What's "greenhoax effect" in Japanese?

web posted November 1997

In September Enter Stage Right had the audacity to print a piece by Michael Miller entitled "Greenhoax Effect". This piece forcefully argued that the entire Greenhouse Effect debate was simply hot air. The planet is not in danger and we should stop listening to irrational people who have little evidence on their side, said Miller.

That month he forwarded me one rather angry letter from a man who took great umbrage at what the article stated. The wrathful letter writer was incensed that Miller would dare to hold such clearly heterodox opinions.

The writer was so angry that he forgot to do one thing: back his vitriol with cold hard facts.

And therein lies the problem with the upcoming conference on global climate change in Kyoto, Japan in December. Facts, or the lack thereof.

This is a fact that you can take to the bank: The global warming theory is just that, a theory. It is a conjectural theory without enough evidence to even earn the support of half of the scientific community.

Here are some more facts:

Since 1850 ground-level temperature measurements have increased 0.3C to 0.6C. Satellite data shows that the earth's temperature has not increased in the last eighteen years. More than a few scientists say that the changes in temperature are within normal fluctuations.

Several climatologists have stated that if no regulatory action is taken for the next 25 years, there would be no appreciable impact on the environment.

Some of this bad science comes from a report entitled Climate Change 95, sponsored by the United Nations, done by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). One of the scientists on IPCC's peer review panel, Dr. Vincent Gray, has thrown some cold water on the report.

According to Gray, the data presented in Climate Change 95 is full of bias, and it is presented imprecisely and sloppily. Gray states that the IPCC chose to use inaccurate models knowing full well that there were more accurate methods of data collection to measure any temperature change. Those methods, namely weather balloons and satellite images, show no evidence of temperature change over the last 27 years.

The IPCC stated, a phrase now often quoted by governments and the media, that "the balance of the evidence suggests a discernable human influence on the climate."

Gray brushes that aside stating that humans are indeed influencing climate, but that the data does not show any significant effect or whether it even matters.

Some heady stuff there right? Not exactly what you've been told by the media and your government?

That's not stopping your government from pressing on with moves to combat this "problem" however.

Old Enter Stage Right foe and Canadian federal Natural Resources Minister Ralph Goodale recently stated that if all other means failed, the government would look at a tax to curb some of the gasses blamed for global warming. It was the first time that a Canadian government official hinted at the use of a carbon tax against fossil fuels.

In October, U.S. President Bill Clinton entertained 100 weather forecasters at the White House and asked them to include concerns about global warming in their reports. Clinton has also promised to reduce emissions to 1990 levels by 2008-2012.

Gore and Clinton are also making noise about a carbon tax, something which may cost the United States up to $350-billion a year in lost output, or about 4.2 per cent of projected GDP, assuming a $200 a tonne tax. Finally, the Environmental Protection Agency is also looking at a tax on consumer use of fuel, admitting recently that it is trying to do such a thing by going around Congress who usually have say on these matters. The 1994 memorandum with these plans came only after two years of pressing by a Congressional committee.

And so based on poor science, governments around the world are prepared to unleash statist forces which threaten to place a drag on their economies and once again place a boot on the throat of third world nations who are facing more pressure to cut emissions now that they are making up a greater percentage of the total emissions.

So how does one say "greenhoax effect" in Japanese?

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Gord Gekko

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