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web posted June 1997

I find it amazing sometimes how things begin.

One year ago the first issue of Enter Stage Right was coded by hand in SimpleText on an old 16Mhz Macintosh Classic II. The issue was pretty sparse with only one graphic which was a rather ugly logo, and some very basic layout.

In the year since, Enter Stage Right has grown by leaps and bounds (if you will permit some vanity on my part), resulting in what you see today.

I will admit that I do this for entirely selfish reasons.

For my pleasure.

It's a lot of fun. It blows my mind that you cats would point your browser to some unknown guy's site and actually read the stuff that's there. It blows my mind even more when a few of you actually go to the trouble of sending me mail or leaving a guestbook entry. Absolutely amazing!

And every month I get the chance to publicly sound off on events and issues that I consider important.

Like capitalism. Defending it can be a full-time job against those who don't understand it, fear it, or praise it. It's friends are often times more dangerous than its declared enemies.

Like freedom. Every government control, even if people think it benefits them, only reduces the options you could have exercised. Defending freedom from society's whims can also weary even the infinitely patient.

Like individualism. We are not "the masses", not the results of a statistical measurement, or the collective putty to wait for society and its agents to mold us.

Sometimes I make the point effectively, sometimes its a noble failure, but the fun is always there.

It's also allowed me to put in other people's work that I like. People like Michael Miller, Steve William, Steve Sailer, Steve Myers, and Dr. Allen Keyes are some that have graced this little effort with their style and intelligence. Frankly I feel lucky to have made many of their acquaintances through email. It's a wonderful thing email, with it I've corresponded with some of the brightest minds. Michael Miller, for one, is always patient to explain where I might have gone wrong or where I did right. I'm rather happy he sent me that first email a few months ago.

And special thanks to good friend Anthony Szwec, who's there to help with graphics or suggestions. Many issues are as much his are they are mine.

And thank you for reading Enter Stage Right. Your time means a lot!

So what's up for the next year? Some big plans. I plan to take advantage of either Microsoft's CDF proposal allowing web site to become channels or PointCast's Connections program which broadcasts sites to whoever wants it. That and other additions will be coming to Enter Stage Right over the coming months. Enjoy!

Gord Gekko

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