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The green enemies of progress

By Alan Caruba
web posted October 6, 2003

Not a day passes when I don't receive a book or read a news story filled with Green gobbledygook, the deliberately obscure language Greens use to hide their true agenda. The Green revolution is based on the techniques of the Communist revolution. It infiltrates organizations in order to take them over and it smothers the media with its profusion of lies in order to influence public opinion and policy. The Greens are patient, knowing that a lie told over and over again becomes the "truth" if not debunked over and over again.

Recently, I received a news release about yet another Green book. This one is titled The Web of Life Imperative: Regenerative Ecopsychology Techniques that Help People Think in Balance with Natural Systems. It was sent by the Institute of Global Education, which is identified as a "special NGO consultant to the United Nations Economic and Social Council." It is part of something called "Project NatureConnect" that operates out of Friday Harbor, Washington.

What struck me immediately -- and no doubt yourself -- is the use of verbiage to give the appearance of serious intellectual content, but which reveals only the pure invention of something called "ecopsychology." This is absurd pseudo-science, if in fact, psychology can be considered science despite its use of statistical information and endless "studies." It is psychology that has coined a variety of "syndromes" that has led, for example, to the drugging of millions of school children deemed to be "hyper-active" or suffering from "attention deficit syndrome."

This psychobabble book purports to respond to "the dire problems that arise because people in contemporary society live extremely nature-separated lives." This is hogwash! Anyone who has spent any time in the "great outdoors" knows that it is not a friendly place for humans. There are no supermarkets filled with a largesse of food in Nature. There are no places fit for habitation in Nature unless you pitch a tent, build a lean-to or find a cave. Nature does not provide clean water from the tap with a flick of the wrist. Nature offers merciless cold or heat.

The rise of civilization has been man's triumph over Nature. It was the invention of agriculture, barely five thousand years or so ago, that provided food and permitted the rise of towns and then cities, freeing men to become artisans and craftsmen. Nor are we "separated" from Nature. Ask anyone who just experienced a recent hurricane. Ask the Japanese who experienced a recent earthquake. Ask anyone who has fled a tornado or lived through one. Ask anyone how they feel about Nature after a flood has destroyed their home. Ask anyone whose home was burned to the ground in the now ceaseless forest fires that are the direct result of the Green insistence that all logging cease.

However, the new book says, "Reconnecting enables us to benefit from nature's unifying renewing powers. It transforms into constructive relationships the injured roots of our stress and disorders." More hogwash! Modern life provides more than enough stress and disorders, but earlier generations toiled long and hard, living short, brutish lives, for mere survival.

This weird book claims that "Contemporary people are blind to the importance and value of natural systems that flourish within and around us. We plant the seed of our blindness-to-nature in children by rewarding them for living indoors, sensuously separated from nature over 95 per cent of the time and, in addition, teach them that people are different than nature because we ‘think.'"

Well, think about this. Do you want children to live outdoors 95 per cent of the time? Do you want to have them taught that their unique human capacity for thought, for analysis, for understanding science, literature, and the arts, is wrong?

"Like a benighted cancer, we overrun, pollute and destroy natural systems in people and places while fully knowledgeable that these systems are life and support our life. Such behavior is a form of madness." For the record, barely 3 per cent to 5 per cent of the landmass of the United States of America involves cities, towns, highways, railroads and airports. The vast bulk of our population lives within fifty miles of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

The Greens regard the human species as a form of "cancer" on the Earth. We are said to be bent on the destruction of the Earth as we go about finding new ways (biotechnology) to abundantly feed the billions who would otherwise starve to death. We have eradicated diseases that threatened millions with needless death. We are threatened by other diseases because the Greens have systematically banned essential and beneficial pesticides to suppress insect and rodent pest populations.

We humans know how to grow and manage forests. We know how to ranch and farm. We know how to build systems to provide clean water to drink and irrigation for our farms. We know how to generate life-enhancing energy to light, heat, cool, and power our homes. We know how to provide medicines to protect and extend our lives. We know how to criss-cross the Earth in hours and days. We can communicate with each other as no previous generation ever could.

"In our denial, we learn to offer 'progress', 'God's will' and 'economic growth' as rationale for our injurious effects."

There it is. The bottom line. Greens hate progress if it means a better life for everyone on Earth. The Greens worship Gaia, the pagan Earth goddess, not the universal God of mankind. And the Greens do everything they can to destroy economic growth and the spread of prosperity anywhere on the face of the Earth.

The real threat to our lives are the Greens. There are other threats, but this evil anti-progress, anti-capitalist, anti-energy, anti-science, anti-God movement is the real cancer that seeks victory through its twisted belief that the only thing that matters is "Nature." Man is part of Nature and what matters most is each new child born today, bringing with them the hope of a better world for future generations.

Alan Caruba is the author of "Warning Signs", a collection of his commentaries published by Merril Press. His weekly column is posted on www.anxietycenter.com, the Internet site of The National Anxiety Center. © Alan Caruba 2003

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