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Eric Holder: Biting the hand that protects you

By Greg Strange
web posted March 23, 2015

Know what the two biggest lies in the world are?  Your checks in the mail and "hands up, don't shoot."

That's right.  According to, first, the grand jury investigation of the Michael Brown shooting and then the civil rights investigation that was instigated by Attorney General Eric Holder, "hands up, don't shoot" was a total lie.  Never happened, forget about it.  So, scratch one urban legend.  Or rather, scratch one pernicious fabrication designed to inflame the passions of those for whom perpetual grievance is a way of life and critical thought is an elusive mystery.

But despite its phoniness, "hands up, don't shoot" worked like a charm for stirring up a whole lot of agitation.  The generic "social justice" protestors, the race-obsessed malcontents and general rabble rousers came out of the woodwork all across the country, filling up the streets, blocking traffic, chanting their spoon-fed slogan and keeping entire cities on edge wondering where the next riot would break out.  Even elected officials in the United States Congress stood at the podium and repeated the concocted mantra in front of the entire world, apparently incapable of embarrassment or shame.

In New York City, protestors also chanted their desire for "dead cops" and lo and behold, just a few days later they got their wish with the unprovoked assassination of two police officers who were sitting in their patrol car.  According to the murderer's Internet posts, it was retribution for the killing of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, who died in a struggle when New York City police attempted to take him into custody.

And then earlier this month, in the midst of more useless protests in Ferguson, two cops were shot, but thankfully not killed.  A suspect was later apprehended and admitted to firing the shots, but said he was actually shooting at someone else and accidentally hit the police.  Sure, that sounds totally plausible so let's not make any hasty judgments like, for instance, that the shooter was in any way influenced by months of cop-demonizing rhetoric.

When Attorney General Holder first inserted himself into the Brown incident as if it was some kind of pre-civil rights era lynching, he announced that "the full resources of the Department of Justice have been committed to the investigation."   He couldn't have been happy when months later, after all the time, money and resources were expended, he had to conclude:  "Michael Brown's death, though a tragedy, did not involve prosecutable conduct on the part of Officer Wilson."

Talk about a let-down.  Holder had swaggered into town backed up by the full resources of DOJ and looking for a very particular outcome.  But a funny thing happened on his way to a rush to judgment: the facts of the case completely interfered.  Turns out Officer Wilson was lawfully defending himself from the hulking, intoxicated Brown who had just strong-arm robbed a convenience store.

As exonerations go, "did not involve prosecutable conduct" is about as tepid as they come.  It's pretty easy to imagine Holder's unspoken thoughts were something more like the following:  "We know Wilson is a racist cop and he's guilty as sin, we just can't prove it.  But don't worry because we won't rest until we find evidence that the whole Ferguson Police Department is racist to the core."

So Holder and the DOJ came up with a slew of statistics pertaining to tickets and arrests of black people that tries to make it look like the Ferguson Police Department is indistinguishable from the Ku Klux Klan.  Armed with those statistics, Holder referred to a "highly toxic environment" and said "it's not difficult to imagine how a single tragic incident set off the city of Ferguson like a powder keg."  Pointing to the use of excessive force against black residents, he concluded there was no explanation other than racial bias.

The "hands up, don't shoot" automatons didn't need any convincing, but Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who is black and has become something of a national figure of late, is "not buying one word" of the DOJ report.  In a television news interview Clarke said that "Holder is using traffic stops simply because he can exploit that data.  That's the first thing that race hustlers jump to . . . to make some sort of determination that . . . racial impropriety's going on here."

Sheriff Clarke, who, to reiterate, is black, continued:  "If you're a cop and you're working in an area that is predominantly black, most of your field interview stops, most of your police contacts, your calls for service, and most of your traffic stops are going to involve black individuals.  Officers don't . . . racially profile, they criminally profile."

Finally, Clarke, who, it bears repeating, is black, said, "I think that Eric Holder has an animosity . . . toward white police officers.  He truly believes that every white police officer is a stone-cold racist."

Don't be surprised if there's an IRS audit in Sheriff Clarke's future.

Clarke's viewpoint on these matters obviously clashes with that of Holder, who seems to think that all the trouble and rioting in Ferguson and elsewhere was an understandable reaction to the "highly toxic environment" created by racist cops over the years.
That's interesting, because if people's wrongful actions can be justified and even sympathized with because of a "highly toxic environment," does that work for the police as well?  Who works in a more "highly toxic environment" than those who put their lives at risk every day dealing with the worst that humanity has to offer and standing in the way of what would otherwise be anarchy?  Where is Holder's understanding of what they go through?

For Eric Holder, as well as Al Sharpton and all the other race-obsessed agitators, it's always circa 1950 in America, even in the second term of a black president.  So they stir up the mobs with irresponsible rhetoric, cities burn and people get hurt and sometimes killed.  If the police are not supported by our highest government officials, if the police actually become targets, then their ability, as well as their desire, to protect us will be severely diminished and we will all pay a steep price. ESR

Greg Strange's web site can be found at http://www.greg-strange.com. (c) 2015 Greg Strange.






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