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Desperately seeking defeat

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted April 23, 2007

The treachery of the political Left knows no bounds: The Congressional Democrats and their Big Media cohorts don't give a flying fig about safeguarding America and prevailing against an insidious enemy, the Islamo-fascists, that are intent on waging global Jihad. For the Leftist dolts, it's all about winning elections, acquiring power, and thwarting the efforts of President George Bush and the Republicans. What's the Left's modus operandi? The usual tactics - lies, smears, political manipulations and propaganda. The Left has dubbed the Iraq campaign "Bush's war" - and by extension, the GOP's war - and they would like nothing better than to see America's efforts crash and burn in Iraq. It's not surprising that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pulled an extremely unsavory political stunt last week.
Here's some background: Since the Baghdad surge is demonstrating modest gains with only 60 percent of the additional troop deployments in play, the Democrat leadership was desperate to throw a monkey wrench into the mix. You would have thought that Congressional Democrats would have been interested in what General David Petraeus - a renowned counterinsurgency expert and top commander in Iraq - had to say about the situation on the ground, considering that he received unanimous Congressional approval and an enthusiastic send-off wishing him "God-speed" and "good luck". But, no, that was not the case. Congressional Democrats are only mindful of their own agenda. Hence, they were determined to roll-in a grenade to preempt any favorable news coming out of Iraq.
That being said, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid averred "This war is lost" and the Baghdad surge is not working. What a dastardly propagandist act, aimed at demoralizing our troops and fooling the American people! In past eras, Harry Reid would have been denounced as a traitor and summarily dismissed from his top spot in the Senate, with the profound approval of the citizenry. But not anymore.
Sadly, we live in a nation precariously poised on the slippery slope of moral relativism, where standards are falling by the wayside and many people are afraid to speak-up on the blight of cultural decay. In this current political and social climate, it's not surprising that right-leaning Americans (well, those still willing to pay attention to the political news) are simply shaking their heads in disapproval, and thinking Reid is undoubtedly a low-life scum. Moreover, the shock value has worn off - Mainstream America is slowly becoming anesthetized to the Left's constant conniving and ploys that have notably coarsened the political landscape.
It's clearly Senator Reid's hope that the good news from Iraq gets short-shrift. According to the Pentagon, the surge is having some limited success in its early stages: Murders in Baghdad fell from 1,200 to fewer than 480 in March. Interestingly, the number of suicide bombings have increased about 30 percent, but have been prevented from creating the "horrific damage" of the past, as per a story from the Washington Post. It will still take several more months for complete troop deployments (30,000 total) to be settled in Baghdad. General Petraeus is employing a counterinsurgency strategy geared toward stabilizing Baghdad neighborhoods in order to set the stage for political reconciliation among the warring factions.
Oh please, for those still in denial of Senator Reid‘s chicanery, let me underscore that the Democrats are well capable of dishing out abusive treatment to our soldiers.. They loaded up the supplemental war bill with billions of dollars worth of pork for their pet projects and a troop withdrawal timetable that only helps our enemies, understanding full well that President Bush would have no other recourse but to veto it. The game playing of the Leftists is only ratcheting up simply because they're not being adequately challenged by the GOP. Reportedly, Congressional Democrats are considering their options and may offer up a "two month" or a "three month" Iraq funding bill being floated by Rep. John Murtha who chairs the House panel providing oversight for military monies. Essentially, the Congress intends to subject Bush and the military to its harassing antics every few months, ensuring that monies are always in short supply, while maintaining the political cover of "funding the troops". Inevitably, there's going to be a major showdown between President Bush and the Congress. Moreover, this is thoroughly illustrative of the fact that Democrat leaders are spewing claptrap when they claim that they "care" about our troops.
Many of these Congressional Democrats who are spearheading the effort against Iraq are the same anti-war, anti-military, "blame America first" malcontents that established their bona fides during the Vietnam era. They're a despicable lot. And is it any wonder that they're now beholden to the barking moonbat contingent (the Left-wing fringe), which insists that America "pull out now" from Iraq?
But what really concerns me is Republican fecklessness, as the GOP is seemingly paralyzed and unable, or perhaps unwilling is the more appropriate word, to capitalize on the Democrats' ghastly behaviors. There should be myriad Republican spokesmen out-and-about the various media for the purpose of delineating to the American people how the Democrat leadership is undermining our soldiers and our security. But it's not happening, and the GOP is not getting the job done.

Sure, the public is well capable of snapping out of its current malaise, and the pendulum is bound to swing toward the Republicans over time. However, effective GOP leadership would help it along nicely. Which begs the question, where's the GOP backbone? It reminds me of the Internet humor being promulgated, with a picture of a plastic chiropractic spine on the side of a milk carton that's tagged underneath, "GOP spine, have you seen me?"
My sense of it is that President Bush has bigger fish to fry - the Islamo-fascists and their terror hoards - than to assiduously tackle Leftists run amok in America. In response to Reid, Bush noted that "withdrawal is not a strategy", which was both accurate and civil. But at this juncture, we need others challenging the contemptible behaviors of the political Left. My hope is that a feisty GOP presidential candidate emerges from among the contenders to hammer home the fact that the Leftist Democrats, in their quest to win elections and expand power, are abetting the enemies of America. ESR

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.


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