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The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Eight: Barack Hussein Obama's Favorite Project: The Death of America

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 6, 2015

Obama picPresident Obama is not interested in the "fundamental transformation of the United States of America." He will use anything to insure the complete destruction of not only America but the Free World as well.

Yes, as more than a few have described him, Barack Obama is a congenital narcissist with a savagely destructive loathing for any individual freedom aside from his own. An egotist who nurtures a psychotic loathing for individual responsibility. He wants the entire human race members of a collective herd for which he is the head bull and singularly entitled bull-shitter. As would-be-Messiah, Barack Obama is clearly standing on the wrong side of the baptismal river.

Obama is, as only he could be, the profoundest of self-contradicting combinations: an Islamic Marxist.

There are rumors that Osama bin Laden had tried to mix Mohammed with Marx's atheism. 9/11 and the death of the Twin Towers might very well have been the result.

What will be the outcome of President Barack Hussein Obama's Red Muslim formula?

Frightening question to ponder.

One thing is for certain: a Marxist Muslim as one of the forty-four Presidents we have already had?! To live with such a shocking cultural, ideological and two-term explosion into the mainstream of American History?! And for the likes of Obama to never have faced impeachment so far in his increasingly insane six years as President of the United States?!

Sounds like a deliberately considered American suicide to me.


How could this happen?

If John F. Kennedy, some fifty years ago, could have been so easily assassinated, isn't that a sign of some sort?

If George H. W. Bush's plans for the American membership in a New World Order run by the United Nations can be so mildly accepted and then conveniently ignored?

If William Clinton could so easily escape impeachment and be reelected?

If George W. Bush could establish such close ties to Saudi Arabia and yet not be able to find Osama Bin Laden?

And the execution of bin Laden is left to an Islamic President in order to convince Americans that Islam is a safe religion, even safer than John F. Kennedy's Catholicism? Bin Laden's death was, to my mind at any rate, the seminal reason for Obama's reelection.

Since Bush Sr.'s announcement of a New World Order, the American Presidency has increasingly and shamelessly begun to smell like rotting meat in a blazing sun.

Then we of the once Free World are going to top it all off with a President Hillary Clinton?!

Unless, of course, in these remaining two years, Obama so enrages traditional Americans that the ensuing conflicts give his Royal Sheik Highness the grounds to declare the martial law he so desperately dreams of.

Obama's self-image?

The American Mao and Mohammed!

Who knows?

He may very well reach his goal.

If he can succeed in getting reelected and making an utter and singularly exceptional Fool out of the entire American population?!

Stranger things have rarely happened in the United States; that is until the election of Barack Hussein Obama.

The Inevitability of A President Barack Obama

From the assassination of John F. Kennedy on, the United States, with the exception of Ronald Reagan's Presidential years, has been committing an increasingly urgent suicide.

The clearest sign was, of course, George H. W. Bush's formally declared and profoundly uttered certainty
that America would soon become a mere part or corner of the obviously inevitable New World Order run by the United Nations.

Without the Bush Family and George Sr.'s now shockingly deep friendship with his political opponent, William Clinton, there could never have been a President Barack Hussein Obama.


The Bush/Clinton shared dream of a "New World Order" or, as Clinton prefers to veil it, a "Third Way".


Throw in America's great Boogey Man, the Mr. Hyde creation of America's Dr. Jeckyll, Richard Nixon?

Toss in Henry Kissinger, and that not-so-good Dr.'s own all-too-throaty and treasonous demands for a "New World Order"?!

The likes of Barack "Insane" Obama actually popped out of the Kissinger/Bush/Clinton/Bush combined political and "real politik" skullduggery.

Obama was the Kissinger/Bush/Clinton/Bush inevitability!

Leave it to one of the most benighted of RINO's within the Republican Party, John McCain, to grandstand over protecting Dr. Strangelove.

That doesn't mean I should fall for the damage-control that John McCain is seen selling us in his introductions to three Secretaries of State, all of whom led America down the delusional daisy paths of "real politik".

What does "real politik" stand for?

The death of American Idealism.

The kind of Idealism that faced the realities of World War II and the Cold War with Russia.

The idealism that saved Western Civilization from the anti-Semitic insanity of Hitler's Nazi Germany and from the subsequent tyrannies of Stalin's Soviet Union.

As my readers well know, I deserted the American Left decades ago when Clinton's Attorney General Janet Reno threatened television with her criminally Un-Constitutional loathing of Free Speech.

"I know Law and Order," said the co-author of the Waco Tragedies, "doesn't show violence, but the program talks about nothing but violence!"

Law and Order?

The Law and Order I appeared in?

A threat to the children of America?!

Such a threat to all Americans came most dangerously out of the mouth and actions of Attorney General Janet Reno! The deaths of children at Waco, April 19, 1993, largely inspired by the insanely provocative actions of Janet Reno's ATF and FBI, ended up in a further and even more disastrous inspiration to the crazed and bitter Timothy McVeigh and his bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building, exactly two years later, April 19th, 1995.

Our last two glimpses of American Idealism were John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. The last and healthiest two symbols of both American political parties.

America as "the last, best hope of Mankind."

And since then?

America has gone to hell in the very hand-baskets of an increasingly Communist Democrat Party and the undeniably corrupting greed of Republican hypocrisy and increasingly lethal self-delusion.

The final and most poisonous cherry-on-top-of-all-that?!

President Barack Obama.

The diseases within both the Democrat and Republican Parties literally begged for the appearance of a Barack Obama.

In short, the greatest threat to America and the Free World is not, as we suppose, the likes of ISIS or Vladimir Putin's Neo-Soviet Russia or Red China's Politburo.

It is the creation of a President Barack Hussein Obama by the combined real politiks of the Kissinger/Bush/Clinton/Bush administrations.

All four of these previous know-it-alls laid the ground work for an entirely corrupted Washington and an all-too-willingly misled American public.

The veneer for this giant bag of lies is best symbolized by the Hillary Clinton we now see today.

Unless a fresh face arrives in the White House, a young Winston Churchill to drag us out of the delusional enablers of both American Communism and Islamic insanities?!

We will see the very death of America that Barack Hussein Obama has dreamed of for most of his spoiled-brat, America-loathing, Islamic-Marxist life. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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