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France or America: Love it or leave it

By Bruce Walker
web posted July 16, 2007

Nicholas SarkozyPro-American and devoutly religious Nicholas Sarkozy, who I predicted in October 2004 would be the next President of France, is holding up very well in public opinion polls in France, as is his Prime Minister Francois Fillon.  Sarkozy has already moved with great energy toward several policy goals, like not taxing Frenchmen for the wages they earn by working overtime.  Sarkozy is a high-energy, move quickly, accomplish reforms type of leader.

Perhaps his most interesting proposal is to pay illegal immigrants to leave France.  Fifty years or so ago in America, there was a slogan which patriotic Americans proclaimed (and for which were immediately denounced as bigots.)  What was the slogan?  "America:  love it or leave it."  Why, exactly, is that offensive? 

It is no big problem for anti-American Americans to live abroad.  English, although spoken less and less in parts of America, is spoken as a second language almost everywhere on Earth and there are English-speaking democracies all over the globe.  Travel is easy.  Nations are open.  Europe, in fact, which is rapidly become Islamized and de-Westernized, would probably welcome a few million American-loathing Americans, who could help save Old Europe from the demographic disaster it faces.  And did not Alec Baldwin and many others promise us to leave America if President Bush was elected?  He was, and now, Alec, the rest of us feel cheated:  why are you still here?

Sarkozy's plan to pay illegal immigrants to leave France is, essentially "France:  love it or leave it."  His clear stand should embolden Americans to again say to anti-American Americans "America: love it or leave it."  Those Americans who believe that America is a Fascist state run by a corrupt government that lies to its citizens and those anti-American Americans who bemoan constantly those supposed sharp divisions of wealth, race, gender (yawn), and other schisms should leave America.  They have no moral right to stay here.

Ironically, the best way to demonstrate this is by comparing the case of unhappy, angry Americans staying here unhappy and angry with something near and dear to the heart of Leftists and many other people:  domestic abusers.  Unhappy, angry Americans are really abusive Americans.  They are domestic abusers.  They are America-batterers.  They are the vicious man or woman who stays in a home simply for the purpose of battering and abusing his or her family members. 

Conservatives and other normal people are quite content to live in our home (America) in peace with our brothers and sisters, our husbands and our wives.  America-hating citizens are the perfect example of abusers who want to "teach" us – by abuse, of course – how to live the "right" way (how they wish us to live) and to use every imperfection in American life as an excuse to go on a violent, loud rampage in our home, terrorizing other family members and ruling our home through savage intimidation.

What is the response of those Leftist batterers in our national family?  Like all abusive family members, they have lots of excuses.  They want to "change" America from within:  that is utterly phony; a thuggish husband has no right to "change" his wife by battering her; he has no right to determine that she needs to change; and he has no right to batter her at all.

These abusers also seek to protect the world from America.  Yet the world, itself, seems very much to want to live in America and to enjoy American values.  That is like the abusive wife terrorizing her children because her children are a danger to the neighborhood. 

These abusers really "love" America, but they believe that we have lost the American Dream.  How often does a man who has bloodied his wife tell her how much he really loves her, and that he just wants to return their marriage to when it worked?  Again, America-abusers take it upon themselves to determine what love really is, and how the so-called beloved should accept that love.

The answer, of course, is divorce and a protective order.  That is just what America needs to protect itself against family members who hate it.  These batterers should be treated just like any other batterers.  And the rest of us should divorce them. ESR

Bruce Walker has been a published author in print and in electronic media since 1990.  He is a contributing editor to Enter Stage Right and a regular contributor to Conservative Truth, American Daily, Intellectual Conservative, Web Commentary, NewsByUs and Men's News Daily. His first book, Sinisterism: Secular Religion of the Lie by Outskirts Press was published in January 2006.


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