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The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Nine:  The New World Order's Marxist-Muslim Thief In The White House, Barack Hussein Obama And The Possible Salvation Of An Arab Winter

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 9, 2015

From The Insider: "Russia announces military alliance with Iran - Putin vows to help accelerate Iranian nuclear programme and defend Iran against western aggression"

From The World Tribune: "China, Iran, North Korea have formed strategic alliance"

Their common enemy?

The West!


The reason for this?

Pure, undiluted, diabolical, yea, classic Luciferian jealousy!!!

From The Obama Nation:

"Gee, we feel sorry for the victims of ISIS but we're a little too busy now with trying to negotiate a peaceful settlement with Iran… and, of course, trying to convince the world that we are on the side of the Ukraine when we are really not."

No, Obama never said that.

However, I do believe that's what the objective of his "Nation" actually is.

President Obama's real job will not be completed until there is Civil War in the United States and The New World Order defeats traditional America and its basically Judeo-Christian foundations.

The New World Order's Game Plan?

First destroy Israel while at the same time driving traditional Americans into such a rage that Civil War breaks out. A Second American Civil War, which is The New World Order's objective. A conflagration that justifies Obama's instituting martial law. Such conditions would keep Obama in the White House indefinitely to further insure, possibly by violence, his "fundamental transformation" and, in my opinion, fundamental destruction "of the United States of America".

Obama wasn't kidding when he told President Medvedev of Neo-Soviet Russia, "I'll have more flexibility after my second election"… something like that.


A, by now, obviously treasonous "flexibility"!

For which, of course, he hasn't been impeached yet and most likely, because of a "politically correct" Congress, won't be impeached.


The New World Order!!!

The one even the Bush Republican Dynasty promised us!

After years of George H. W.'s flagrantly treasonous declaration being posted? A meager thirty-some thousand viewers have seen it.

The New World Order has been beyond low-key for the  over thirty-years it has been unrelentingly expanding.

The New World Order is basically a poisonous syrup that has been increasingly added into the American political mix so that its "enlightened despots", as Voltaire might have described one of them, Henry Kissinger, these utterly disloyal elitists are the only ones that really know what is going on.

Old and, by now, folksy Texan, George Bush Sr., however, can certainly say, "I never lied to ya!"

Meanwhile, the still-dominant Liberally Progressive and Progressively Liberal Press want to sell us the most recent Big Lie: That President Obama has taken the Ukrainian side in a Ukrainian civil war against Neo-Soviet, Russian "Separatists" and Russia's own Neo-Soviet President Vladimir Putin.

Nothing, in my mind, could be further from the Truth.

The Truth?

Obama and Putin pretend to differ over the Ukraine.

This clown act keeps up the appearance that Obama is working for The Free World when he is actually strengthening Communism's hold on the Third World.

And Obama will do nothing substantive to delay Russia's complete and total invasion and seizure of the entire Ukraine.


Both Obama and Putin would like Communist tyranny to return to as much of its former, Stalinist holdings as possible.

In short, the Ukraine is doomed.


America, under Obama, will never help the Ukraine enough to keep the Ukraine a possible member of NATO.

The Ukraine will become a Neo-Soviet buffer zone against the dwindling Free World.

And for what possible reason?

Because the President of The United States is giving to the increasingly doomed Israel and the Free World, feeding it what Communist Muslim cooks up best: lies, evasions, duplicitous pronouncements and the games of an imposter.

A man who has declared himself an American when he has absolutely no American patriotism whatsoever.

Not an ounce of it.

In fact, he has tried to conceal, with swiftly decreasing effectiveness, his bottomless loathing and pure hatred for everything that is traditionally American.

Who or what are Obama's true role models?

For one?

Osama bin Laden.


Obama has been picked, not only by himself but by the New World Order, to finish the job Osama bin Laden started. The ongoing nightmare bin Laden began with the bombing of the Twin Towers on 9/11, 2001.

The Obama Nation's other role model is Mao Zedong.

With most of Islam, the Communist World and, to a great extent, the United Nations, with all three at Obama's beck and call?

No wonder President Obama is not the least bit intimidated by a conservative majority in both houses of Congress.

In his remaining two years in office Obama will do his very best to infuriate his opposition in Congress and so cripple American Conservatives that, in raging frustration, the Once-Silent-American-Majority breaks out into violence.

Such an outbreak of rage by Americans would be everything Obama had hoped for!


He can then call in United Nations troops to quell the enemies of his "fundamental transformation", his Obama Nation.

And who are his enemies?

The American opponents of Obama's "fundamental transformation".

What might be described now as the American Counter-Revolutionaries.

Yes, the Once-Silent-American-Majority and its love for The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and their basically Judeo-Christian, Biblical values.

Those Americans who could not help but wage war on Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States of America."

Obama smugly smiled during his first year in office when his promise of a "fundamental transformation" was offered up to a deliriously grateful and exuberantly applauding United States citizenry.

Yes, the same Americans that Obama's pal, Jonathan Gruber, labeled "stupid".

It's savagely obvious why Gruber felt entirely justified in saying that.

