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We're all Jewish now!

By Michael Moriarty
web posted October 30, 2006

It is beyond a little frustrating to be lecturing Ivy League graduates, Rhodes Scholars, Nobel Prize winners and young, record-breaking editors of the Harvard Law Review, edifying them about the Golden Rule. Some of these wunderkinds even claim they are Christian. Now, whether they are sincere in their testaments to faith or not, or whether they are really dancing somewhere between agnosticism and atheism, while, at the same time, crunching demographics, statistics on the huge, Christian voting bloc, spread all over the continental United States, well … I really don't give a flying spiritual or psychiatric diagnosis. The Golden Rule, as we all learned in Kindergarten, does not mean, "Let's do unto gestating infants … what we would not want done unto our own gestating infancy."

Now I think that's pretty self-evident, or, as we have all come to understand that now antiquated adjective of self-evident, this is a no-brainer.

However, we have been inundated by the revisionism, the re-interpretation of Christ in light of the on-going scientific discoveries,  having been apprised of this very revolutionary New Christ, one that according to Rev. Don Jones of Chicago, the late Rev. W. O. Vaught of Arkansas, Rev. Billy Graham, the virtual Pope of American Protestantism, and, finally, that most colourful of the New Evangelists, Rev. Jesse Jackson of Chicago – with two of these Revisionists from Chicago, Illinois, one might think that "toddlin' town" a New Jerusalem – as I say, we have been told repeatedly that the Catholic Church and her stand on abortion is beyond the Dark Ages, that it is Cro-Magnon, Counter-Revolutionary, comprised of antediluvian reactionaries who, as we all know, will be placed on the "ash heap of history" before even the United States of America is.

Progressive Southern Baptist, Rev. W. O. Vaught informed William Clinton of Arkansas, that, and I quote, "God has nothing against abortion!"

With his mentor's permission slip in his hand, former President William Clinton went racing off to the Governor's Mansion in Little Rock, the White House in D. C. and is now up in Harlem, New York, building a virtual Empire out of his Global Initiative.

His wife, Hillary, with the same permission slip handed her by Rev. Don Jones of Chicago, has followed her husband's path up the Yellow Brick Road of Planned Parenthood, pro-Choice and the first but full display of not demagoguery, but femagoguery, straight up into the capital of a whole New State of New York, now known as Clintongrad, with, of course, her eyes on the same White House that such a permission slip can give almost any Baby Boomer, if he or she is a genius or has the New Christ upon him - or her.

Odd isn't it, or rather selfish, I think, that so many Baby Boomers are determined to see that there will never be another Baby Boom again!

It's a little ungrateful, I think, but … oh, well …

So, "Let's do unto gestating infants what we would not want to have done unto our own gestating infancy. We can forget about the warning Christ gave us that as we do unto the "least" of these children, so we are doing unto Him! Let us not forget, that Christ came  - "Hallelujah!" - but he is gone now and there is no fear of ever really seeing Him again, unless, of course, he re-appears as the New Christ of the New Christianity, the one so alive and well in the New Jerusalem of Chicago!"

 "Run, Jesse, run!!"

 "The real reason we've been ‘struck on the road to the White House' is that we New Christians, Post-Modern Clergy of the New World Order believed in the Golden Rule, until, of course, we went to Science Class! Where we learned and are still learning all about the Population Problem - yup, there are too many of us … our big, fat human race, so overweight it's disgusting … and if you don't believe me, ask Nobel Prize winner James D. Watson of the University of Chicago …"

 "Run, Jesse, run!!"

He would sure whip humanity into shape, even faster than that Governator of California!

"Hasta la vista, gestating infants!!"

The New Christ of the New World Order.

An actor friend of mine once asked, "Michael, don't you think Bill Clinton is Messianic?"

