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The Divinely Human Prison: Chapter Thirty-Four: War of The "Godfathers": Donald Trump Versus George Soros

By Michael Moriarty
web posted July 27, 2015

Before I begin describing this unavoidable duel between George Soros and Donald Trump, I must first share my oldest dream of who the next President of the United States should be.

Col. Allen West.

However, a black Presidential candidate following the horror show of The Obama Nation?!

As heartbreaking as that scenario is, Allen West is the very Third Millennium Dwight Eisenhower America desperately needs to fight the renewed Cold War with Vladimir Putin's Neo-Soviet Russia, Red China's greedy takeover of the Pacific and, of course, Iran and Radical Islam's ISIS depravity.

The now-possible-President Donald Trump would at least do well to make Allen West the Secretary of Defense and give him a completely free hand about defending America and kicking the shit out of Iran and ISIS.

I doubt if Donald Trump is that trusting of anyone but himself.

Oh well, that is, perhaps and for myself at least, Donald Trump's most unsettling proclivity.

However, as Defense Secretary Allen West wouldn't back down on his positions about anything while still following Presidential orders. Unquestionably, West would make one of history's greatest American Secretaries of Defense.

As for Trump and George Soros?

Donald TrumpGeorge Soros
The Inevitably Dueling Godfathers

I have this strange feeling that Donald Trump saw George Soros, in some midnight apprehension, play a phony game of Russian roulette with that reincarnation of a Neo-Soviet Russia, Vladimir Putin, but then Trump saw the same Hungarian madman, George Soros, whom I call the reincarnation of Karl Marx himself, turn a nobody named Barack Hussein Obama into a two term President of the United States.

If there is a Godfather of ingenious duplicity, a real one, it is George Soros.

Here, in this rather bizarre "hit piece" video on George Soros, George Soros has convinced his malevolent biographers that George Soros is a Capitalist. A wealthy but British-controlled operative working for Margaret Thatcher.

In this desperately critical, video sketch of George Soros, you can hear Soros himself corroborate this mistaken estimate of his political and financial philosophy.

In it Soros is ostensibly working for England as a British enemy and saboteur of the early efforts of the European Union to create a European United States. He accomplishes this by ironically "breaking the Bank of England."

"George Soros
 Did not break the Bank of England…
The proof is that George Soros is still alive!"

According to this documentary's POV, George Soros is also still acting as a "British asset".

"If he'd done what they say he did, he'd have been killed."

Soros is labeled by this "documentary" as a lying stooge for the British Empire.

Soon we see that this entire video is, to a great extent, an apologia for a very questionable figure, Lyndon LaRouche.

However, and very much on the other hand, Wikipedia's biography of George Soros describes the billionaire troublemaker as the exact opposite of a Capitalist operative for a vanished British Empire.

From the Wikipedia article: "Soros is a well known supporter of progressive-liberal political causes."

This rather glib and self-contradicting, Pro-Lyndon Larouche biography of George Soros agrees with one corner of my personal opinion: George Soros is a profoundly dangerous, Communist agent de sabotage, as he does his best to destroy the United States; and to do so while he attempts to hide and remain, as best he can, out of the public eye.

Here is Bill O'Reilly's portrait of the Far Left billionaire, George Soros.

Please watch the entire thing.

It is most illuminating and profoundly alarming, considering that it aired during the first term of Dr. George "Jeckyll" Soros' Mr. Hyde, President Barack Hussein Obama and that good-looking monster's first term as President of the United States.

As media Consultant, the impressively eloquent Phil Kent, informs us in this video that "George Soros is the Dr. Evil of Left Wing Foundations."

Mr. Kent reminds us that George Soros said this:

"The main obstacle
 to a stable and just world
is the United States."

Kent goes on to say, "He (George Soros) really hates this country" (the United States).

Kent also adds that Soros has funded Islamic organizations which support suicide bombers.

"Soros," says Mr. Kent, "believes wealth controls culture, and he wants to really control the political scene in the United States and the media."

This O'Reilly video is years old, taped sometime during Obama's first term, and it drastically predates the recent and sudden eruption of Donald Trump on the scene.

O'Reilly then asks Mr. Kent if there are any political conservative organizations that can rival the Soros Empire?

Mr. Kent says there aren't.

However, Mr. Kent was yet to be aware of Donald Trump as a future, Republican Presidential candidate.

Donald Trump, observing all this George-Soros-Black-Magic, must be saying to himself, "I can do that!"

"I can rule the whole world too!"

Trump thinks the most recent center of America's attentions should be Donald Trump.

Amazingly he is being proven right.

"George Soros," Trump might secretly say to himself, "has nothing on me! I've been ‘making offers no one can refuse' for decades! With billions of dollars in my banks and businesses, I'm probably the most well-connected Godfather in American history!"