In my opinion, it is America's inherent and generally Judeo-Christian Good Will that keeps her so seemingly naïve and patient before her enemies within.

This Good Will, Patience and refusal to impeach Obama are what makes America and Americans appear so "stupid".

Obama and his cohorts which include not only most of Islam, including some of the Radically Muslim Killers in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia, but all of the Communist World from Neo-Soviet Moscow to Red Beijing?!

I think this Obama construct, this Red Islam, truly believes that with one of theirs as President of the United States, Judeo-Christianity, all of it, is doomed to extinction.

As usual, these ingredients of the New World Order, like all other tyrannies of History, from the ancient Genghis Kahn to 20th Century Hitler and Stalin and Mussolini and Pol Pot and the Castro's of Cuba?!

They count their chickens long before such living certainties ever hatch.

The three-thousand-year-old Judeo-Christianity, when measured against the relatively short-lived, 1400 year-old Islam and century old Marxist world?

The Holy Bible has survived more than twice as long as the Koran and at least 30 times as long as the Communist Manifesto!

Who the hell do these relatively overnight geniuses from Mohammed to Marx think they are?!?!

Red Islam?!

Marxist Muslims?!

Their Bibles?!

When compared to our Holy Bible?!

And the Judeo-Christian Civilization?!

As Colonel Allen West might paraphrase Alexander The Great: "An army of sheep led by a lion is better than an army of lions led by a sheep."

And President Obama is, indeed, an ambitiously carnivorous wolf in sheep's clothing.

As Scott Johnson, paying tribute to Allen West, continues, "Rep. West didn't have to explain who he was talking about.

"Rep. West discussed his own difficult race back home. He said that the Democrats weren't happy about having a guy like him around to rally the opposition and that he was therefore a prominent target in the coming elections. His site is here. Please support him with your contributions here. We can't afford to lose this lion."

I still say that this Lion, Allen West, must become President of the United States in 2016 If not, America is lost in either downright treasonous or, what is clearly as dangerous, wither away under a wishy-washy Leftist or downright villainously duplicitous Marxist leadership.

No matter what happens in 2016, a lion-like leader will eventually emerge from Judeo-Christianity to defeat the Judeo-Christian's eternal enemies: Marx and Mohammed.

The Marxist-Islamic Alliance is doomed.


Atheists and religious fanatics as a team?!


Something like the Hitler-Stalin non-aggression pact?!

Not this time.


Worldwide Judeo-Christianity won't be there to bail Neo-Soviet Russia out of the arms of anti-Semitic Islam.

And the last nation to want to bail Russia out of its well-deserved troubles with the Free World?

Red China.

Red China is beginning to see the error of its Maoist ways and increasingly opening itself up to the Free Market and actually adopting many, Free Market policies.

Once a people taste freedom?

They never return to tyranny.


And there are too many such souls in China to eliminate entirely by genocide.

That's not an opinion.

That's hard-cold fact.

In addition, Ukrainians will never stop fighting for the freedom they have recently tasted and which Neo-Soviet Russia wishes to take from them.

Putin's Russia may finally occupy the Ukraine again but it won't be for long.

Once Obama is either symbolically or literally impeached by the Judeo-Christian world?!

Putin's Russia will collapse entirely!!

And the Neo-Soviet Union will collapse forever.

As for Radical Islam?!

Without Communist backing led by President Barack Hussein Obama?!

The "Arab Spring" inevitably becomes The Arab Winter into which the likes of ISIS et al are driven underground for another few centuries.

I pray to The Almighty… to Jehovah… to the God of the Holy Bible… that I live long enough to see the return of an Arab Winter.

A Freeze that will rid us of this infernal Arab Spring which President Obama called down upon the Free World.

His version of an Arab Spring actually began on 9/11/2001 with the destruction of the Twin Towers.

Obama's own spiritual leader, minister Jeremiah Wright, has declared that America deserved that 9/11 death of almost three thousand American citizens.

Therefore, Wright's disciple, Barack Hussein Obama served up his "fundamental transformation" to the United States.

May a banished Radical Islam, however, undergo its own "fundamental"… and eternal… "transformation"… and… permanent disappearance!

May Radical Islam be forced into the historically recorded and permanently eradicated horror show, the nightmare that Radical Islam has always been.

As for Obama's "fundamental transformation of the United States of America"?

There are some forms of evil that America just won't fall for!

One of them is certainly a quicksand nightmare called The Obama Nation!

American leadership has decided to endure two more years of this increasing fallout from Obama's vengeful payback to an America he has always loathed and despised!

The Judeo-Christianity Obama has always and so insanely wanted destroyed?

He hasn't given up.

Though he won't ever "fundamentally transform the United States of America", Barack Hussein Obama certainly has two more years in which to see Israel destroyed by an Islamic Coalition Force led by Iran.

He is not only in a vengeful Islam's back pocket but he will, as best he can, serve up the further vengeance which that so-called Christian minster, Jeremiah Wright, is still praying for.

There is not one ounce of Christ in any of its raging vengeance. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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