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The official 2022 Democrat midterm election voter guide

By Mark Alexander
web posted November 7, 2022

Before you cast your vote, make sure you are fully informed.

What follows is a brief record of Democrat accomplishments since Joe Biden entered office. It's hard to rate Biden's biggest achievements when there are so many to choose from. With the full support of his Democrat-controlled House and Senate, it is quite a record, and I'd be remiss if I didn't give a big shout-out to all the 2020 Democrat voters who made this record possible!

Here is a recap to help you make your 2022 ballot decisions.

First up would be the most consequential of those accomplishments, the Democrats' economic record. That starts with record inflation.

According to Biden, "The price of inflation is down, real incomes are up, and the price of gas is down."

If by "inflation is down" he means up by more than 13% since he took office, almost matching the 40-year high he set in July, then yes. If by "real incomes are up" he means down by almost 5% since he took office, the worst decline in almost 50 years, then yes. If by "the price of gas is down" he means up by almost 50% since he took office, then yes.

That inflation number does not fully reflect the surging prices of basic consumer goods, some of which are up 30-40%. Nor does it reflect the less visible proliferation of "shrinkflation" — a term to describe prices on essential consumer products being upsized while packaging quantities or volumes are being downsized.

To be clear, the surge of inflation is the direct result of Biden's so-called American Rescue Plan, which dumped $1.9 trillion in taxpayer-funded graft into a $300 billion economic hole created by the COVID pandemic — on top of all the 2020 "COVID relief" spending already being dispensed. That excess $1.6 trillion is indisputably a major factor in the inflation now crushing family budgets.

Apparently not satisfied, Democrats then dumped another $1 trillion in so-called "infrastructure spending" on the inflation pile, and Biden now wants to spend another trillion on his so-called Build Back Better boondoggle.

That's on top of the additional $420 billion for so-called "student loan forgiveness" because degrees in "gender fluidity" are apparently not in high demand.

Now, from the Democrat Party's alternate universe, their lying feckless leader claims: "We the Democrats are the ones that are fiscally responsible. Let's get that straight now, okay? ... Democrats are lowering your everyday costs. ... The American people are seeing the benefits of this economy that works for them. Families have more net worth today than they did before the pandemic."

Those fabrications notwithstanding, more than 85% of Americans indicate that the economy is extremely or very important, and Demos are solely responsible for the inflation crushing American families.

But Demo House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has a plan: "When I hear people talk about inflation ... we have to change that subject."

For the record, before Biden took office, our national economy had been dealt a severe blow by the ChiCom Virus pandemic — but was in a strong position to recover thanks to the pre-pandemic economic policies of Donald Trump and his administration. There was record-low unemployment for black and Hispanic Americans and a 50-year low for women; median household income was at a record high, while poverty was at a record low; inflation was at 1.4%, and our nation was energy independent; our borders were more secure than in decades; our international superpower standing had been restored; and our nation's most dangerous foreign enemies were keeping their heads down, fearful of Trump.

Moving down the list of Biden/Demo deliverables, what are their other most significant and consequential achievements?

In short order, their policies have resulted in a record surge of violent crime nationwide, particularly in Democrat-controlled urban centers, and that surge is not waning. Because it is a key voter concern, Demos have done their best to cover up the crime scene data.

A grossly disproportionate percentage of that crime is black-on-black, which does not fit the Left's race-bait narrative about the "white supremacy" threat, so keep it quiet!

Biden's open southern border policies have resulted in millions of illegal immigrants flooding into our country, with full congressional Demo approval. Biden has become the most prolific human trafficker in American history, and Demos are setting new records every month.

As this relates to the economy, I have written previously that illegal immigrants are deflating the wages of low- and middle-income American workers, as immigrants compete for their jobs. The party that once claimed to represent blue-collar, union, and minority workers is now crushing them.

Notably, there were nearly 108,000 overdose deaths in the U.S. last year, most from fentanyl that has been muled across our southern border.

Democrats spent the last six months endeavoring to make Donald Trump and the "January 6th insurrection" the centerpiece of their 2022 midterm election strategy, insisting that democracy was on the ballot. They hope to capture the short attention spans of their most loyal constituencies, but voters have been and remain far more concerned about inflation, crime, and immigration.

A day late and dollar short, The New York Times reports this week that top Demos are questioning that strategy.

