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The "confidence" couple: Hillary and Rudolph

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 19, 2007

And both their first names sound so … nice and Christmassy!

Bonnie and Clyde are more like it.

 "Confidence couples", like all con-men and con-women, have this diabolical power to win themselves back into your trust, even though you know they can't ever, ever, be trusted.

Hillary's husband is "putting it all together", this bi-partisan, new, third Party called Unity 08.

At last, just as Bill likes it: a one party state … and with his dream ticket of President Hillary and Vice-President Rudolph.

It is actually Red China, as we know it today, dual leadership and all, but with Mao Zedong really back in charge.

Who will prove to be more like Mao in this running contest between Bill Clinton and Vladimir Putin of Russia for the great Red Award of the French Revolution's Greatest Napoleon? These would-be Stalins and Maos, rather like Fidel Castro and Kim Jong Il of North Korea, are so self-conscious about where their names will be placed in Communist history.
My money, hands down, is on Bill Clinton for winning the most-like-Mao award in the end. Putin started late, dragging himself out from behind his keg fellow "Confidence" man, Boris Yeltsin, knowing, rather nervously, that it would be Bill Clinton he would have to face for the honours of ruling the world.

No, Putin doesn't instil much "confidence" in anyone these days, after that KGB delivered "goodbye" present to a brave man who had informed against him, Alexander Litvinenko.

Polonium 210!

That's bold … and Mao, you must admit, was bold when he had to be. Can Clinton "one-up" him on the boldness charts?

Clinton joined the American bold club the minute he hopped into bed with George H. W. Bush, Sr. and sold guns and drugs out of his own home state Arkansas.

Of course, they have kept the Mena drugs and guns story Washington's biggest secret since the Kennedy Assassination.

How do they do that?

Have a legion of equally endowed "confidence" men and women to cover your ass. That these include not only Washington politicians but the entire mainstream press and entertainment of America?

Now that's power!!

That evidence is finally surfacing that the Federal Building Bombing in Oklahoma City was executed solely for the benefit of Clinton and his administration … and, of course, dextrously "covered up" by the entire government? It puts Clinton certainly ahead of Putin in Reichstag Fires, disasters rigged by one's government to blame the enemy.
Litvinenko and his fellow Russian journalist Anna Politkovskaya were assassinated, because they were going to disclose to the world that the bombings in Moscow that Putin had blamed on Chechnya as a "just cause for war" were, in fact, planned by him and his KGB … so he could go to war.

Well, if it worked for Putin, it can certainly work for the Clinton/Bush Cartel, who, with the help of the bin Laden Saudis, caused 9/11 to happen.

The other edge that Clinton has over Putin is that he is way beyond hunting honours from the Communists. No, he wants his Nobel Peace Prize, like terrorist Yasir Arafat and liar Henry Kissinger, and, at the same time, he wants to be remembered by the entire Progressive Protestant World as the closest thing to Christ there could possibly be.

Yes, he is Mao The Messiah!

If you know anything about either Mao Zedong or Christ, you must know that on one thing they would agree wholeheartedly: They loathe hypocrites.

With Bill already having won the Messianic Hypocrite Award, I am not sure how things will turn out for him. If he wants the thrones of both Christ and Mao Zedong … well … "the servant of two masters." In literature, at any rate, such foolish efforts come to tragic ends, as in the opera Rigoletto. Because of buttering his bread on both sides, the hero loses the one thing he ever cared for, his daughter, and is, at the end, one of the most tragic figures ever left alone on stage.

I don't know if Bill Clinton has ever really cared about anything, except his own power and ambition. Nor do I think the size of his feelings, intelligence and charm carries enough greatness to warrant the honour of "tragic life."


We have, in Bill Clinton, simultaneously the most pathetic yet most impressive of "over-achievers."

What is "over-achieving" and what does it amount to these days, since the Clinton Progressive Rat Race is about nothing but over-achieving?

The Piper sets the tune and the tempo. Everyone has fallen into line with survival reality shows. "You're fired and you are the weakest link" are the Progressive Send-offs to the under-achievers. Under his thrall, Liberals and Conservatives are blinded by their increasing denial of Bill's real aim: to re-establish survival of the fittest as the fully accepted law of the Earth.

You want that, Americans?

You are most certainly going to get it, in the next five years. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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