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The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Twelve:  An American President Increasingly Slow And Indelibly Soft On Undeniably Genocidal Islam

By Michael Moriarty
web posted March 2, 2015

Here is the most impressive political vision to be shared with America since the nightmare of ISIS began.

Perhaps since the modern compilation of snippets from Ronald Reagan's Presidency.

Marco Rubio's recent thoughts, the eloquent feelings he shared with Congress, ring not only with the rarest of feelings, Patriotism – something which has been criminally absent in the White House for over six years – but with a Judeo-Christian understanding which has, in my opinion, only been matched by the American loyalties shown in the past two years by the life and words of Allen West.

Please listen to Marci Rubio's entire speech… you won't regret it.

I'm inclined, despite the most recent CPAC votes, to place Marco Rubio at the top of the Republican list of Presidential contenders.

Even above my personal favorite, the yet-to-declare-his-intentions-to-enter-the-Presidential-race, Colonel Alan West.

This neck-to-neck race in my heart between Marco Rubio and Alan West is only broken by my certainty that what America needs now is a Presidential combination of General Dwight D. Eisenhower and President Ronald Reagan.

In other words, President Alan West would be and is, for myself at any rate, the most important Republican candidate and contender.

Why Alan West?

As Biblical Israel's only hope had become David of Goliath fame… Alan West, the Christian warrior, is clearly the only leader/monarch/warrior king/president who is militarily capable of facing the increasing Evil alliance of Communism's Russian bully, Vladimir Putin and his Red Chinese pals in Beijing's Politburo coupled with the most undeniably dangerous trouble-maker in the Middle East, Iran.

An alliance even more dangerous to the future of a Free World than was the Nazi, Fascist and Imperial Japanese Axis that tore the world apart for almost a decade.

Ergo, and I repeat, the only immediate answer to this horrifying threat is a Presidential combination of both General Dwight D. Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.

A Presidential check-mate to that Communist/Radically Muslim Axis could then free Western Civilization from the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama Nation's Suicidal Stagnation and Middle Eastern horror show, the nightmare of the Free World's dwindling population and American leadership's undeniable corruption.

All gifts to the human race of any importance can only be bestowed by God.

The God of the Holy Bible.

Not the God of Islam nor other, human divinities such as Buddha.

So far there is a most welcome abundance of promising Republican candidates for the White House, from the exceptionally eloquent Marco Rubio to Bobby Jindal to Dr. Ben Carson to Scott Walker.


We need an Eisenhower right now!

A man gracefully familiar with the American military and military strategies.

Only Allen West can provide that.

A President West would be able to interweave his unquestionably traditional vision of Classic America into the present demands that America be defended, not only from ISIS but from the entire terrorist mentality that pores most deliberately and disgustingly out of the would-be atomic power, Iran, Iran's terrorist allies such as Hezbollah and this disease's strongest allies: Putin's Russia and Red China.

The Napoleonic greed of Russia's Vladimir Putin, his dream of reconquering the previous realms of the Stalinist Soviet Union?

Putin, facing a President Alan West, would think twice about confronting America at his own possible Waterloo.


President West and his administration would read Putin's psychology and its Napoleonic/Stalinist ambitions, analyze it with such certainty and detail that President West would begin to know this greedy tyrant's every next move.

Since my first love is hardly military history, I only offer these thoughts out of my certainty about Col. West's exceptional gifts for leadership. It is all contained in my two to three year experience with his thinking. His inner vision of what America has been as versus what it has become since Kennedy's assassination. Only with the exception of Ronald Reagan's divinely simple genius, the United States has been continually, economically and, in the profoundest sense, spiritually crippled under the Machiavellian cunning that has passed throughout the administrations of Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr. and now, God help us, the worst of them all: Barack Hussein Obama.

The problem?

Allen West hasn't signaled his interest in the challenge yet.

I suspect he has pondered the possibility.

With the clarity of Allen West's vision, his understanding of the major deficiencies in each of the previous Presidencies and the singularly strengthening power of Reagan's simple but indelibly eloquent patriotism?

Allen West cannot only challenge the present Republican field throughout the primaries, he will, most certainly if Hillary Clinton is the Democrat candidate, achieve the nomination!


Hillary Clinton's history-making nomination as the first female candidate for the American Presidency will be challenged by the Republican Party's certainty in what Dr. Martin Luther King has written upon the soul of America: "not the color of your skin (or title to your gender) but the content of your character!"

In a battle of "character", Hillary Clinton would have no chance against Allen West. In addition, West's candidacy would counter the traditional Left's claim that American conservatives are racist.

The major theme of the coming election will, no doubt, be "What to do with ISIS?!"

President Obama has, with what I believe are treasonous intentions, demanded that Islam not be indicted for the actions of what he simply calls "violent extremists"!

Why do I indict Obama with treasonous intent?

The only thing that explains not just some of the President's actions but all of his destructive accomplishments is my translation of Obama's veiled threat.

From the evidence so far, what the President has always intended is not "The fundamental transformation of the United States of America" but the fundamental destruction of both the United States and Israel!

