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Conservatives better get busy

By J.B. Williams
web posted February 12, 2007

Say whatever you want about nutcase screamin' Howard Dean, but he did lead a Democrat Party on the brink of extinction, back to power in both houses of congress in short order. That alone demands a certain type of respect and you can bet that he is equally focused on conquering the White House for his party in ‘08.

The moment the '06 mid-term elections ended, the Democratic National Party launched its left-wing campaign to conquer the White House in '08 and in case you haven't noticed, they are in no mood to take any prisoners, now convinced that they represent the will of the people.

One can debate whether or not they actually do represent the will of the American majority. But there is no debating the fact that despite their lack-luster truth-quotient, they did a better job of communicating their message to voters. Face it, they took a completely negative message based largely on lies and sold it like a pot of free gold at the end of a socialist rainbow.

Meanwhile, Republicans still busy scratching their heads in disbelief and licking their wounds from their bitter public lashing at the hand of crazy Howard Dean, fail to grasp the gravity of their weakened position with voters and struggle to come up with a solution.

So far, Republican officials not yet on the unemployment line, seem to be taking an "if we can't beat'em, we'll join'em" approach to inside the beltway survival. This is what got them into trouble with core conservative constituents to begin with.

This leaves already disenchanted conservatives even more desperate in their search for an answer all their own. Some are even wondering if they have the power to entirely replace the Republican Party with a truly conservative party that stands for basic conservative values, since many of today's Republicans are no more conservative than Teddy Kennedy.

Make no mistake - it was conservative voters who put Democrats back in power. Not because they agree with the full-blown socialist globalization agenda of today's DNC, but because they are having increasing difficulty telling the difference between slow-road to global socialism Republicans and fast-track to socialism Democrats. If America must fall, can't it at least be quickly?

No Democrat since FDR ever increased social spending as fast as the ole compassionate conservative, Bush 43. Even Bill Clinton tried to reign in senseless welfare spending more aggressively than Bush. In the end, Bush 43 fell for the same trap that snared his father, Bush 41 in 1992. Both chose a liberal trap and snatched political defeat from the jaws of victory.

Bush 41 made the mistake of buying the lefts demand to increase taxes, in violation of his "read my lips" promise of "no new taxes" and Democrats who set the trap, used 41's error to hoist unknown Bill Clinton into the White House, largely on the backs of angry conservatives who defected to the Perot campaign, leaving 41 with a smaller popular minority than Clinton's.

Likewise, Bush 43 fell for the trap of excessive social spending, weakened immigration policies and compassionate war tactics, all standard liberal ideals, opening the door to again divide the angered conservative vote, leaving Democrats with a larger minority of voters.

None of these folks truly enjoy the will of the majority behind them. We are now a nation led by officials, elected by fractured minority factions. This is how it will remain too, unless conservatives wake up and get busy!

The first problem is - it's as hard to find a true conservative in the Republican Party today as it is to find a true moderate in the Democrat Party. It seems that in either case, such an animal simply doesn't exist.

The few moderates that once did exist in the DNC, like Lieberman, were sidelined on the bench by party leadership, until they were eventually kicked out of the party. But at least they were kicked out for standing their ground in support of their personal principles. I can live with that and so can they!

But by contrast, today's Republicans seem to have lost their way, chucked their moral compass and founding principles in exchange for political expediency, sold their conservative souls for the seemingly more popular greater communal good, under duress from voters now constantly seeking gifts from the treasury. They have lost their power as a result of being spineless chameleons in search of new easier-to-sell set of principles. This does not a conservative make!

True conservative voters, whom I still believe to be the vast American majority, half of whom have not voted in decades, will have their work cut out and they had better get busy!

Before they can entertain the fantasy of saving their nation from certain socialist ruin, they will have to face and win the task of saving their own political party first. Face it – if they don't have the power to save their own party, the notion that they have the power to save an entire nation, especially against the will of nearly half of that nation, is an unattainable fantasy.

If you think turning the Republican Party back into a conservative party is impossible, or just too difficult, how could you possibly think you could change America, working against both the DNC and RNC juggernauts? Foolish is as foolish does…

Conservatives will lose every battle, so long as they continue to fight them as a divided force, easily defeated by simple mathematical equation. We will lose again and again, as long as we fail to see the left as a very real enemy of freedom and individual liberty, treat the threat as imminent and unite behind the goal of defeating this threat, if behind no other.

If conservatives think they can win by dividing their efforts into factions based on single issue agendas, they have been foolishly snared in their own trap. Show me any two people that agree with each other 100% and I'll show you two people who either never had an original thought of their own, or who can't tell the truth.

Nobody agrees with any politician 100%. The best you can ever hope for is 90-95%. The best you can usually find is 80-85%. The '06 election ended with the empowerment of people most Americans disagree with 80-100%, all because conservative voters couldn't get behind their own candidates who they only agreed with 70%. Conservatives used to be smarter than this!

Unless we are prepared to watch our country sink to third world status under socialist policies over the next 10-15 years, we had better become smarter than this again, real soon.

And, we had better get busy about the business of choosing a conservative winner whom we can agree with 80-95%, but support 150% to victory. There is no silver bullet for the position we now find ourselves in folks! We didn't get here in one election and we can't save the world, the nation or even the party in a single election either.

We will have to get out of this position the same way we got into it, one step at a time. Only this time, we need to think a bit clearer and choose each step more carefully, more deliberately, with more vision and purpose.

We must focus on short, mid and long term goals. We have to be engaged at the local, state and federal levels. We have to be involved in the primaries as well as the general elections. If you are looking for the easy one-leader / one vote fix, forget it. It doesn't exist. It never did!

In this regard, we each have not one but two voices. Our single vote is only one of those two voices. This voice is limited to deciding between limited and often unacceptable choices in the general election. Our checkbook is our other voice and this voice must be used to give ourselves better choices at election time.

If you disagree with how the national committee is using your money to offer less than desirable choices at election time, then stop sending your money to the national committee. Your money is a voice sometimes more powerful than your vote. When it is sent to the national committee, your consent for committee decisions goes with it. Instead, use this powerful voice to send the committee a powerful message.

Withdraw your financial support of the national committee and choose where your money will be used yourself, by investing in individual candidates directly. Let this money tell the committee who is going to be on the ticket in the next election, instead of allowing the committee to use your money to limit your choices to only their golden boys.

This is what it means to be independent. Not as in a member of some third so-called independent party with no power to affect change. As in individually independent minded, working independently with your voice, both voices, to set the direction of your party, and then your nation.

This is how the founders envisioned the people retaining control of elected officials, the party's, the federal government and the nation. This is what must happen to regain control now.

We gave the national committee our voice, our money, and they used it unwisely, even against our will. Taking their power is as simple as taking the money. The power goes where ever the money flows people. Any doubts about that?

Want your power back? Simple, take your money back and use it to tell the national committee who they will run for office in '08.

Otherwise, sit back and watch it all fall apart before your very eyes. It is out of control. We let it get out of control. Only we can take that control back and we had better get in a hurry! ESR

© 2007 J.B. Williams

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