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web posted September 1997

The Jefferson School of Philosophy, Economics, and Psychology

The Jefferson School of Philosophy, Economics and Psychology is a group headed by noted economist George Reisman. The site came to my notice after Michael Miller, webmaster of Quackgrass Press forwarded a note to me about an article Reisman wrote critiquing financier George Soros' recent piece about the "threat" of capitalism in the April 1997 issue of the Atlantic Monthly. It gave me great pleasure to find that I and Reisman attacked Soros in a nearly identical manner, but where I dealt with Soros in a piece of a few hundred words, Reisman presents a sustained thesis of why Soros was so wrong. That and other great examples of Reisman's work is present at the School's site.

The School lists its mission as "to advance and disseminate the philosophical and scientific knowledge that is necessary to the existence of a free society" and it does it by advancing pro-reason and pro-individualist philosophers such as Ayn Rand and Aristotle.

Reisman's work is remarkable and has spurred me to purchase his massive book Capitalism: A Treatise of Economics (which comes highly recommended by Michael Miller).

For those attempting to advance freedom, individualism and capitalism, The Jefferson School of Philosophy, Economics and Psychology is a must visit!

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