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web posted December 1997

The Jolly Roger

One of the first conservative newsletters I ever read back in the early days of the World Wide Web was from The Jolly Roger. The joys of a Lynx browser...

Generation X is often viewed as a group of lazy shiftless goatee-sporting whiners, but those in the know realize that many Gen Xers are actually goatee-sporting conservatives, or in the case of Drake Raft, Becket Knottingham and Elliot McGucken, "grungeservatives". It's a generation characterized by distrust of traditional institutions coming not from some summer of love, but because we realize they just don't work and they are wrong.

"We do not share the pessimism found in the corporate conglomerate publishing houses that the common citizen is not capable of quality literature, but rather we feel that those in the elite editorial circles have lost touch with the deeper needs of present-day culture. Their politicized, watered-down literature does little to fill the contemporary spiritual void. They are incapable of providing the common man with a literature that means something to him, which is why they write for themselves."

They promote conservatism with a literary skill rarely found at many similar websites. Championing the Western Canon, the three target a culture which instead of valuing the inspiration of some of the greatest works in our culture, attack them by praising works which present humanity as ignoble and unreasoning. Knottingham himself was nearly kicked of a creative writing class at Princeton by Joyce Carol Oates, queen of humanity haters.

"The conservative artist and intellectual ask nothing from the greatest government on earth, nor do we ask anything from the universities or the major media establishments, but that our unalienable Rights be protected. The government has already provided us with the freedom to express our thoughts, and the WWW has provided us with a medium to publish our literature. And that, along with fellow humans yearning for truth and beauty, is all that is needed to launch a literary revolution, sans sex, sans drugs, sans government grants, sans a recommendation from Joyce Carol Oates, sans approval from the editors of Rolling Stone." 

I can't say I agree with everything on the good ship Jolly Roger but there's enough that I can grok these guys as allies in the struggle against those who would demean humanity as cattle.

Go to The Jolly Roger, sign up for their mailing list and read the words, because there words mean things. Literature and conservatism among the Gen X crowd is not dead yet!

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