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The plutocratic left

By Bruce Walker
web posted February 2, 2015

The dull Leftist cant which oozed from Obama's 2015 State of the Union makes clear its electoral strategy in 2016:  blame the misery of middle class on the higher incomes of those in better shape financially.  It is silly, of course.  It is sinful, of course.  But even worse, it is profoundly hypocritical.

Leftists shamelessly lust for lucre.  Consider the net worth of Obama, the Clintons, and Elizabeth Warren, the most frequently touted alternative to Hillary in 2016.  Obama is worth a piddling $12.2 Million, although he lives in grand estates and takes luxurious vacations at taxpayer expense, which means that the guy probably never needs to spend any of that money on anything at all.

Elizabeth Warren is almost as poor as Obama, with an estimated fortune of only $14 Million, which should doubtless thinks places here firmly in the middle class.  Hillary and Bill, in her own words "dead broke," have rebounded a bit and their fortune is worth $80 Million.  How does this compare to the field of Republican presidential contenders?

Excluding Mitt Romney, there are 15 Republicans often mentioned as possible nominees.  Every one of these fifteen is poorer than Hillary or Elizabeth or, indeed, Barry.  By order of estimated wealth, this is how much each of these fifteen Republicans have in estimated wealth:  Jeb Bush ($10 Million), Ben Carson ($10 Million ), Chris Christie ($5 Million), Rick Santorum ($5 Million), Mike Huckabee ($5 Million), Ted Cruz ($3.5 Million), Rick Perry ($3 Million ), Bobby Jindal ($3 Million), John Kasich ($2.5 Million), Scott Walker ($2 Million), Rand Paul ($2.5 Million), Nikki Halely ($1.4 Million), Susana Martinez ($.925 Million), Marco Rubio ($.6 Million) and Mike Pence ($.150 Million)

The difference in average wealth between Hillary and Elizabeth as Democrat contenders and these 15 Republican contenders is stark:  the Democrats have an estimated wealth of $47 Million and the Republicans have an estimated wealth of $3.6 Million.  If Leftist Democrats pant after money more ferociously than conservative Republicans, how can these Leftists campaign so ferociously against "The Rich"?

The key is how money is earned and wealth created.  Obama, Hillary and Elizabeth have made their fortunes in the Leftist hives of pampered elitist academia, government law, and influence peddling.  As I have noted in past articles, Democrats are heart, body and soul the "Lawyers Party."  Almost everyone who is anybody in the Democrat Party is mired up to their necks in the odious much of the legal profession.

In stark contrast, most of those 15 Republicans are not lawyers and two of the 15, Ben Carson and Rand Paul, are physicians.  Bobby Jindal, another non-lawyer, is an expert in the health care industry.  Nikki Haley built her career in business and accounting.  Bob Kasich was with an investment firm.

Moreover, most of these have constructed their professional and business careers in Flyover Country, places like Wisconsin, New Mexico, Texas, South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, Louisiana, Indiana and Ohio.  If the Left gave a damn about the middle class or the exploitive rich, then it would focus on why six counties surrounding the District of Columbia are among the seven highest income counties in America.

The Left is infested with politicians who have engaged in no productive activity at all, in some cases it seems over their entire lives, except in the surreal universe of Leftism which deems faceless regulators, well connected litigators and boorish professors to be "productive" people. 

These Leftists do not war on the "rich," a class in which they are fully and greedily represented, but upon the "productive rich," the people who heal the sick, produce the oil and gas, build and operate the businesses and otherwise make life better and more prosperous for ordinary people.  There is, of course, a latent jealously which these Plutocratic Leftists feel towards those who by honest sweat get rich;  the actual creation of wealth is a mystery to these Leftist Plutocrats, and what they cannot understand, of course, they fear and despise. ESR

Bruce Walker is the author of book Poor Lenin's Almanac: Perverse Leftists Proverbs for Modern Life and a contributing editor to Enter Stage Right.






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