The Fraud of One Serbian

I enjoy owning a multimedia computer because it allows me to do a lot of things that I couldn't before.

And that includes listening to radio B92 with Real Audio. While I do own a short-wave radio, I find it a pain to find the stations I want to listen to...ah, but don't let me get off-track...

Radio B92 was the radio station shut down by Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic. It covers the protests by those opposed to Milosevic and his annulment of the recent victories by opposition parties (by the time you read this it the protests may be over).

I listen to it in Serbian because I don't like the way the translation can get marred. Through listening to it, and watching the major Western media, I have seen the newest threat from Serbia. He is the toast of the west. Presumably pro-democracy and capitalist, educated and with a cool name, he is Vuk Draskovic. 'Vuk' is Serbo-Croatian for wolf.

It's hard not to like Draskovic. You see him on the streets of Belgrade night after night demonstrating to have election results reinstated that were criminally stolen by Milosevic. I've heard him on B92 a number of times, denouncing the government for its illegitimate use of power. He speaks English in that charming way that makes us Westerners think that gosh-darned it, he maybe different from us, but he wants democracy, just like the way that Britons used to think of their vassals in India.

Or does he?

I watched an interview on Canada's CBC Newsworld recently with Draskovic. For nearly twenty minutes he eloquently put forward his case of why Milosevic must go, why freedom must reign in Serbia and why he is similar to Bill Clinton. Both he and Clinton, according to Draskovic, want peace, good roads and a strong country. Indeed.

The West, and the media particularly, have fallen in love with Draskovic without doing much checking of the man. It is not the first time something like this has happened, and it most definitely will not be the last.

So why is Vuk Draskovic such a fraud? Here is some facts that the media has not told you:

  • Draskovic has, in the past, called for the expulsion of Muslims from Kosovo. He has not recanted those statements in any way.

  • Draskovic is a nationalist. While he maintains he is a nationalist like "Clinton is a nationalist, like Chirac is a nationalist", he is a nationalist like the men who started the civil war in Bosnia are nationalist. He believes in a Greater Serbia. Wherever a Serb is buried, says Draskovic, that is a part of Serbia.

  • Draskovic was the author of a best seller in the early 1980's whose title translated into English is Knife. The book is not about proper maintenance of kitchen utensils.

  • Draskovic, and his ally Zoran Gingic, are not democrats. They merely want power.

  • Draskovic is an influential thinker. It is his thoughts and writings that contributed to the acceptability of 'ethnic cleansing'.

Why has the media ignored this? Perhaps, because like many journalists, they look for an inspiring hero, someone who is resisting an obvious wrong. Perhaps they have been mislead. My personal opinion is that journalists are generally a lazy group and just have not bothered enough to look. I know, I am one.

I don't condemn the protesters though. I do believe that a majority of them are simply going out to register their displeasure with the present government. They do not like the fact that Milosevic annulled the elections results of 110 districts. They want an honest and free society...and deserve it.

So who do we support? Since the media has done such an abysmal job, no one. Only Vesna Pesic has a clean record, but apart from being a supporter of human rights, we know little about her. Chalk another one up for the media.

We must not make the mistake of supporting one dictator over another. Draskovic is no alternative to Milosevic.

Gord Gekko

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