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Al Gore personifies liberal disloyalty to America

By Christopher Adamo
web posted February 20, 2006

In the midst of the heated controversy over Danish cartoons disparaging Islam, a couple of drawings of a much more inflammatory nature suddenly were disseminated throughout the Muslim world, adding significant fuel to the fires of their outrage. These pictures depicted Mohamed in a manner guaranteed to incite far greater wrath and indignation from those Muslims already angered by the original cartoons.

Yet as the situation unfolded on the world scene, it became apparent that no one from Denmark or elsewhere in Europe was responsible, and that the latter images were the likely work of Islamists seeking to fully exploit Muslim hatred of Western Civilization.

Clearly, some who claim to be among the "faithful" are, in reality, willing to desecrate their own religion in order to manipulate the masses into action against the infidels. Thus their true loyalties are revealed to be far beneath any "holy calling." Unfortunately, such detestable tactics are regularly mimicked by the American left.

U.S. Former Vice President Al Gore talks during the 2nd day of Jeddah Economic Forum Sunday Feb. 12, 2006 in Jeddah, Saudi ArabiaAl Gore's recent, outlandish remarks to a Saudi audience not only represent his own scorn for the United States, they are also reflective of this country's liberal establishment. In short, the overriding sentiment of the left towards America is one of complete contempt. And even a cursory consideration of past and present statements from prominent liberals yields ample supporting evidence for this contention.

Consider the overwhelming similarities between Gore's remarks and John Kerry's infamous 1971 testimony before the U.S. Senate, in which he accused fellow members of the American military of committing "atrocities" against innocent Vietnamese. Recently, Kerry parroted this message once again, this time substituting as America's hapless victims the innocent women and children of Iraq.

And who can forget Senator Dick Durbin (D.-IL), who compared America's treatment of terrorist prisoners at Guantanamo Bay to Nazi concentration camps, the Soviet Gulag, and the Cambodian "killing fields" of Pol Pot.

For his own part, Gore was content to claim that the United States had "indiscriminately rounded up" Muslims, who were then ostensibly held in conditions he described as "unforgivable."

Though Kerry's diatribe, along with that of Durbin, was presented in the halls of Congress, as opposed to Gore's screed, which was delivered directly to those most likely to be offended by it, all three provided great inspiration to the enemies of America who could surely be expected to lash back in outrage and anger.

It is important to understand that neither Gore, Kerry, nor Durbin is, in any manner, pro-Muslim. Rather, they are decidedly anti-American, viewing Muslims merely as the resource presently available to be exploited in service to their real agenda, which is to America and its president a black eye.

Yet as infuriating as Gore's latest stunt might be, it certainly represents nothing surprising or new from either the former Vice-President or his ideological comrades. If anything, his behavior merely expressed the typical sentiments of the left, exemplified not just by the lies he told, but also the venue from which he conveyed them.

For more than the past four decades, American liberals have openly sided with its mortal enemies, epitomized by Jane Fonda's photo-op on that anti-aircraft gun with the North Vietnamese. And though, in the immediate aftermath of 9-11, American liberals were briefly shocked into facing the reality that they too were hated targets of militant Islam, their former outlook and allegiances quickly reemerged.

Within days of the attacks, liberal members of the "mainstream" media refused to call the those who had perpetrated the attacks "terrorists," preferring instead the sanitized term "alleged hijackers." Not long afterwards, they began suggesting possible root causes of the hostilities, the ultimate responsibility for which they heaped upon America.

Throughout the entire war on terror, and even prior to it, those on the left have repeatedly downplayed and ignored the viciousness of America's attackers. Simultaneously, they grossly magnify or even completely fabricate "atrocities" ostensibly committed by American military personnel and members of other governing agencies.

In this they prove their deep-seated antipathy towards this country, all that it represents, and all that it has ever represented.

Ultimately, liberals look at America's founding, and more importantly, its spiritual roots (which were inarguably Judeo-Christian), and see only reasons for condemnation. Like every institution this side of Heaven, America was and is less than perfect, so some flaws do indeed exist. And those on the left never let us forget it. Thus their ultimate sympathies will continually align with those who would destroy it.

Christopher G. Adamo is a freelance writer and staff writer for the New Media Alliance. He lives in southeastern Wyoming with his wife and sons. He has been active in local and state politics for many years.

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