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Pittsburgh massacre and the breathtaking hypocrisy of the left

By Greg Strange
web posted November 5, 2018

Guess what?  Hollywood celebrities, in a retched orgy of self-indulgent Trump hate, have blamed, and continue to blame, the president and everyone who voted for him for the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.  Well, knock me over with a feather!  Who would have guessed that a bunch of punk-ass actors – most of whom don’t even think the country of Israel has a right to exist – would mindlessly blame this massacre of Jews on Trump?

I won’t quote any of their vile and stupid tweets here, but instead pose a simple question:  Who has been more supportive of the country of Israel and Jews in general, President Trump or the beloved Barack Hussein Obama?  Trump had Israel’s back from the moment he set foot in office.  He quickly recognized reality and moved the American embassy to Israel’s actual capital city of Jerusalem.  Obama, on the other hand, thwarted Israel at every turn and then totally sold them out (and America as well) in the storied “Iran deal” to maniacs whose fondest wish in life is to orchestrate another holocaust.  Trump then scrapped that deal – which would have paved the way for Iran’s nuclear ambitions – and reimposed sanctions on the terror-supporting country.

Case closed.  Trump wins, Obama loses.

But the leftist twits of Hollywood have the unmitigated gall/stupidity to blame the massacre on Trump, even though the killer hated Trump because Trump surrounded himself with too many “kikes.”  And then there’s that other inconvenient fact that people have been irrationally hating Jews for literally thousands of years, which Trump can’t really be held responsible for.

Of course, it’s not just Hollywood.  All day long and late into the night, roundtables of political commentators on left-wing cable news channels call Trump a Nazi and a white supremacist while simultaneously demanding that he tone down his rhetoric.  Seriously?  How is it humanly possible to be this unselfconsciously hypocritical?  And all their reckless “Nazi” and “white supremacy” talk gets generalized to all Republicans, which is all the excuse unhinged leftists need to attack Republicans in public, as has happened countless times.  Care to take any responsibility for that, left-wing news?

But getting back to Barack Hussein O. for just a moment . . .  This guy, who spends his time now going around lambasting Trump and the Republicans for divisiveness, is completely unselfaware that he is the single most towering figure in the institutionalizing of destructive identity politics in America.  Consequently, it is his Democrat Party that has honed nearly to a science the weaponization of identity politics, all to the detriment of the United States.

And let’s not forget that virtually all the carping leftists blaming Trump for the synagogue massacre invariably defend the world’s most blatantly Jew-hating people: Muslims.  In the minds of those leftists, Muslims, who make absolutely no secret about their obsessive hatred of Jews, are the poor victimized “people of color” and the Jews in Israel are the white interlopers who have committed genocide and occupied their land.  (In other words, fake history.)  The left has even made up a weasel word intended to stymie criticism of the people for whom Jew-hatred is almost as natural as breathing: “Islamophobia.”  It’s a totally fake, made-up word with the totalitarian purpose of muzzling criticism of one of the left’s pet victim groups.

And let’s also not forget that on American campuses, where the left reigns supreme, Israel and Jew hatred is practically on parade with near universal support for BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel and near unconditional support for Palestinians and all their associated terrorist groups.

So, let’s just say that the outrage being displayed by leftist Trump-haters over the synagogue massacre is as fake as it gets.  What it’s really about is Trump hatred and a lust for gun control, not concern about Jews.

In the meantime, the glorious caravan of Central American “people of color” continues its relentless march to the United States, even though the destination of their dreams, according to the left, is ruthlessly governed by a white supremacist whose only equal in all of history is Adolph Hitler.  Are the Central Americans stupid or do they know something that our own homegrown leftists don’t?  Like, for instance, that there is no other place on earth where they are more likely to be able to build a decent life, and that all the rhetoric about white supremacy is total garbage?
Please, Hollywood, Democrats and fake news media!  Please tell us why this caravan of color would be trying to break into the equivalent of Nazi Germany!  Please enlighten us!

Of course, we can’t just let them march into the country like they own the place, but that doesn’t mean we are racist, xenophobic or anti-immigration.  It means that immigration into this country needs to be legal and, ideally, based on merit and in reasonable numbers.  If we just open up the borders like the left wants, we would be completely overrun by Latin America and then become indistinguishable from what the immigrants are trying to escape.  Anyone who can’t understand that (the left) is incapable of rational thought and you do not want them wielding political power.

By the way, think about how convenient it is for the left that America, the greatest and most prosperous country in history, has as its neighbor(s) a vast region of failed or nearly failed states that are populated by people of color who all desperately want to be here instead.  The left despicably exploits that fact with endless charges of racism against rational people who rightfully want to control America’s borders.  But imagine if all those poor countries south of our border were predominantly white.  Would conservatives be okay with letting them overrun the country?  Of course not!  But neither would the left be demanding that they be let in (like they do with Latinos) because in their minds the last thing we need is more white people.

President Trump is right.  The fake news media is the enemy of the people.  Whether we’re talking about immigration or a synagogue shooting, you’re not going to get the unbiased truth from these people.  They are blatant advocates for the Democrat Party and left-wing ideology and they lie, twist and distort reality in order to promote their political agenda.  They have no interest in fairness or honesty and they see conservative white Americans as more of a threat than the limitless hordes of poor, uneducated, low-skilled Latinos who would overrun this country if we let them.

Trump is known as a deal maker.  Here’s one that he should offer the Hollywood crowd:  For every leftist celebrity who agrees to permanently leave the country, he would let in ten Central Americans (fully vetted, of course).  Imagine how much America would be improved if he could just empty out most of Hollywood with such a trade.  Now that would be the art of the deal! ESR

Greg Strange can be reached at gpstrange30341@yahoo.com. (c) 2018 Greg Strange.




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