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Malignant  narcissism and the leftist elites

By Carol Devine-Molin
web posted August 13, 2007

Until a few weeks ago, I knew little about radio talk show host Tammy Bruce, an unapologetic lesbian and former NOW activist who made an amazing "right turn" to throw in with America's conservative crowd.  Part Reaganite, part strong libertarian, Bruce gave a fascinating speech for conservative youth, aired on C-Span 2, which helped deconstruct the political Left and provided insights into the Leftist mentality. Why is this a salient endeavor? Knowledge is power, and there's a significant political and cultural battle underway on many fronts in this nation.

In short, Conservatives are attempting to stem the tide of socialism and societal decay being brought about by the Leftists elites, most notably the Congressional Democrats, mainstream media types, Left-wing scholars and professors, and Left-wing lobbyists and activists, all of whom are key players in promulgating Leftist bile and propaganda. These elites are also known as liberals, socialists, Marxists, Stalinists, communists, secular progressives, and other labels or euphemisms indicative of the Left-leaning crowd. The good news is that Conservatives still constitute the majority in America and can prevail against the destructive political and cultural forces of the Left.

This isn't about rank-and-file members of the Democrat Party or even local Democrat politicians. What is under discussion is the Left-wing intelligentsia, often referred to as the "elites". That being said, clearly, the vast majority of people that self-identify as Democrats are not ideologues. They're Democrats for a variety of reasons such as: a) their parents belonged to the party, b) they reside in a region where the Democrats rule the roost, or, c) they're misguided in the belief that the Democrat Party is for helping the underdogs in society.

Unfortunately, the average Democrat really doesn't understand the modus operandi of their party. For the political Left, high taxation and redistribution of wealth via government programs are the means by which the Nanny state accumulates power and controls the citizenry. That's precisely why the Left is pushing for government-run socialized health care, while blatantly ignoring the fact that it provides poor quality services and generates waiting lists and prohibitive costs wherever it's been implemented.

The current Big Lie being disseminated by the Left is that people already have "socialized medicine" – HMOs and PPOs. So, am I to believe that it's just a hop, a skip and a jump to the next stop, government-run socialized medicine? What a bunch of malarkey!  HMOs and PPOs are run by private enterprise. Socialized medicine is an altogether different ball of wax run by Big Government (aka the Nanny state), and goes hand-in-glove with confiscatory levels of taxation. 

Essentially, the Left-leaning philosophy of the Democrat Party is that if you provide government with enough tax monies and enough authority, it can solve all societal problems, including ones associated with health care. That's utopian socialism, pure and simple. At its core, Leftist governance is all about power and control, under the pretext of achieving "equality" and kumbaya "good vibes". It's a system that stifles creativity, the competitive spirit and incentives. Invariably, the masses – the great unwashed – have one set of less-than-adequate goods and services, while the elites always manage to access the finer things in life that are unavailable to the peons. So much for the notion of "equality".

Moreover, socialism is about empowering the state and treating the individual like an idiot or non-entity; In contrast, Conservatives believe in empowering and trusting the individual. Tammy Bruce avers that it's really the Conservatives who are the "classical liberals" that champion individual rights, freedom, opportunity, democracy, upward mobility and capitalism that truly benefit all sectors of society, including the poor. Today's so-called liberals are nothing more than mind-numb, march-in-lockstep socialists that practice "group think" and demand political correctness.

Tammy Bruce speaks at length on the psychopathology of the Leftist personality and the resulting behaviors – She maintains that Leftist elites are essentially twisted and tyrannical individuals that are obsessed with their own gratification and dominance. They also consider themselves "unique" and have a sense of entitlement. How quaint. In Bruce's view, members of the Left-leaning intelligentsia suffer from a personality disorder known as "malignant narcissism". Inherent in this syndrome is that the afflicted – in this case, the Leftists - are self-loathing, hateful individuals given to "projection", a term denoting one of Freud's original ego defense mechanisms, which distorts reality and is anxiety reducing in nature. "Projection" is defined as "attributing to others, one's own unacceptable or unwanted thoughts and/or emotions."  

That being said, in her book entitled The Death of Right and Wrong, Tammy Bruce cites psychoanalyst Otto Kernberg who stated: "This pathological idealization of the self as an aggressive self clinically is called malignant narcissism. And this is very much connected with evil and with a number of clinical forms that evil takes, such as the pleasure and enjoyment in controlling others, in making them suffer, in destroying them, or the casual pleasure in using others' trust and confidence and love to exploit them and to destroy them."  

Moreover, Tammy Bruce indicates that: "The core components of this syndrome are pathological narcissism, antisocial features, paranoid traits, and aggression. Self-preservation, self-promotion, and maintaining power are all traits that prevail in the malignant narcissist. The people and issues they supposedly serve exist only to be exploited for their own benefit."

Pursuant to the theory of malignant narcissism, a Leftist sees others as hateful, when, in fact, it's an emotion stemming from their own psyche. These are paranoid individuals who readily demonize, attack, and attempt to destroy others perceived as "enemies". Furthermore, they demand conformity, exert control, stifle free speech, and demonstrate destructive, even self-destructive, behaviors, since the latter is a function of their own-self loathing and feelings of being evil and inferior. Tammy Bruce believes this proclivity to be self-destructive explains the Left's willingness to be of aid to the radical Islamists.

The concept of "malignant narcissism" certainly provides a mechanism for explaining a range of Leftist behaviors that are thoroughly odious. Through the wonder of C-Span, Americans have been able to watch the Democrats operate in Congress and demonstrate their true colors: Notably, Congressional Democrats have no qualms about undermining our troops on the battlefield, and they actually admit it would be a problem for their party if the Iraq surge were to succeed. Their claim of "support" for our troops rings hollow to the average American. And it's common knowledge among the citizenry that the Democrat Party is rooting for al-Qaida. That being said, the shameless and treasonous Democrats are clearly unworthy of our confidence in this wartime atmosphere when the safety and security of the nation is at stake.   

As previously noted, the "intelligentsia" has no tolerance for the free speech of political opponents. The Congressional Democrats continue their behind-the-scenes plotting to kill Conservative talk radio, despite the fact that they relish their own free speech and well entrenched support from both mainstream media "talking heads" and Netroot bloggers. Whether the Congressional Democrats realize it or not, their attempts to quash the free speech rights of others, and their close alignment with the Netroot kook activists that spew vitriol and call our troops "murdering, racist, bullies" are beyond the pale. That being said, Congressional Democrats still wonder why their poll ratings are in the gutter? ESR

Carol Devine-Molin is a regular contributor to several online magazines.


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