"Jesus," I thought, "Precisely. The New Christ of the New World Order - he and his wife! It is a couple now, the Second Coming, and it is one even Communists could fall in love with. One half Christ - and the other half a Leninist Scientist, Dr. Kildare as an abortionist!! Clinton is always talking about the ‘common denominator' that will unite all religions and ideologies. He thinks it's him! And his wife! No wonder he wants his wife to have a shot at the White House. The story of the New Christ is only half-over!"

A former friend of mine, a Progressive Protestant - now a raving Progressive Fundamentalist - keeps sending me text and verse from the Bible to prove unequivocally, undeniably, implacably, on pain of heresy if you think otherwise that the dreaded Little Horn of the Book of Daniel, the small but most insidiously venomous of the three horned beasts of Revelations, is the Catholic Church herself.

It did get me to thinking what might be really a Little Horn these days, since all the pieces and players are in place for any Apocalypse you might want to dream up.

The Little Horn is Eugenics.

It is the diseased Science that erupted out of the soul of a psychotic mathematician named Sir Francis Galton.

This Little Horn of Eugenics is prophesied as getting badly wounded according to the Bible, almost dies, but then, of course, comes back stronger than ever.

Eugenics was the driving force beneath Adolf Hitler's dreams of a Super Man and Super Woman of the German Super Human Race. Sir Winston Churchill, Hitler's mortal enemy, called Eugenics the "perverse science."

The scar on this Little Horn of Eugenics was Hitler's defeat in World War II and Dr. Mengele scurrying off to South America to lick his wounds and help the world Scientific Community still have faith in Sir Francis Galton, his virtual Bible of a book, Hereditary Genius, and the homicidal necessities of Eugenics, the cornerstone of which is abortion.

Hereditary Genius!

Well, I am lecturing geniuses in this editorial, reminding them of the self-evidentiary nature of the Golden Rule. "Self-evidentiary nature" - it's a fancier way to put it and more impressive in court, and we have many lawyers sitting in the pews of this Church of the New Christ of the New World Law and Order.

Were there any gestating infants around to testify to the legalization of abortion, so effectively institutionalized by lawyers and scientists? Physicians, doctors, lawyers, the medical and legal community showed up at the Supreme Court hearings over Roe v. Wade, entered the well of the court as witnesses and ended up being the Judge.

Apparently they must have all been geniuses, they'd have to be, in order to get away with alienating the entire American Public from their inalienable right to life under the Declaration of Independence, and the right to life when created - not gestated.

I mean how could President Clinton not get away with convincing a Grand Jury, and the American People, that oral fornication was not sexual intercourse, and yet, our Supreme Court has not convinced us but mandated us to believe that we are not even life itself before the third trimester, let alone a human being and an American whose rights to life, liberty and happiness are inalienable.

No, I'm giving up on lecturing the geniuses.

They obviously know too much already.

And, that being so, the new Reverends of the New Christ of the New World Order can't really fall under Christ's forgiveness from the Cross. They can't be absolved because they really don't know what they are doing. They are not only geniuses, but some of them are even reverends!

My adoptive father – he is Italian and Catholic - said the real reason Christ forgave the Roman Soldiers and the Pharisees is because who our Lord's Father is. What will happen to the executioners of Christ, what Christ's Father will do to them will be so horrifying that you just have to forgive them because of the price they are just going to pay!

It is one thing to kill Christ once, but to kill him in the sacred and infinite innocence of gestating infancy, in the womb, outdoes even King Herod! And, at a rate of one and a half million gestating infants slaughtered every year in America - may the Devil have mercy on you, because Christ's Father isn't going to.

 "Nazis! Nazis," cry the multitudes, trained by the New World Order. "You and your father are Nazis!!"

No, my father and I are Catholics.

Adolf Hitler was a Eugenicist.

And now, with Rainbow Abortion, all races are entitled to be aborted. We don't have genocide. We have humanicide.

And that means we are all Jewish now. ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Mary Christmas and Force of Impact. Moriarty is also running for President of the United States in 2008 as a candidate for the Realists Party. To find out more about Moriarty's presidential campaign, contact rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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