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The enemy's game plan

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 13, 2003
Michael Douglas and Sean Penn, either wittingly or unwittingly, revealed the enemy's 50-year-long game plane in a film aptly entitled The Game. It should be obligatory viewing in every capitol of what's left of Free World Intelligence, from Langley Field to MI6 in London.
Briefly put, drive the United States so insane with the "Game" until its citizens stand up and start shooting each other so maniacally that they'll ultimately commit suicide in shame. The Vietnam peace protests were just a preview of what the enemy is now capable of within the continental USA. That sixties civil unrest will look like a mildly angry letter to the editor, compared to what's in store for us.

Douglas in a scene from The Game

In The Game, the CRS (Consumer Recreation Services), which might as well stand for 'Communists Re-ignite Socialism,' suck Douglas into their clutches with the indispensable help of his brother, played by Penn. The CRS then begins to display its awesomely ubiquitous power. There seems to be no one in North America who isn't, wittingly or unwittingly, working for the CRS. The hero is driven to his financial knees and a highly justified paranoia, until he turns in a rage and shoots his own brother. Then, in massive self-loathing, the hero leaps from the top of the very building where he committed the murder.
The Game is the Bible according to Osama bin Laden: Homicidal suicide is the only road to heaven.
Here's the stunning CRS enticement. By committing a homicidal/suicidal act, Douglas has now become "enlightened" and receives the most ironic of communist heavens: another New York cocktail party and a date with the CRS Posse Queen who helped lead him into his own personal hell. Waiting for him at the building's ground level is the very capitalist heaven he'd grown bored with. In other words, The Game last two scenes are either the communist's idea of hell, or a true admission of what communists have always wanted, which is to possess everything the capitalists have, but to do so without the individual freedom, courage and God-given gifts required to create that wealth.
"The common denominator of the English-speaking peoples," proclaimed Sir Winston Churchill, "is individual freedom. We are its creators, protectors and guarantors."
According to the Republic of Cameroon's NGO (non-governmental organization) spokesman at the United Nations: "The enemy is individual freedom." The battle-lines drawn could not be any clearer.
To paraphrase a profound truth from Penn: The so-called experts have led us to the brink of war. Now it's everyone's individual responsibility to protect his or her own personal freedom and sanity.

This remarkable actor has certainly exercised his own individual freedom. God bless him! The chaos of this decade of terrorism has not driven him to anything but quests for peace.
My position, however, is to erase the CRS game plan by exposing the real prophet of North Korea and global terrorism: Karl Jihad Marx.
If there's a God that struck down the Twin Towers, his name is not Allah. It's Karl Jihad Marx. If President George W. Bush wants to find the heart of darkness of worldwide terrorism, he must do a cardiac trace, following more than a paper trail. He's close to the enemy's nest when he names two sides of the Axis of Evil — Baghdad and Pyongyang. If attack dogs assault you, you don't talk to the animals; you talk to the owners. The leashes on these two pit bulls lead all the way to Beijing, KGB Moscow Headquarters and half the capital cities of the European Union.
Robert Kagan of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace pointed out the obvious truth behind the deep recalcitrance of France and Germany to ally themselves with the U.S. in a war against Iraq.
Commenting on Kagan's revelation, Alexander Rose of Canada's National Post observed that: "The American/European elites are generally far to the left of the voters, which explains why anti-Americanism has frequently been an elite, leftist preoccupation, contemptuous of the general population."
To put it bluntly, Germany and France don't like or admire America any more than do Iraq's Saddam Hussein, North Korea's Kim Jong Il, Russia's Vladimir Putin or the Politburo in Beijing.
Meanwhile, in Canada, the Liberal elitists call President Bush a "moron" — a euphemism for what the leaders of that country's "Natural Governing Party" really feel about the now isolated American ideal of individual freedom.
North Americans were all much safer under the tensions of the Cold War than we are now under the guise of such lies as perestroika, glasnost and realpolitik.
Should the U.S. attack Iraq or North Korea unilaterally, the CRS, with the help of a very liberal elite in the press, will label America the biggest bully since the Third Reich stormed into Poland.
What Washington, D.C. refuses to understand is that what the White House contemplates as a theater of war has actually been turned by their enemies into a war of theater. If there's one thing I do know about, it's theatre. I have spent my life in theatre and been honored for my efforts by my peers. So I can tell you that America is riding into a very theatrical ambush — not one Vietnam, but two.
What world support the U.S. lost during the Cold War was minor compared to the absolute disgust America will evoke with its planned assaults on smaller nations.
How do we combat the enemy's GAME PLAN?
Name your old enemies again: KGB Moscow and Red Beijing.
In other words, go after the evil puppetmasters who pull the strings backstage.
No one likes a bully. Even bullies don't like bullies, which shows you why Adolph Hitler had no choice but to shoot himself.
The only play that the CRS board of directors can honestly cast themselves in is Macbeth. We all know what happened to the Posse Queen in that hive: every one of the nightmares that CRS has planned for us.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Holocaust, and the recent mini-series Taken. In 2002 he won an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or a Movie for his work in James Dean.

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