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The Divinely Human Prison, Chapter Five: Barack Hussein Obama – Rather Like Helen Keller – Is Blind, Deaf and Dumb To The Meaning Of America

By Michael Moriarty
web posted January 12, 2015

Should anyone, let alone the Republican Party, allow, as Mary Matalin describes President Barack Hussein Obama, the "narcissistic sociopath" to get away with the same kind of infinitely selfish and infantile shenanigans that Helen Keller terrorized her family with, the kind of Animal Farm the Keller family lived in until Annie Sullivan arrived?

The Republican Party has behaved with President Obama as if its leaders were the loving parents of Helen Keller, indulging the President's shamelessly unconstitutional behavior as if ignoring Obama's criminal behavior were the wisest and cleverest thing to do.

Both houses of Congress have battled a big selfish baby with cowardice, a formula the serpentine Obama and his fan club of both the Mainstream Media and Hollywood now exploit shamelessly.

By now Barack Obama is nobody's child and certainly no one's crippled Helen Keller. As far as traditional Americans go, Obama is every traditional American's greatest liability.

"No pity!", says Annie Sullivan to a sleeping Helen Keller. "I won't have it!!"

In my sixty years of life in theater, film and television, I have never seen a more divine and sacred performance than that of Patti Duke in The Miracle Worker.

Patty Duke
One of America's Few Incomparable Performances


The actress' sacredly total abandon to the role.

Surrounded, as it is, by the Catholic mysteries of her fiery Irish savior, Annie Sullivan, The Miracle Worker's uniqueness as a film and Pattie Duke's performance were clearly attained by the demanding mountain of labor contained in the schedule of nine Broadway stage performances per week, Monday through Saturday but with matinee performances on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday!!

All such muscle and demands for perfection, despite fatigue and massive repetition, arrived most passionately on the very first day of filming and remained to the very end of the shoot.

The well-intended, Liberal villain of the drama is unrelentingly performed by the profoundly unappreciated Victor Jory.

His not-so-veiled bigotry, impatience and authoritarian air is everything Obama has been since he first arrived on America's political scene. Only Obama arrived in the White House to please both his fellow members in the Communist Party and his fellow worshipers in Islam.

Meanwhile, Victor Jory's father is not only of no help to his daughter Helen, he is ignorantly and belligerently holding Helen back from her own liberation. He persists in being an irredeemable obstacle to his daughter's freedom.

Like this line from The Miracle Worker, "Waiting like water underground", America's promise today is being deliberately evaporated by President Obama.

That ocean of promising liquid, so to speak, is America's unique reality! It lies at the bottomless depth of that nation's greatness. Yet, under Obama, America is drying up and Evil is running rampant.

Eventually Victor Jory begins to come around but only after months and months of Annie Sullivan's fiercely impatient patience.

At one point in the film, Annie is fighting with Helen's parents over the child's misbehavior at the dinner table.

"She's testing me!" cries Annie. "You must give her to me or everything she's learned will be broken."

So far, and speaking on a much larger and more dangerous stage than a movie screen, Barack Hussein Obama has not only learned nothing!! He will continue to test America's patience. Drive it to the very breaking point he so fervently looks forward to. The President needs to justify his plans for declaring Martial Law. That way elections are suspended and all Americans are imprisoned under this undeniable dictator's rule.

There will be no moment when Obama can possibly understand, as Victor Jory finally does, the meaning of both individual freedom and individual responsibility.

Obama is blinder, deafer and dumber in the face of  reality than any political leader since Mussolini of Fascist Italy. Obama's increasingly self-evident pathology certainly surpasses that of Cuba's Fidel Castro.


No one but a Communist/Muslim such as Obama could venomously dismiss not only the miracle of America but the undeniable progress the United States has made, from Southern slavery, through a savage American Civil War, to the Civil Rights Era and the election of an American black to the highest office in the land.

The Obama policies are pure and simple: a combination of black vengeance and the dreams of Red Islam. The aims of a Marxist Muslim.

