The Manifesto

"One man more right than his neighbors is a majority of one." -- Henry David Thoreau

Confused as to what Enter Stage Right stands for? Here in a nut shell are the core beliefs that drive this journal:
We believe in laissez-faire capitalism. The government does not have the right to interfere in the economy. Capitalism is the parallel of democracy and only works when people are given unfettered access to the market place. The government must get out of the business of subsidies, regulation and interference. Together with this, Enter Stage Right also believes that taxation is immoral. The government is given a monopoly of force to protect its citizens from external and internal aggression. It is morally wrong for a government to use that monopoly of force to take production from individuals. What we produce is the material representation of our intellect.
We believe that religion and conservatism generally do not mix, though we firmly believe and defend the right of a person to believe. Some religious ethics are opposed to capitalist activities. Further, religious ethics are often opposed to proper self-interest. As well, tradition only serves to institutionalize the status quo in a world that is constantly changing. People are free to believe whatever they want, but those beliefs must be tested in the marketplace of ideas.
We believe in a consistent approach to conservative thought. We cannot proclaim ourselves champions of individual liberties and then oppose certain liberties that we do not like. Give people back their right to succeed...and fail.
We believe in the individual. Society is a non-concept, one that is used by the academic left and the enemies of the mind to deny the individual. Only individuals have rights, not societies. The concept of the individual is the most sacred.
We believe in real freedom. The freedom to be left alone by those who feel it is their right to impose their will on you. Who are they? Look at groups like academia, media and government. That is your answer.
We are opposed to hate. We are opposed to intolerance. We are opposed to people wearing white after Labour Day...and nothing suits us better than a good day at work.

Updated March 21, 2001


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