Iran is legendarily not only the proclaimed mortal enemy of  both Israel and the United States… Iran is the greatest supporter and contributor to Islamic terrorism of all kinds!

Beginning with Hezbollah, Iran has propagated its state-sponsored terrorism.

From the above linked source: "The Iranians and PIJ (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) first made extended contact in the late 1980s in Lebanon. Subsequently, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps trained PIJ members at Hezbollah camps in Lebanon and Iran commenced funding PIJ."

For the President to lie shamelessly about Iran's open sponsorship of terrorism and not include that terrorist nation with the most recent and radical version of terrorism, ISIS?!

And then,
after the evidence
 of Islamic Iran's evil intents,
to ask Americans
to believe that ISIS
is not Islamic?!

When the terror ring starts in Iran and its hopes for an atomic bomb to blow Israel off the globe, then exported from Tehran throughout the Middle East by the likes of Hezbollah?!

And this monumental horror show spiralling up and out into the insanely sadistic and plague-like universe of ISIS?!

For President Obama to send emissaries to sit and negotiate respectfully with a terrorist nation while, at the same time, dismissing ISIS as a renegade outlaw, utterly un-Islamic?!

No one would stop the Democrat Party's word-game nonsense more eloquently or decisively than a President Allen West, fully capable of inspiring The Pentagon and the American armed services, all of them, with a priority list of enemies: ISIS first and then Iran.

With a President Alan West and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel in complete and instant contact through an American emissary such as a Secretary of State Marco Rubio, one legendarily loyal to Israel, Iran is caught in a Free World, Nuclear Squeeze Play.

No atomic weapons for Iran!

Message sent with a fleet of American and NATO warships in the Mediterranean to face the previously, belligerently and provocatively sabre-rattling warships of Russia, China and Iran.

This is not merely nations allying themselves with one another.

This is an open display of the 3,000 year old, Judeo-Christianity's willingness to go to world war with both an ancient and new set of rapaciously deadly enemies: the 1,400 year-old Islamic Radicals allied with the 100 year old Communist Axis.

The God of Moses and Christ versus the God of Muslims and Marxists.


A Holy War.

Amazing how the intellectuals of the Free World somehow think that if America does not engage ISIS directly that ISIS will eventually fade and go away. At least that's what Graeme Wood indicated in a later, unusually long interview with Fox News' Shepherd Smith which has yet to be made available on the Net.

Somehow the Free World thought that Hitler would go away if we throw him small bits of land like Austria and Czechoslovakia… and then Poland.

The Free World has been conceding to ISIS portions of the Middle East, particularly corners of Syria and Iraq, in the same exact way.

The capital of ISIS is not in Syria and Iraq but in Iran!

Despite all the diplomatic games going on in Tehran, what really bolsters ISIS is Obama's weakness before Iran.

Despite Islamic claims to the contrary, ISIS is, in the end, working for IRAN, creating a distraction from the vitally important negotiations going on between President Obama and President Hassan Rouhani of Iran.

Obama's nuclear surrender to Rouhani and Iran, the American embarrassment of which is becoming clearer and clearer as the supposed negotiations continue.

World Communism chose to break the stalemate between the Free World and it by allying Communism with the deadliest of mortal enemies threatening Israel: Iran.

This isn't the brain surgery which the Leftist Free World of intellectuals and fraudulently "objective" historians wish to paint it as.

"World War III can be avoided if you listen to our double-talk!"

Shame on the Free World for not immediately stopping ISIS dead in its tracks.

Now Iran has found its blitzkrieg and Panzer divisions!


Iran's next best friend is in the White House!

President Barack Hussein Obama.

Impeach him now or Congress makes him an American elder statesman! Obama should have been prevented from the Democrat nomination for President because of his treasonous connections to the likes of Reverend Wright and Bill Ayers.

However, America has surrendered to the "enlightened despots" of The New World Order.

The major problem.

The Progressive New World Order and its "enlightened despots" have decided to elevate Islam and throw Israel under the bus.

It is that simple.

And that horrifying!

Only a President Alan West can throw a strong enough, Eisenhower/Reagan Message to Freedom's enemies.

Oh, my footnote?

Obama didn't know that his deliberate creation of a porous, profoundly leaky southern border from Mexico wouldn't be part of his "Arab Spring Celebration"?

A perfect entryway for the very terrorists that are so gripping the American public in growing horror?!

I think he did know, does know and consciously made a deliberate part of his Grand Strategy to "fundamentally transform the United States of America".

In other words, destroy what he and his wife have always so venomously loathed.

Impeach him before he makes himself a permanently honored part of American history as the American President who successfully made war on America!

Allowing such a man to remain in office for over six years has already changed the balance between Left and Right.

The American Left, because of Obama, is now undeniably a fully Marxist power base and, much to the world's surprise, indelibly soft on Radical Islam.


Neither the Left nor Islam want Israel to exist.

The Russia/China/Iran alliance is convenient for both of them. Iran has back-up if they do the job of destroying Israel and The Worldwide Left can blame Israel's demise on Islam.

The Holy Bible, however, has always revealed God's "other plans" for the Ultimate Fate of any anti-Semitic alliance. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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