The differences between the two men?

Donald Trump is very much his own kind of Christian.

George Soros, imitating what I believe is the only hero in his life, Karl Marx… George Soros is a Jewish atheist.

Unlike Soros, instead of letting one of his own pawns take all the glory, Donald Trump wants the glory all to himself.

What are George Soros and Donald Trump battling about?

The ownership and future of the United States of America and therefore the future of the entire human race.

If that isn't displaying god-like ambitions by two mere human beings, what would or could be it be?

If Trump succeeds in becoming President of the United States?

George Soros has been unseated!

For which I will thank God!

The ultimate goal of both Soros' Communism (including his and President Obama's fraudulent and equally faked differences with Vladimir Putin) and the Sorosified, Obamatized and Putinized version of Communism?

Plus it's recent, fair-weather ally, Islam, Radical and otherwise?

Their combined, Red Islamic objective is the complete destruction of Judeo-Christianity.

That objective was Karl Marx's aim and, as I've said, George Soros is the billionaire reincarnation of Karl Marx back for full and complete revenge and total victory.

That, however, is never going to happen!


God, the Jehovah of the Bible, both testaments, despite appearances and George Soros's personal opinion, is always in complete control. When The Almighty doesn't appear to be in control, He is letting the Devil expose himself and, as a result of the Mephistophelean narcissism, the Devil defeats his own benighted mission.

George Soros, like Karl Marx, has been, is, and will always be, to quote Donald Trump's remark about George Soros' disciple, Barack Hussein Obama, "no friend of Israel".

With the same Christian-Cross-wearing certainty of Ann Coulter, my money is on Donald Trump.


Few know or are willing to admit, including Donald Trump, that the man who has really been in charge of changing most of the world, particularly America, is George Soros.

As a result, Democracy is barely applicable anywhere.

The Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights, in the last twenty years of America, has become an American politician's toilet paper.

In short, the Bush/Clinton/Bush/Obama Presidencies have treated America's founding documents as nothing more than tools to defend their worst intentions.

And what is their combined worst intention?

A New World Order to be run not by America but by the United Nations.

The very same United Nations that President Obama and his bipartisan pals of The New World Order think must take precedence over the United States Congress… and our Donald Trump's very own backyard.

Painfully breathtaking to say, with the exception of Ronald Reagan, treason has been ruling the White House and America ever since John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

Congress' refusal to impeach Barack Obama for the obvious high crimes and misdemeanors he's committed?!

That fatal and undeniably criminal disregard by both sides of the legislature is all part of a treasonous surrender to a New World Order.

The American government now is therefore, like the government of Mexico, an increasingly grotesque child of corruption.

Twenty years ago, I saw such corruption in America with the Clinton Administration's Janet Reno and left for Canada.

This treasonous attempt by President Barack Hussein Obama to turn America into a Communist Islam?

The Marxist Muslims that display their Third Millennium "Axis" by shared naval operations in the Mediterranean, boasting a fleet of ships from Red China, Russia, Syria and Iran?

The best friends of Marxist/Muslims in America right now?

They are George Soros and his increasingly delusional puppet, President Barack Hussein Obama.

On a psychiatric level,
I describe George Soros
And Barack Obama
 As two of the most successful megalomaniacs
 In world history
Since Mao Zedong.

The vital question, however is, "Can the Soros invasion of the entire Free World, from Europe to the United States, be stopped by any known Democracy on Earth, including America?"

No, it cannot.


 Following the reelection of Barack Hussein Obama,
 Are finding it increasingly impossible
 To exist at all anymore.

Unless a someone with the same sized ego as Soros and a lifestyle that is based on TEGWAR, The Exciting Game Without Any Rules (see the film, Bang The Drum Slowly)… unless such a man comes along and volunteers to oppose the Nation of George Soros and his number one disciple, Barack Hussein Obama?

In short, an American reincarnation of Winston Churchill?

All is lost.

Though hardly "Churchillian", that someone I am dreaming about is, in my not-so-humble opinion, an administrative combination of Donald Trump and Allen West.

No one can understand a George Soros and Barack Hussein Obama better than Donald Trump because all three are so very much alike.

That is why
Donald Trump has already "Trumpeted"
How perfectly he will get along
With his presidentially empowered friend,
 Vladimir Putin.
They are, as they say, "soul brothers".
Twin masters,
As Donald Trump himself might put it,
 of the negotiating table.

In addition, and except for The Soros's low-key style and Obama's slick and persuasive delivery versus The Donald's unending histrionics, plus Vladimir Putin's own version of "narcissism", their egos? They are, all four of those egos, quite similar in both size and endurance.

There are, however, a few other, very, very major differences.