Down the list of achievements, Biden/Demo policies have also resulted in perilous national security failures and threats, beginning with Biden's deadly surrender and retreat from Afghanistan, and now a deadly war in Ukraine on NATO's doorstep — with an emboldened Vladimir Putin knowing he has nothing to fear from Biden. The Biden Doctrine is defined by weakness.

Their economy-crushing so-called "climate change" policies, which will do little or nothing to affect the weather, have resulted in surging energy prices. America is no longer energy independent, which, as any foreign policy novice could tell you, has resulted in significant undermining of our national security — not to mention the fact that Biden has been draining our Strategic Petroleum Reserve in an effort to lower fuel prices ahead of the election.

But Biden has a plan: "By selling from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve at the higher price of $90 earlier this year and then refilling it in the future at a lower price around $70 it will actually make money for the taxpayers." (For the record, Trump wanted to fill the reserves when oil was $24/barrel, but Democrats blocked him.)

He even claimed last week: "We brought down the cost of energy. ... Today, the most common price of gas in America is $3.39, down from over $5 when I took office." Actually, the average price of gas is $3.93, up from $2.39 when Biden took office.

On the culture front, Biden and his Demos have devoted enormous effort undermining faith and family, the foundational building blocks of American Liberty, which is the nemesis of their statist agenda. "Pride Month" may be over, but the Rainbow Mafia is never content.

And each new day brings another chapter of Biden's corrupt family business with the ChiComs. He has reinvigorated the Red China threat due to the influence peddling and corruption of office associated with Hunter Biden.

There is no more clear evidence of the Democrat Party's domestic and foreign policy failures than Biden's abysmal polling. His approval rating in RCP's polling averages can't break through the 43% barrier, a reflection of his pathetic performance on nearly every issue that matters to Americans. Gallup still has Biden down at 40% approval. The last survey in which Biden's job approval was above 50% was a Politico-Morning Consult survey in August 2021, when he squeaked by with a 51% approval rating. It's been downhill ever since.

Moreover, RCP's average of Americans believing the country is headed in the wrong direction is now above 67%.

Even though his Leftmedia White House press corps' Democrat-to-Republican ratio is 12 to 1, public approval of Biden and company is way under water. The fact that Biden is not running in 2024 is not helping Democrats, given that the polling of his sidekick Kamala Harris is even more dismal than Biden's. Yes, Harris checked off the race, gender, and generation boxes for the Biden ticket in 2020, and there was a lot of Democrat support for the feckless non compos mentis Biden ticket because she was on it. But Harris has become increasingly toxic to that ticket.

Of all these Biden/Demo achievements, political observer Charles Hurt notes, "Biden gives hope to imbeciles everywhere."

So, what is the contemporary cadre of Socialist Democrat Party Fascists to do now that they are almost out of time?

Enlist the help of Barack Obama, who hit the trail with a litany of abject lies to support his fellow Democrats.

Among other fabrications, the Biden/Obama/Clinton tag team is trotting out the retread canard that Republicans want to cut Medicare and Social Security, which previously earned Biden The Washington Post's biggest lie rating.

According to Biden, "[Republicans are] determined to cut Social Security and Medicare." Obama insists, "[Republicans] want to gut Social Security, then Medicare, and then give some more tax breaks to the wealthy." Clinton says, "Republicans ... are on record saying that they are going to put Social Security and Medicare up for a vote." No fact-checks...

Political analyst Brit Hume takes the cut claims down: "We've been hearing this claim about cutting Social Security and Medicare for decades, but in recent election cycles there haven't been any serious proposals from Republicans to touch those programs. Donald Trump ruled it out and nobody is proposing it now. It's an old saw used by Democrats when they are in trouble."

If nothing else, Democrats certainly are the grand masters of the BIG Lie!

As for Biden's brilliant leadership moving forward, he insists: "Am I slowing up? Am I don't have the same pace? You know, and that old joke — you know, everybody talks about the — you know, the new 70s, 50s — you know, all that stuff. You know, I — you know, it could be — I'm a great respecter of fate. I could get a disease tomorrow. I could, you know, drop dead tomorrow. ... No. They're by 16 there. I've already gone in for yet, and a lot more grass. Another 20 or so. I'm gonna be going."

Summarizing the Official 2022 Democrat Midterm Election Voter Guide, it is our recommendation that you vote a straight-Republican ticket to ensure that the only poll that matters — the one on election day — puts House and Senate Democrat majorities out of our misery. ESR

Mark Alexander is the executive editor of the Patriot Post.


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