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Global warming hysteria, the new eugenics

By Henry Lamb
web posted August 13, 2007

The BP oil company ads on television are, or should be, enough to make you never buy another drop of British-Petroleum gasoline.   The farmer-type guy who stands there and talks about how wonderful it would be if you could grow a crop that you could convert to fuel to put in your tractor to plant next year's crops - is disingenuous, deceptive, and  disgusting.  So is the ad that shows a kid, holding what looks like a sugar beet, talking about making fuel out of the thing he's holding, and replanting it year after year.   BP airs these ads to suggest that they are working toward converting to this new "natural" fuel.

What a joke.  If every acre of productive land in America were converted to growing corn, sugar beets, or other so-called renewable fuel, it would not come close to meeting the demand.  Moreover,  it would essentially destroy the environment, since these crops are heavy feeders of both water and soil nutrients; it would force the importation of food from other countries; and the fuel product would cost more per gallon and deliver less energy than petroleum products.

This is the future the BP's ads suggest, but BP is not alone in this deception.   Guru-in-chief AL Gore's relentless tent-revival evangelism calls environmental sinners to the global warming altar to confess their C02 consumption, and to seek baptism in ethanol, and salvation in a Toyota Prius.

Gore's global warming religion is reminiscent of the eugenics phenomenon in the 20th century.  The elite of the scientific community, and well-to-do of the social set, embraced eugenics, as the enlightened way to the perfect society.  Skeptics were ridiculed, denounced, and pointed to as the kind of scum that would be eliminated if  eugenics became the official policy of government. 

Like the eugenics fiasco,  the global warming debate  left the scientific arena, and has become a matter of belief, or social acceptance.  The in-crowd "believes" that people are causing global warming and that the only way to stop it is to get government to force people to stop using fossil fuel.  The in-crowd is no longer interested in science.  Their only interest seems to be to discredit the people they call "deniers" and to pressure government into adopting the policies that will ultimately prevent the use of fossil fuels.

Gore's army of in-crowd zealots are in precisely the same position that the pro-eugenics in-crowd occupied when they convinced Hitler's government to implement the policies necessary to advance their point of view.

Should Gore's army prevail, the consequences will take longer than Hitler's violence, but the end result will be quite similar: the destruction of a significant portion of society. At U.N. Climate Change meetings, NGOs (non-government organizations), which function much like the "local eugenics societies" in a prior century, lobby the policy makers to deny developing countries the use of fossil fuel, and promote the use of solar panels and windmills.
Consequently, thousands of people die each day, needlessly, because they do not have access to affordable energy to power water pumps, refrigerators, stoves, transportation, and factories.

Just as the eugenics advocates had little or no concern for the people who did not measure up to their standards of genetic perfection, global warming advocates seem to have little or no concern for the people who are, or will be,  denied the benefits of abundant, affordable energy.  Note that the most verbose proponents of restrictive global warming policies are eager to tell everyone else to avoid the use of fossil fuels, and then get on their private jets, to return to their private mansions, powered by fossil fuels.

Al Gore used tons of fossil fuel to jet his entourage to Singapore, where he lambasted the "deniers" who have the audacity to disagree with the in-crowd - even though their disagreement is based on a mountain of scientific evidence

Gore whines about what he calls the "big oil" industry spending $10-million per year advancing their anti-global warming views.  But he fails to mention that government and foundations are spending several billion - billion with a B - each year to promote their global warming religion.

Like the eugenics fiasco, in the end, the truth will prevail.  Science will prevail, and the nonsense preached by guru-Gore will be rejected in the same way eugenics was rejected.  Gore's global warming gospel will prove to be just as empty as was the global cooling gospel of the 1970s.

The danger to the current generation lies with the hundreds, if not thousands, of misguided policy makers who have fallen under the spell of Gore's charismatic religion.  The folks who hold positions in state legislatures and in Congress can inflict major damage on the economy and the lifestyle of America, all the while thinking they are doing something good.  

Hitler - and his eugenics advocates - were absolutely convinced that they were doing something good. ESR

Henry Lamb is the executive vice president of the Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO), and chairman of Sovereignty International.


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