Soros is a cold-blooded atheist.

Obama is a not-so-closeted Black Muslim.

Putin is a would-be-Joseph Stalin.

Trump, though his relation to God seems profoundly ungrateful, is a very hot-blooded Christian but a Christian nonetheless. Find the Frank Luntz interview in the above link and watch the entire thing.

Trump is definitely sitting in Ann Coulter's very Christian ballpark.

On the other hand, it is tough, almost impossible, for The Donald to give any major credit to anyone or anything but himself. He's admitted to Frank Luntz his never having asked God for forgiveness. I found that remark by the potential President Trump painfully ungrateful to God who has obviously extended forgiveness to Donald Trump without Trump having even asked for it.

Perhaps God knows,
As Trump does,
That time is of the essence
And that first things
Come first.

First get Trump elected President of the United States, say I, while, at the same time, both Ann Coulter and I are offering thanks to God for putting up with Donald Trump's attitude.

Knowing what America desperately needs to be saved, I don't mind that set of priorities.

I and Ann Coulter will do all the thanking to God for Donald Trump.

Trump's the only Godfather gifted enough and tough enough to checkmate his mirror image, George Soros and the George Soros/Obama Nation.

Checkmate George Soros and you have, as difficult as it might be to believe, saved Democracy from one of its greatest enemies.

George Soros,
Is, perhaps,
 The worst and most dangerous Godfather to ever,
In world history,
Live in the United States.


He deliberately gave us Barack Obama.

And, with America's invaluable assistance, gave us Barack Obama twice!

With a President Donald Trump, the Godfather of American ambition, we've found a leader who speaks the same language as the Godfather of totalitarian rule, George Soros.

Only one of them has God on their side.

It is not George Soros.

As I describe in my next article, Donald Trump, as most of us know by now, is shamelessly a bully.

However, Trump is not George Soros who has been an anti-American saboteur since he discovered how exciting it was as a boy to work for the Nazi's in German-occupied Hungary.

From the Soros interview with Steve Kroft:

KROFT: Went out, in fact, and helped in the confiscation of property from the Jews.
Mr. SOROS: Yes. That's right. Yes.
KROFT: No feeling of guilt?
Mr. SOROS: No.


The next, but permanently successful monstrosity to occupy Hungary was Communism.

The Nazis had eventually lost!

However, the Communists have succeeded and are still succeeding in the Free World with George Soros.

Nothing beats a "Winner" in the eyes of men like George Soros and Donald Trump.

However, for Donald Trump the "winning nation" has always been America; and the "winning population" will always be Americans.

Though Soros' homeland of Hungary went from Nazis to Communists, George Soros found a way to hide his winning Communist and Redistribution of Wealth loyalties under the American euphemism: "Liberal-Progressive".

Here is the George Soros double-talking analysis and feigned disagreement with Vladimir Putin. It is the complete revelation of the Communist "redistribution of wealth" that he has demanded of Europe were Europe truly united in a European Union. The same "redistribution of wealth" that the Soros marionette, Barack Obama, is inflicting upon the United States.

Instead of saving Europe, George Soros made Barack Hussein Obama the virtual "Fuhrer" of the American Liberal-Progressive Movement.

No wonder an American,
 An eternally winning bully
 Like Donald Trump,
 Is pissed off enough
 To run for the Presidency.

Trump, in reality, is half Democrat, half Republican.

That makes the fellow billionaire, George Soros, one of Donald Trump's "pals", in the same way Trump claimed on Bill O'Reilly's show that he'll do a lot better job dealing with Russia and Vladimir Putin than Obama has.

Then how will Donald Trump convince America that each of his two feet in separate camps can be both physically and spiritually possible for a President of the United States?

Can he protect America as " the servant of two masters."

First of all, the only "master" of Donald Trump is Donald Trump.

Obviously Trump will need his classic bullying ways and a "Bully Pulpit" to perform his controversial magic tricks, his sleights of hand.

If anyone can do it, however, that anyone is Donald Trump.

That human, contradiction-in-terms is exactly how and why he became a billionaire.

Donald Trump
 Talking to all of America
 All at the same time.

No wonder he has so little patience with the outside world.

He hasn't time to listen to anything but the arguments going on inside himself.

Some, like myself, say that is not schizophrenic madness but creative genius.

For America and individual freedom's sake, I certainly hope I'm right.

America has put herself into such a deep and self-destructive hole, only a big American gamble on a man with big American ambitions can pull her out of it.

Ann Coulter
The Cute ‘n Sexy Firebrand, St. Ann Coulter

That man, for my money and for Ann Coulter's Cross on a Chain, is Donald Trump. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com. He can be found on Twitter at https://twitter.com/@MGMoriarty.






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