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The ongoing Final Solution

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 20, 2006

Follow me on this: Hitler, Stalin and Mao have an estimated body count of over 150 million dead. The six million killed as part of the Final Solution were European and Slavic Jews. That’s a conservative estimate, mind you, and a Holocaust in the tens of millions began in 1913 – 93 years ago. That means roughly 1.5 million murdered, executed, destroyed by war and obliterated by starvation every year since 1913. Today, in America alone, about 1.5 million gestating infants are aborted each year.

None of the aforementioned monsters ever tried to wrap morality around their massacres. Their intent was no different from Napoleon’s: “Rule the world!”

Bill and Hillary Clinton began their political careers as pro-choice, a product of the civil rights movement that did not give half the American population, the men, even minority rights over their own progeny! No Americans ever saw the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion more opportunistically as a vehicle to big money and power than did the Clintons. The for-profit Clinton Foundation began its kick-off week worth $450 million.

To display unfettered power and a willingness to override the Constitution, the Clintons called for the head of David Koresh, an obscure religious zealot in Waco, Texas. This town first appears in the lives of the Clintons in the early 1970s when both were fundraising for George McGovern in Texas. A liberal insurance magnate, Bernard Rapoport of Waco, made a hefty contribution to McGovern’s campaign and eventually supported Bill Clinton’s first campaign for governor of Arkansas. Possibly, Rapoport kept the Clintons informed of how things were going in Waco. Whether it was due to Rapoport’s personal loathing for the Koresh compound or Hillary’s certainty that Koresh was practicing “perverse religion,” federal troops were ordered to attack the Koresh compound, in the process provoking a gun battle and an incineration that ended up killing 80 men, women and children. Those defending the compound with firepower were acquitted by a local court and a jury of their peers, but later ordered to serve prison terms by the Supreme Court.

Well, where did the Clintons get all that arrogance to disregard state’s rights and Posse Comitatus, pick a target that was never any threat to the nation, derive maximum publicity from hanging tough, and attack after weeks of resorting to terror tactics against the Branch Davidians, utterly dismissing the advice of expert negotiators?

The Clintons got that arrogance from Roe v. Wade. Bill Clinton studied that decision in his Supreme Court class for weeks.

“My God,” he exclaimed. “How the hell did the Supreme Court get away with this? It’s such a blatant disregard of checks and balances, executive and legislative authority… it’s a life-and-death issue which should have at least gone to a vote in the states. Why hasn’t any appeal ever reached the well of the court? Astounding!”

Yes, indeed, it was; and with that decision, the entire meaning of the Declaration of Independence was tossed down the toilet. From then on, the U.S. was a ship of state without a prow, a barge sitting listlessly in an ocean “beyond good and evil,” exactly where the socialists wanted it. A virtual Mao Zedong Population Control Policy was instituted following the Paris Treaty ending the War in Vietnam.

Now that the entire world is under Marxist dominion, both Socialist and Communist, the overall game plan was missing a major subterfuge – until Bill stepped up with the Progressive Third Way. The nightmares of the 20th Century now made sense, at least to the progressives, once the Third Way was in place.

“Progressive” is a euphemism for eugenics – the science that mandates the creation of a superhuman race by the defence research establishment. It’s no wonder Hillary stresses the equal importance of scientific rights and women’s rights.

It was this very “perverse science,” as Winston Churchill described it, that kicked off the Final Solution: the genocide of Jews, Gypsies, Slavs, homosexuals and Third World immigrants. Dr. Josef Mengele was the most famous human experimenter back then and he survived well beyond the fall of the Third Reich, successfully hiding out in South America for decades after the Second World War. How did such a monster escape prosecution at the Nuremburg trials?

Well, how did the atomic scientists of the Third Reich receive such a warm welcome from the Pentagon? Because of weapons of mass destruction, about which the scientists know everything and the military very little.

When the atomic superpowers became so dependent on the scientists, what happened in Nazi Germany began to happen worldwide: Eugenics became the only way to explain, justify, exonerate and sanction such massive destruction as occurred in the 20th Century.

To a eugenicist, the human race is a six-billion-pound obesity, certainly five billion pounds overweight and in need of a major crash diet. Now that the human race is accustomed to having gestating infants treated like egg yolk, to be scrambled in the womb, is it really that big a reach to accept the uninterrupted death of 250,000 in Kosovo; 500,000 in Rwanda ; and the still untabulated slaughter in the Sudan?

The first stage for this abomination is to corral the human race into socialist livestock dwellings. With only the “antiquated” morality of Judeo-Christianity in their way, the Progressives are allowing massive integration of Muslims into their population. The Terror obviously has begun and is accelerating. Even the mildest of warnings and protests – a few editorial cartoons in Denmark – receives a worldwide response of bombing and violence! So Islam has afforded, presented and eagerly propagated for the Socialist Federations a ready-made, trained and fanatically committed Gestapo and SS troops to terrify Europeans while whittling down Europe ’s Judeo-Christian population. Today, Roman Catholic churches are being demolished while mosques rise in their place across Europe. The crescent is replacing the cross! And yet when Brigitte Bardot complained of the Islamization of France, she was accused of racism, cultural intolerance and menopausal dementia!

“It’s not possible,” you say. “The elites of Europe couldn’t put such a diabolical plan into effect!”

That’s what they said about the Final Solution in Europe under the Nazis. With atomic scientists came eugenics! To the mathematicians, hovering over statistics and probabilities, the triumph of eugenics seems inevitable, unstoppable. The medical profession has utterly forgotten the Hippocratic Oath and, as recently as Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, has been enacting euthanasia upon the crippled who haven’t been warned of what the doctors were administering, which were lethal doses of morphine. Add the increasing biological, genetic, racial and sexual data compiled in the federally-funded hospitals, and you have a Eugenics Records Office brimming over with information on how to design the new superhuman race!

It was one thing for Hitler to fulfill almost everything he dreamed of in his personal bible Mein Kampf, for Stalin and Mao to enact their purges and great leaps forward, and do all this without apology or shame – but it’s quite another for the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton to wrap a worldwide Abomination in the banner of “female, scientific and human rights” virtually approved by God and Christ!

There, dear readers, is the lowest point to which two people can descend in the entire history of human hypocrisy. And to think, World War II ended only 61 years ago.

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who has appeared in the landmark television series Law and Order, the mini-series Taken, and the TV-movie The 4400. He recently starred in Pick Me Up, an episode of the Showtime TV series Masters of Horror. Michael Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty’s presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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