padfield says the language may be changing but that doesn't mean that shareholders shouldn't keep a close watch

On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Fifteen): Mark Wegierski looks at some of the problems of "geeks" in North America – and the wide variety of "geek subgenres"

China is dumping U.S. Treasuries and buying gold: The Chinese continue their years long process of reducing their holdings of US Treasuries and opting for gold instead, something that Mike Maharrey says that will ultimately cost Americans

Innovating for a water-starved planet: Paul Driessen argues that a combination of inspiration, innovation, perspiration and technology can overcome our world's climate challenges

Is the Biden administration trying to destroy the dollar?: A proposal by the European Commission to give Ukraine $300 billion in Russian financial assets -- supported by the US -- could spell the eventual end of trust in the American economy, argues Peter St. Onge

Is the Palestinian Authority trying to return to Gaza?: Mohammad Mustafa may be the new prime minister of the Palestinian Authority, but that doesn't mean that he or the organization that he heads has much say in Gaza, reports Khaled Abu Toameh

Inflation blame game: Corporate greed edition: Old things are new again and the old mantra that rising corporate profits are actually responsible for the ongoing inflation have come back. Mike Maharrey says that belief is nothing but ignorant nonsense

The national 'Happiness Deficit': Mark Alexander has one response for people who are "black pilled" about America: Stop the despair — times have been much worse for our country

On the 50th anniversary of Dungeons and Dragons (1974) -- A dark turn in the pop-culture? (Part Fourteen): Mark Wegierski looks mostly here at trading card games (TCGs) and live action roleplaying games (LARPs)

Big tech is manipulating us even more now, despite the pushback: There has been pronounced public anger at Big Tech over accusations of manipulation of their users but Rachel Alexander argues that nothing has changed other than they're engaging in even more of it these days

The Biden administration's biased electric vehicle agenda: Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has described some highways as racist but Donna Jackson charges that the Biden administration's policies on electric vehicles actually fit the label

Biden promises interest rate cut, violating Federal Reserve independence: Back in 2019 candidate Joe Biden criticized then president Donald Trump over comments about interest rates. In 2024? President Joe Biden has no problem doing the same, reports Ken Silva

Do Hamas' leaders abroad have a mandate to negotiate?: Nations looking for an end to the Israeli-Hamas war have been negotiating with Hamas leaders based out of several nations but Khaled Abu Toameh believes there are only two men that matter and they're both likely in the Gaza Strip

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