Obama entered the White House with little in his heart and nothing in his mind except revenge and the "fundamental transformation" of America into a Communist Islam. A contradiction-in-terms which Obama will obviously worry about later.

Obama's six years of Presidential Disaster are the deliberate and obsessively calculated "transformation" of the United States" into a humiliated and shrinking corner of a Progressively Marxist New World Order. A tyrannical delusion ostensibly run by the United Nations but, in reality, controlled by World Communism's Politburo and its inevitable, albeit brief and exploitive, concessions to an increasingly homicidal and lethally Radical Islam.

Why has this nightmare been allowed to sound like the rumblings of a Second American Civil War?

The New World Order is a Bipartisan/Democrat and Republican objective, one most eloquently and fiercely stated by George H. W. Bush.

It is an expected treason by an American-Marxist Democratic Party but, more shocking than that, an utter abandonment of the Constitution by a breathtakingly treasonous American Republican Family headed by its most shameless proponent: George H. W. Bush.

His son, Jeb Bush, is leading in the polls as the most popular Republican Presidential Candidate.

If America, freed from President Obama, does make it to the next election and faces the heart-breaking alternatives of either Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton? The Islamic Jihads against the Free World will be used by either Bush or Clinton to persuade America to surrender to the New World Order. The word Islam actually means "surrender"! To give up the sovereignty of the United States to The New World Order's ostensibly declared Universal Government: The United Nations.

The International Communist Party has increasingly held a stranglehold on the major decisions of The United Nations.

The inevitable outcome of a United States virtually defeated by The New World Order of The Progressively Marxist United Nations?

It means the entire human race under increasing and inevitable tyranny.

Such a pipe-dream by the enlightened despots of a treasonously Marxist-American-Bipartisan Oligarchy will necessitate a bloodbath in the United States that will make the 600,000 dead from the Civil War look like a one month statistic.

"Do you really believe that, Michael?"


Can America be saved?

If an "Annie Sullivan" shows up to spank the Bush Republican Party and to impeach Obama.

Nothing less will save America and the Free World.

If Obama exits the White House as an "elder statesman" and one of the honored Presidents of the United States?!

Obama's now infamous and, by then, complete "transformation of the United States" will be inevitably assured.

When the American political pendulum swings, as it always has, from the present RINO conservatives to the Obama Nation's new possession of the Left and worldwide Far Left?!

Not even the Bush RINO'S will find their way back into power.

Obama goes from being a Free World Mussolini to an entirely Communist World's Mao Zedong. The very "hero" that his own administration has repeatedly romanticized!

Then Obama's mask comes off and he "fundamentally transforms" himself from Presidentially Communist Muslim to Radically Imperial Everything.


He simply kills or imprisons all of his political enemies.

That's how his hero Mao did it.

If Mao is still a God in China – and he is – what is there to stop Obama's promise for a "fundamental transformation" throughout the entire Free World?

If he is not discredited now and impeached?

Nothing will stop him and his pro-Islamic version of The Progressively Tyrannical New World Order.

A Communist Chairman Obama will not, however, avoid his inevitable war with an Islamic-hating Neo-Soviet, Vladimir Putin.

In short, World Communism would then become a direct model of the domestic nightmares within Islam's entire history: Muslims killing Muslims.

We will then have the unavoidable Armageddon of Communists killing Islamic Communists!

Islamic Communists are, indeed, as I have said repeatedly, the very contradiction-in-terms that dooms any real future for Chairman Obama.

Breathtaking to think how the young and uncontrollably wild Helen Keller could be the most telling metaphor for America's two-term President, Barack Hussein Obama.

As Fox News recently cried out: "Where is our Second Winston Churchill?!?!"

I keep telling them it is Col. Allen West.

But Allen West is black.

A black Annie Sullivan?!


As a Moriarty, I give Allen West all the Annie-Sullivan-Irish credentials he might need to get elected!!!!

Let us pray for that Miracle To Happen.

For that Miracle Worker to arrive in the White House! ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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