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The deadly serious president

By Michael Moriarty
web posted February 16, 2009

All the money in the world is not more powerful than an idea whose time to return …. is long overdue.

The sacredness of human life is a rather divine concept that seems to have either begun its complete exit or is being pushed off the stage by Progressive politicians who believe that, in the name of Progress, fewer people on earth would be the Progressive New World Order's first and most necessary achievement. In a Progressive's mind, fewer people would solve a lot of problems.

Thirty-five years of Roe v Wade's legalized abortion and the growing acceptability of euthanasia have made death not only a legitimate solution to the challenges of life but an increasingly respectable one.
Barack Obama
Obama speaks during his first press conference on February 9

I watched excerpts from the new president's first press conference and … well … he's quite a tenacious salesman. Of course, he used fear as his most immediate and reliable tool and … well, again … even the Democratic Party's greatest hero, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself".

Is this crisis greater than World War II when FDR advised us against fear?

Hmmm … right?

Isn't that the most memorable statement FDR ever shared with us?

President Obama, however, in his first press conference, was using fear to convince us that the American government must go one trillion dollars more deeply into debt in order to avoid further economic catastrophe.

Republicans such as Lindsay Graham believe that half of that Democratic Party's rescue figure of one trillion dollars – that includes interest on the obviously necessary loans for the Democratic Party's bailout – should be not in a loan but in tax cuts, in moneys that the federal government won't receive. That would cut the "rescue package" down to less than $500 billion.

I'm already breathing more easily at the thought of half the debt.

The Congress, however, with a Democratic majority and in memory of FDR's New Deal, has given the president everything he wants.

Fear, despite FDR's most famous quote, is a powerful weapon, particularly in the hands of a leader who has made it very clear that he, a supporter of abortion even for those infants who have survived the first attempt, has no fear whatsoever of causing death.

"The damaged gestating infant," cry the Progressives, "is not only unwanted, it's crippled!!"

Hmmm … "No," says the president. "The effort to save aborted children is part of the overall effort to end legalized abortion."

That's why he voted against the bill to save the children of a botched abortion. Interesting distinction.

Regardless, he's made death an increasingly close friend.

It is obvious that President Obama is deadly serious.

He proved it again during his recent tribute speech to Abraham Lincoln. There were, of course, stirring moments in it and a healthy reiteration of the importance of individual effort … but when he mentioned what government can do for people that people can't do for themselves, I thought of all the things his government promises to do for many of the unborn, helping them die.

Now President Obama is threatening social security, calling it an "entitlement program", which infers that its recipients aren't really entitled to it. Soon our growing national debt will all be the fault of Social Security.

Among the Psychiatrically Progressive Privileged, the PPP, those Ivy League grads who know enough Freud to attend cocktail parties, the word "entitlement" is a decidedly pejorative term, dripping with narcissistic expectations.

If President Obama rids us of our "entitlements", he, in his own mind, is being an adult.

We, however, in our own, rather Joe The Plumber minds, feel ripped off.

Do you recall the unrelenting and uninterrupted Social Security deductions out of our paychecks from decades of work? We assumed these deductions were deposits that would accumulate interest in a bank called the Federal Government.

Now the federal government, like an Obama-style bank, doesn't want to honor its obligations to the elderly because … well, they're elderly … and what have they done for the American federal government lately??!!

Why does the president think that the American body politic might not care about the elderly?

One, most who voted for Obama are not elderly and, two, the body politic hasn't really shown any serious concern about aborted gestating infants, so why should they care about the elderly?

Since Progressive Americans, after thirty-five years of legalized abortion, don't seem to remember that they themselves were gestating infants once, they cannot imagine that they will ever be elderly dependents, so they might very well do to the elderly what they certainly wouldn't want done to themselves in their old age.

Progressive Americans don't think they will become vulnerable because they've forgotten they ever were vulnerable. With no sympathy for the aborted, why should they have sympathy for the old?

This, I imagine, is President Obama's bet. The national indifference to the aborted and the expected lack of concern for the elderly can accelerate the Progressive game plan exponentially.

Legalized abortion and legalized euthanasia are the bridges across the defining difference between America and Progressive America. Once Americans feel secure on the other side, the Progressives own their vote. Going back will become increasingly impossible unless we're willing to fight another civil war.

In light of America's defining membership in the New World Order, the Old America, despite Obama's eloquent tribute to Lincoln, becomes increasingly irrelevant. Yes, good riddance to racism, but do we really need these Progressive improvements?

With infanticide and euthanasia both respectable solutions, what holds any government back from becoming more in love with death as a solution, government as increasingly Murder Inc.?

And I'm not talking about raison d'etat.

I do believe that the sacredness of human life will have its time again when the Progressive visions of grandeur and limitless power reveal those ambitions as self-destructively totalitarian.

Apparently America is doomed to repeat European history.

I'm not surprised. America ended being the United States when Roe v Wade was passed. Our "inalienable right to life" has been denied millions of us for thirty-five years.

Therefore, I'll play Frederick Douglass to President Obama's Abraham Lincoln, hoping that Obama is no more committed to abortion than Lincoln was initially planning a peaceful compromise with the South.

Presidents are allowed to change their mind in office.

We must remember that Frederick Douglass initially called Lincoln a "slaver". ESR

Michael Moriarty is a Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning actor who starred in the landmark television series Law and Order from 1990 to 1994. His recent film and TV credits include The Yellow Wallpaper, 12 Hours to Live, Santa Baby and Deadly Skies. Contact Michael at rainbowfamily2008@yahoo.com.


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