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Mississippi open range

By Robert T. Smith
web posted June 30, 2014

The nasty runoff in Mississippi's Republican senatorial primary race between Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel has once again brought to crystal clarity the difference between the "establishment" and "Tea Party" Republicans.  The nefarious tactics of the establishment were played out in full view.     

Pumped with support from the Chamber of Commerce, National Republican Senatorial Committee, and the usual cast of characters in the good-old-boy southern establishment, Thad Cochran has apparently eked out a win against Chris McDaniel.  Gateway Pundit provided as accurate of a description as any of this event on their website:

"What we learned from Tuesday's Mississippi primary: That GOP elites, Democrats, the liberal media and racist fliers can beat a popular conservative Tea Party candidate every time." 

All is not yet lost.  Chris McDaniel has not yet conceded, although his chances of overturning the current vote count seem slim at best. 

To eke out this "victory" for the Republican establishment, they felt it necessary to stab the Tea Party in the back (again), using despicable Democrat political tactics by playing the race card on the base of their party.  It is at this point that a loss in the general election to the Democrat may be preferable to casting another vote against principles for the establishment Republican (reflect on the hideousness of having to vote for Dole, McCain, Romney, even George H.W. and W. Bush, et. al.).  What has it gained the Republican Party and our country to have abandoned principles thus far?

The Republican establishment can't call the base of their party racist bigots in the primary and expect their vote in the general election.  It is analogous to a Democrat calling a group in their base the "N" word in the primary, then expecting their vote in the general election.  This goes far beyond the hard-nosed politics as usual, these were egregious tactics unacceptable to decent people. 

One need only do a cursory review of many liberal websites to note the glee with which they assert that even the establishment Republicans have agreed that the Tea Party is racist...the pejorative the liberals have assigned to the Tea Party in an attempt to diminish their political influence.  Well done, good and faithful Republican establishment miscreants, well done.  You successfully executed your most loyal base of support with the gun loaded by the liberals.  I certainly hope Mr. Cochran and his ilk have contemplated a strategy for the general election that does not include the Republican Party's base.  It will be curious so see how Republican-Democrat Senator Thad plans to out Democrat a Democrat for the Democratic vote.

Pity the conservative voters in Mississippi who have no candidate in the upcoming general election for Senator.  As an outsider to Mississippi, I (and I assume many others) care about our country's future and am willing to support any effort Chris McDaniel may endeavor to dislodge the odious Mr. Cochran.  Chris McDaniel write-in candidate or whatever course of action is necessary are acceptable at this point, it is a matter of principle.  The word principle appears to be the difference between the establishment and the Tea Party; a Republican party without guiding principles is the establishment, with principles it is the Tea Party. 

Well stated by Kevin Costner's character, Charlie Waite, in the movie Open Range: "You may not know this, but there's things that gnaw at a man worse than dying."  Under the circumstances set by the establishment Republicans in Mississippi, a conservative's vote for Thad Cochran in the general election is now one of those "worse things." ESR

Robert T. Smith is an environmental scientist who spends his days enjoying life and the pursuit of happiness with his family.  He confesses to cling to his liberty, guns and religion, with antipathy toward the arrogant ruling elites throughout the country.






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