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Can we get back to important issues? 

By Charles Bloomer
web posted October 16, 2006

And get out of the Foley induced gutter frenzy?

Earlier this month North Korea claimed to have exploded a nuclear bomb (doubts exist as to whether or not it was really nuke).  North Korea also threatened to fire a nuclear tipped missile at the US unless we agree to direct talks.  So what was the Dem response?  Harry Reid, Senate minority leader immediately called for an investigation of -- are you ready for this? -- George W. Bush.  Reid is trying to blame the Bush administration for North Korea's nuclear program.  Does Reid think we are stupid?  Or forgetful?  Will Reid want to include the "Agreed Framework" of his favorite presidents, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton.  Will Reid want us to look at what role was played by then-Secretary of State Madeleine Albright?  Somehow I doubt it.

For weeks now we have been inundated with endless reports of the salacious text messages from a now-resigned Congressman.  The Dems and their left wing media supporters have ignored the important issues that face us right now, today, preferring to wallow in the slime of a minor Congressman's peccadilloes.  In addition to North Korea and its insane dictator, Iran has refused to stop its nuclear program.  Iran has stonewalled the European negotiations and ignored the United Nations' threat of sanctions.

So let me ask a simple question.  Which of the following is a life-or-death problem (you may choose more than one):  a) A disgraced homosexual former Congressman; b) A nutcase leader of North Korea with nuclear weapons; c) A nutcase leader in Iran with nuclear weapons; d) Abandoning Iraq and leaving the country to terrorists.

If you chose b, c, and d, you are correct.  If you chose a, you're nuts.

Let's try another one.  Who is better qualified to lead the country against today's threats?  a) Democrats; or b) Republicans.

This one is a bit trickier.  If you believe that Iran, North Korea and terrorists pose an immediate threat to the United States, you likely chose b) Republicans.  If you believe a disgraced homosexual former Congressman is a threat to our society, civilization, and freedoms, you probably chose a) Democrats.  Of course to choose Democrats, you would have to ignore several sordid sexual scandals involving Democrats including more than one Congressman and even a former president.  So, if you chose a) Democrats, you live in a fantasy world.

With just a few weeks until the midterm elections that will decide the Congressional leadership, the dinosaur press is deep in its propaganda gutter promoting Liberal Democrats and ignoring the real issues that will impact our lives for years to come.  The left in this country will try hard to tarnish the entire Republican party with the actions of one pervert.  The Dems in Congress, deprived of their primary target when Foley resigned, are trying to indict the Republican leadership with their Watergate style inquisition – What did they know and when did they know it.  The Liberals' attacks against the Republican leadership are a blatant and transparent ploy to divert attention form their own lack of ideas and dearth of solutions.  The Dems know that their agenda of earth-shattering policies – raising the minimum wage, raising taxes, cut and run from Iraq – are not resonating with the American voters.  The Dems are hoping that smearing and sniping at Republicans will sweep them into power.  It all reminds me of an attack of hyperactive Chihuahuas.

As I have said repeatedly over the past couple of years, there is only one issue really worth considering in the elections – national security.  Everything else is meaningless if we are not secure.  The minimum wage, Medicare, Unions, Social Security will be non-issues if terrorists succeed in detonating a WMD in one of our cities; if North Korea manages to launch a long range nuclear-tipped missile into San Francisco or Seattle or Los Angeles; or if Iran develops a nuclear weapon and either uses it against Israel or, worse, gives it to some murderous terrorist group for use against our troop or worse yet, on the American homeland.

I do not want to see our national security placed in the hands of the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Jack Murtha, Ted Kennedy, and John Kerry.  I do not want to turn the Senate leadership over to Harry Reid and his ilk.  The loss of the House, the Senate, or both would turn the last two years of Bush's presidency from lame-duck to dead-duck, with serious negative consequences for us all. 

The War on Terror and the Cold War with Iran and North Korea cannot be won with appeasement, acquiescence, negotiations, and talks alone.  As Ronald Reagan made clear, we gain peace through strength.  Appeasement brings not peace, but more war.

The Democrats represent appeasement.  The Republicans, at least most of them, represent strength. ESR

Charles Bloomer is Contributing Editor for Enter Stage Right and creator of Liberty Call US. © 2006 by Charles Bloomer


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